Gingerbread Mini Loaf Recipe

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Do you love gingerbread all year long?

Me too.

When the gingerbread spice lattes hit Starbucks, I just cannot get enough of them.
Well, ok the same goes for pumpkin too, but that’s a given.

One of my favorite ways to share the sweets and baked goodness of Christmas is to wrap a
mini loaf and deliver it to neighbors and friends, wishing them everything good and wonderful
for their holiday season.

Molasses is the star of this sweet and a little spicy gingerbread recipe.  And I found it (and made a few changes)
from the best source.  The Brer Rabbit site, which might I add is chock full of wonderful recipes.  I love to add
molasses to my BBQ sauce, so I have to remember molasses all year long can be wonderful!

Here is what I used to make these sweet little loaves, and how I packaged them.  

Each loaf wrapped in waxed paper, nestled in a little paper plate basket (see below) and tied with a pretty 

ribbon.  It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Simple, thoughtful & so pretty! [Read more…]

Don’t Look Back new 2015 Free Printable

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I know we still have a handful of days before Christmas, but this phrase has so been on my heart all day today.

I wanted to turn it into something that I could print out and hang on what will be my updated gallery wall in
January.  It’s just so true, the worrying, fretting, regretting.  

All belong in the past and behind us.
They just don’t seem to be part of ringing in a new year, full of possibility and hope.

And I figured that if I love a free printable, you probably would too.
Oh what a thoughtful and thrifty gift to frame it and give it to a friend, I wanted to make something that
makes us think about new beginnings and second chances. [Read more…]

Inspiration Monday Party | + weekly Fab Features!!

Ho Ho Ho!
Welcome back to another edition of Inspiration Monday Party.
The place were you are featured on 7 blogs…
While we are all busy preparing for the holidays,
it’s nice to be able to sit down and relax while browsing through Inspiration Monday Party.
You are all SO talented, and  boy is it hard to choose features each week!
We hope you enjoy this weeks features chosen by:

Mini Christmas Home Tour + the Best Christmas Memories…



Blogger Home Tour Christmas 2014 #Christmas #DIY #HomeTour #ChristmasTree #twelveOeightblog


Some of the best Christmas memories have been made during lean times when there hasn’t been much of a budget to celebrate.
Years ago my daughter and I would load up in our old station wagon, stop at our favorite gas station for their big cups
of hot cocoa, and spend the evening driving through neighborhoods looking at lights.

Another year a co-worker who owned a theater and gave us tickets to see the original Miracle on 34th Street right before
Christmas.  We felt like queens sitting in the huge velvet seats of the old theater, a treat we would not normally have been
able to swing.  

I asked my eight year old what he would like to do this year, and he told me that he wanted to go caroling. I have to admit
his answer surprised me a bit, and little does he know, Mom is planning a night of caroling.
I apologize in advance for our lack of vocal training should it be your house we decide to carol in front of, it’s a new tradition
for us, and I am sure with many years of practice we will improve. [Read more…]

Christmas Trees on Cars | Vintage Style

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Hello friends! 

I am SO excited to be part of a wonderful hop this week with a bunch of creative bloggers!

Each of us has come up with our own version and style of Trees on Cars, make sure you scroll

down and visit each blog to see what they did.  I am LOVING these so much right now… [Read more…]

Christmas Mantel | collected + made

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Hello and welcome to to my mantel tour 2014!

I could not be more excited to have teamed up with 14 other knock-your-socks-off talented bloggers to put together a
little mantel eye candy for you.  No matter what your style or theme is, you will be sure to find some inspiration here!

Before you start looking for the fireplace, I will let you in on a little secret…
It’s on the other side of the room, and has a Christmas tree in front of it.  It’s a gas fireplace with a tile surround, and
I usually keep my tree in that spot, and since it’s more of a fantel (fake mantel) than a mantel, so well why not use something else?

So, I like to use my wall of bookcases along a long wall in our family room for my seasonal displays, collections, and
ever-changing gallery wall.

Plus, we have a 3 month old giant (and by this I mean GIANT and really active) lab puppy tearing everything up right now,
and a sweet grandbaby who is loving his independence and is now walking. So, up high everything goes for now!

I knew I wanted to use a mainly red and white theme this year, as in year’s past I have had a very colorful tree with lots
of hot pink, aqua etc… So this year, it’s a little more rustic/cabin retreat than it has been in the past.


Rustic Christmas Mantel #rustic #christmas #redandwhitechristmas #diy #hometour #bloggerhomes #twelveOeightblog


With some of my favorite crafts, collected things, and vintage finds mixed in.  


twelveOeightblog Christmas Home Tour 2014 #Christmas #DIY #twelveOeightblog


My projects that became this year’s mantel are below & don’t forget to scroll down and see all
15 gorgeous mantels!! [Read more…]

Inspiration Monday Party | Holiday Party Features!!

Have the holiday crazies started at your house yet??
I love this time of year and try to enjoy every minute of it but trying to slow it down a bit
seems almost impossible!
We’re loving all the holiday fun and ideas being shared this month.
So many amazing ideas! We can’t wait to see what you share with us today!

Be sure to follow us all on social media, too! We love to feature your creativity throughout the week.
Just search for the hashtag, #InspirationMonday:

I Should Be Mopping the Floor | Refresh Restyle

There are so many wonderful ideas shared each week it is hard to choose only a few to feature.

Know that we appreciate and enjoy all the ideas shared!

This week’s features were chosen by Leigh Anne of Your Homebased Mom. [Read more…]

34 Christmas Sweets + Treats Blog Hop: White Chocolate Gingerbread Mocha Mix in a Jar

34 Christmas Treats & Sweets (2) 


 I still cannot believe it’s December!

When Kristin from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia asked me if I would like to take part in this
yummy and festive hop I couldn’t have been more excited!

I love a reason to make something sweet, and these ladies rock! Make sure you visit all of the links at the bottom
to check out so many wonderful baking ideas, recipes and food gifts for the season!!

Here is what I made,  a mix of sweet gingerbread flavor and mocha too, a perfect drink mix to add to add to your
hot cocoa station or coffee station.  And a wonderful homemade gift idea too!


White Chocolate Gingerbread Mocha Mix #mochamix #gingerbreadlatte #lattemix #whitechocolatemochamix #drinkmix #giftsinajar #drinkmix #twelveOeightblog


[Read more…]

Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

No Bake Peanut Butter Balls #nobakedessert #ChristmasRecipes #CookieRecipes #PeanutButterRecipes #twelveOeightblog 

Do you have a peanut butter lover in your life (it might be you!)

We love peanut butter at our house too.

I will plop down with a jar of peanut butter and a spoon and peruse Pinterest and work on posts
while enjoying a few spoonfuls.  Ok maybe more than a few.

But I have to keep enough on hand for recipes too, like these super easy (NO BAKE) Chocolate
Peanut Butter Balls.

They are easy y’all.
And they are good.  

I have more Homemade Gifts Ideas and Recipes coming all month long, but so far I think these
are my favorite! Here is how I made these easy No Bake Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls: [Read more…]

He washed it white as snow…

Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe

Sin had left a crimson stain…

He washed it white as snow.


Winter Photography, blue red white christmas holiday decor nature berries branch berry branches print photograph, "I Wonder as I Wander"



It’s odd when memories come to us, for so long I assumed it’s because we were reminded of something
or someone who touched our life.  But I am beginning to wonder if memories seep through when we are
at our most quiet and peaceful.

In the simple things.

The everyday.

I sit here this evening cooking up a big batch of waffles since I didn’t make it to the store today, and I
know I will have a group of hungry kids expecting something good in the morning.

The little red light on the side of my waffle iron blinks red when it’s ready for me to pour in my batter
and close the lid.

The iron is gets very hot before that light flickers on, and it makes me think of how I tend to wait until
my light is flickering before I am ready for God to pour out His love and grace abundantly on my heart. [Read more…]