Paper + rock succulent garden

how to make a succulent garden


I wish I wasn’t so easily distracted.
But the truth is, shiny things & new ideas have an overpowering magnetic pull for this girl.
I have always wanted to be a planner, and very organized.  But the truth is I am somewhere in
between complete slob and neat freak.  With just enough decorating ADD to be dangerous.

I can however say that this has a real, and fabulous purpose.
It is part of Abbie’s Big Girl Bedroom makeover (yes, the one I am still working on hee hee.)
Because every big girl needs a fab plant, or ten in their space
And miss Abbie is going to start off (she’s only 3.8 years old) with a faux succulent and see how
she does.  If things go well, we can add to it.

If not, well, we can wait a while and try again.
But she has a discerning eye for style at 3.8 years of age.  She loves My Little Pony,
anything with Strawberry Shortcake on it (the “vintage” ones-not the new ones with long hair)
and riding her big brother’s go cart around in our back yard, barefoot, with a polka dot bathing
suit on and shades.  [Read more...]

Vanilla cherry rocky road ice cream

Vanilla Cherry Rocky Road Ice Cream


Ice cream.

I know, me too.

I love it, and when it’s my day to have a treat and not worry about anything other than how amazing
it’s going to taste, ice cream is my first pick.
But, I don’t like to go thru the steps to actually make the ice cream, I want to accessorize my already
favorite vanilla for a fabulous night out.  Or in this case a night in, as I curl up with a bowl, the kids,
and the hubs while we enjoy our latest creation.

It’s cherry season, and here in Washington that means that juicy, fresh cherries are everywhere, and
the season only lasts so long, gobble them up we must!  I brought home the usual items from the grocery
store the other night, and realized I had everything I needed to try something fun, a new spin on a classic.

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Inspiration Monday Party | Features + Vintage patio lighting giveaway!!

It’s an end of the month #InspirationMonday party! That means we have guest hosts AND a super fun giveaway! We’re so happy you are joining us today. This week, your links are seen simultaneously on all SEVEN blogs at the same time, all you need to do is link up to ONE of our sites.
{this week at twelveOeight}
we talked about How To Grow
& made something I have been
dreaming of like for-ever…
it was SO easy and I love how it turned out!!

And if you’re linking up via our guest hosts, The Crafty Lumberjacks, WELCOME! And hello to all of you linking up from any of our sites! We just {heart} partying with you every week!


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This week, Nostalgic Bulbs is sponsoring some summer fun! Win this beautiful {48 foot} set of vintage {commercial grade} patio lighting, valued at $125. This is perfection for those summer nights…and straight into the fall!

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DIY faux cowhide rug

Hello lovies, happy weekend!
I am so super duper over the moon excited about today’s project,
it’s been something I have wanted to make for a long time.

And it made me think a lot about the evolution of our decorating style, and how it changes over time.

 diy faux cowhide rug


I took one of those online decorating-style personality-type-tests online a while ago
and discovered what I pretty much already knew.  My style was labeled boho-modern
I believe, which basically seems to be a mish-mash of vintage, modern, yard-sale-chic,
a few Navajo rugs, and some big, bright pillows piled up everywhere.

While I continue to work on Abbie’s room, the process is taking longer than this
impatient DIY-er would like.  But that usually means it’s evolving at the same time,
so I must slow down a bit and just let it happen.

Plus I keep getting sidetracked, in a good way, but ideas and DIY projects that are
swimming around in my head waiting for bedtime to happen so mom can bust out
the supplies.  I have been drooling over so many gorgeous cowhides recently,
Pinning and dreaming, hoping and wondering how I can get my hands on one for

Well, I can either use my entire decorating budget for the remainder of 2014 on
one piece, or, like we always do, find a way to make my own.

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If house plants could talk

Before you think you are reading an article written by a pro gardener
who happens to be moonlighting as a blogger addicted to hot glue, I have a small disclaimer to make.

Until recently I had not owned a house plant in probably over 10 years.

I know, that you know why too.
Because you either have the gift of a green thumb, or you don’t, and no one can cross over to a plant
saver after succumbing to a sure fate of a chronic plant killer.
Guess what…that is simply not true.  As a recovering plant killer I am here to tell you that you can
not only keep a plant ALIVE but even train it to THRIVE under your loving care.

This is no snake oil friends, but just me, pulling the rug out from under a big fat lie all of us
plant killers have believed all these years.
No more staring longingly at your friends ferns and rubber tree plants for you, YOU are back
in the driver’s seat friend.  And I am going to show you just how to do it.

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Inspiration Monday Party | Cool sweets + treats features!!

Hey, friends! We’re so happy you’re here.
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 The features this week were selected by Tanya at twelveOeight

Prepare yourself, these are Summer’s BEST Cool + Sweet Treats!!

july feature collage1. Chocolate Yogurt Pops by Chocolate Chocolate and More

 2. Homemade Ice Cream In a Can by Homecooking Memories

 3. Frozen Rocky Road Pudding by Live Laugh Rowe

4. No Bake Cheesecake Bars with Fresh Blueberry Sauce by Thirty Handmade Days

5. Ice Cream Crepes with 30 Second Hot Fudge by Heather’s French Press

6. Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Icebox Dessert by A Little Claireification

7. Summer Fruits Snow Cone by Sweet 2 Eat Baking

8. Individual Frozen Key Lime Pies by This Silly Girls Life



Nate Berkus Knock Off Pillow Cover

by The Happy Chateau for View From The Fridge



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Driftwood wall hanging

 tribal art 3


How does a free or practically free awesome wall hanging sound?

And you can make it probably in less than 2 hours.

Are you in?

I thought so, we dig DIY projects that don’t take the entire weekend
around here too.  Along with working on Abbie’s Big Girl Bedroom makeover,
chasing kids all over the place, and cleaning up melted Otter Pops all day, I found
some time to walk.
And think.

It was hot and humid, and I would love to say my only mission was a little down time,
but the truth is, it was a combo activity.  A little stroll along the river, and some much
needed time outside, near the water, with some sand between my toes.

The best feeling ever.  And a bundle of beautiful driftwood.

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Inspiration Monday Party | DIY Pallet Projects!!

Hey, friends! We’re so happy you’re here.
It’s the place to come for inspiration and leave some of your own!

All six hostesses simultaneously host this party at the same time. Link up on one and be seen on all! During the week, we love to feature lots of your links on our social media outlets, using the hashtag #InspirationMonday. Feel free to follow us on social media below to check out all of the ongoing  #InspirationMonday fun>>> 

Glittered letters + flower garlands

It’s been a little quiet this week around twelveOeight.  I promise I didn’t take a tropical vacay, and forget to
snap 1,000 pictures to share.  I’ve been working around the house, purging & cleaning, pricing, did I mention
purging? Ugh, the hoard is insane.  I am glad I like to pick up a good deal when hitting the thrift stores, or
scouring local yard sales, but we have had a supply and demand problem for a couple years now.
Yep, more supply than the demand can handle.
So, a huge purge sale we will have.
I won’t be alone in my sickness however, I’ve joined forces with a few girlfriends, and we plan on filling my
driveway to the brim with all kinds of awesome crap.  A week from tomorrow we will throw on our flip flops,
fill up our coffee mugs, and spend two days wheeling & dealing to make a few bucks and clear out our homes.

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Inspiration Monday Party | Fabulous Nautical Features!!

Hey, hey, hey, party people!
Hoping you all had a lovely weekend {a holiday weekend for lots of us}
We’re ready to kick off July with another inspiring party full of your fabulousness!!