DIY Knotted Leather Hanging Planter

DIY Leather Planter #leatherplanter #modernplanter #DIYplanter #twelveOeightblog

Do you love to pop into your favorite thrift stores and just see stuff you cannot live without?

(daily, weekly, yearly, if it’s frequent that’s a relief & hopefully will justify how often I go!)

Oh good.

I know, and I feel the same way.

The thrill of the hunt is hard to beat, and while it’s not big game hunting in some remote location,
it’s even better.

No one gets hurt (usually) and we score some sweet stuff and awesome prices.
I have wanted to make something like this for a while.
I have tried to decide if I want to create a macrame plant hanger, or some sort of container out
of leather, and how I could incorporate leather and wood.

Well, those leather scraps I have used to make a couple projects with came in handy, and inspiration
struck when I found a box of wooden bowls at the thrift store for $1.50 recently.
I know right?!

DIY Leather and Wood Planter #diy #leathercraft #wood #upcycle #modernhome #boho #bohemian #twelveOeightblog

I bought them all, and with a couple of new elements from the sale bin at Jo-Ann’s I was able to
create a couple of new planters that I love, love, love!! [Read more…]

Inspiration Monday Party |

Welcome back to Inspiration Monday! We’re so happy you stopped by to party with us today.
Need some inspiration? You’ve come to the right place! Check out all the fabulous and creative
ideas below. Of course, if you are a blogger, link your latest creations and have your work
seen on 7 different blogs!
This week’s features were selected by Leigh Anne from Your Homebased Mom.
Valentine’s Day is my second favorite holiday next to Christmas
and I’ve had hearts on my brain this week as I’ve pulled out the Valentine decor.
I love that Valentine’s is all about chocolate and everything heart shaped.
Today I’ve put together some fun Valentine and heart shaped ideas from last week’s linky party for you.
And of course a little chocolate too. So many fun ideas!

[Read more…]

DIY Bohemian Style Woven Tapestry

Do you ever wish you had a super cool tapestry for a table or your wall?

And perhaps it looks like something you would find in an amazing shop full of Bohemian fabulousness.

But you made it, and it was easy, and thrifty as well.

Are you in?

DIY woven boho tapestry #boho #diy #tapestry #twelveOeightblog

Inspired by so many gorgeous woven wall hangings and recycled fiber projects I keep seeing, I thought I might give
weaving a shot and see if I like it.

 Not only did I find myself staying up very late in the weaving zen zone, I loved it!

And if you use materials you already have, or for the most part, making a pretty Boho tapestry is not hard at all.
I followed the instructions I found at the Free People Blog (I can get lost there for hours, it’s ah-ma-zing)
and made my loom from a piece of foam core board from Dollar Tree[Read more…]

Day #9: Breakfast for Dinner Ham + Cheese Casserole

 Ham and Cheese Breakfast Casserole #breakfast #casserole #eggdish #thriftymeals #budgetrecipe #mealplan #twelveOeightblog

Nothing seems to get devoured faster than a good egg and potato casserole at a potluck, gathering or family meal.
I have made this version for years, and it is our go to recipe for potlucks, family breakfasts, and a night my kids look
forward to, breakfast-for-dinner night. Which we do a few times a month, and because breakfast foods and recipes
usually tend to be a bit more affordable than dinners, this helps keep the food budget under control too!

You can get creative with the meat you choose to add, like seasoned ground turkey for tacos, or leftover chopped
steak or chicken.  I love to use ham or ground beef.  For this recipe I chose a classic ham n’ cheese combo.

I hope you like it as much as we do!! [Read more…]

Stay the course when you feel like giving up

While January and a New Year holds so much hope and promise, sometimes we are just not feeling it.

Or see it, no matter how hard we look.

Maybe we are exhausted from battle, and an ongoing challenge rolled right into the New Year with no
regard to our wishes for it to be over.

Life isn’t easy, and sometimes we grow weary from it.

Sometimes we wonder why, why something bad has happened.

Why a relationship seems to have ended?

What is the purpose for the trial we are enduring?

When is a prayer going to be answered?

I have a battle going on right now, and I wish I could hit the publish button and give you the answers that I too am
searching for.  It’s a long one, and while I have a ton of hope, I also am plagued by fear and what-if’s.

So much of the twists and turns in our lives depend upon the choices and decisions brought on by those that we love.
It’s so hard to walk around in this world being vulnerable and knowing that our heart in hand will not always be cared
for in the way we had hoped.

We bump into other people’s pain, trials, and their own battles, and those hearts get bruised.
Closing down and letting the root of bitterness and defeat take hold is an option.

But when we see it in others, and see the pain they endure from carrying that around with them each day,
it doesn’t look like a promising path to follow.

It all just can make you feel like you are under such intense pressure or pain you may throw in the towel.

Even for the day.

Just toss up our hands, hide our hearts in a safe place where they can never be hurt again, and say forget it.

I have days like this, where I am so tired, and so ready to just hear that a season was a bad dream and it is over now.

But no one shakes my shoulder, the dream is real, and may be here for a while.
There is no end in sight, and the thought of hanging on and staying in the fight can wear you down.

In the midst of these times do you see the little glimmers of hope?

Keep looking, when we are tired and discouraged they are hard to see… [Read more…]

Inspiration Monday Party | Fabulous Foodie Features!!

Welcome back to Inspiration Monday! We’re so happy you stopped by to party with us today.
Need some inspiration? You’ve come to the right place! Check out all the fabulous and creative
 ideas below.  Of course, if you are a blogger, link your latest creations and have your work
 seen on 7 different blogs!

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Day #8: DIY Anthro Inspired Rope Basket

 Anthropologie inspired rope basket #anthro #anthroknockoff #knockoff #anthropologie #ropebasket #howtomakeabasket #twelveOeightblog

Making a basket out of rope couldn’t be easier when the base happens to be a $1 mesh garbage can from
the dollar store.  I found mine at Dollar Tree.


How to make a basket out of rope #ropebasket #dollarstore #diy #upcycle #howtomakearopebasket #twelveOeightblog

Using up a few different types and widths of rope I had on hand, some paint and a few other items from
the craft hoard, I came up with this fun, bright footed basket.

Now the hard part is trying to figure out where I am going to use it.  So far it looks cool by my fireplace,
at the foot of the stairs, with a plant in it, and full of toys.

Oy, the options! Like most things it will probably be moved around and used in many roles over time.

But for today, I will show you how fast this rope basket came together, lets craft! [Read more…]

Day 7: How to Make Pretty Retro Pot Holders

 How to make Pot Holders #potholders #diy #howtomakepotholders #potholderpattern #twelveOeightblog

Hello crafty friends!

I hope this finds you enjoying your January and hopefully enjoying our 31 day challenge
to make, organize, decorate and cook our way thru the month with a No/Low Spend plan!

Of course, the winter bugs have arrived at casa twelveOeight, so it seems as though it has
taken me 12 days to get through 7 ideas and projects.
Oh well.  With any luck you are reading this and 7 things in 14 days is the most you can
do right now as well.  Then we are perfectly aligned and there is peace in the land.

I love to upcycle, like…anything.
One of the reasons why I cannot fit even a teeny car in my garage is my love of a good
upcycle. [Read more…]

Day 6: How to Make Your Own Cake Mix (gluten free option too!)

How to Make Your Own Cake Mix #cakemix #howtomakecakemix #makeyourownmixes #cakemixrecipe #chocolatecakemix #twelveOeightblog

Hello friends! I am really excited to share one of my favorite make-your-own-mix recipes today
for Chocolate Cake Mix, with a gluten free option too!

There have been many times I have opened my pantry to find one last cake mix on hand, and with
a sigh of relief I can whip up a quick dessert without having to run to the store in a pinch.

But a few years ago, when I realized that gluten and I were not besties after all, I began to make
my own cake mix, and will never go back!

Cake mix is very easy to make ahead and keep on hand, and saves money on the food budget too. [Read more…]

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