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Welcome back to Inspiration Monday Party…
Can you believe it is already March FIRST??? Wow!
Each week is a struggle to feature just a few of you, because there is SO much inspiration linked up. Thank you so much for taking the time to be here. It is inspiring to see your creativity and talent.
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Redhead Can Decorate| | Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

This weeks features were chosen by Meegan from What Meegan Makes.

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DIY Lamp Makeover Before + After!!

Lamp makeover before

I love a good before and after, don’t you?

It’s like watching someone who loves their denim jumpsuits with Birkenstock’s get a whole new look
and wow us all between commercials and in less than an hour!


Today I thought I would show you the before first.

I have a feeling my girlfriends and I may end up making the yard sale we had last year an annual event.

It was FUN! And, a few people had things they no longer wanted that didn’t happen to sell, so they were
kind enough to pass them along to yours truly.

This lamp was one of those.  I’m pretty sure the shade was fine before, but a few months in my garage was
enough to tear the shade apart.  So, I searched for a drum shade…ALSO from the garage, so far this is
one thrifty lamp! [Read more…]

Fake it till you make it + starting over

Today is going to be awesome free printable #printable #awesome #freeprintable #twelveOeightblog

I have a story that I am unsure if I have ever shared with you.

I don’t think I have, and it’s one that has been on my heart a lot lately.

It’s a time in my life not too different than the season I find myself in right now, full of change, uncertainty
and a little bit of fear.

My daughter and I left our hometown 17 years ago and moved to a different part of the state, where we have lived since.  A friend was starting a business, and I needed a job.

I had an old station wagon (accurately dubbed the “hooptie”) which was packed to the gills with our clothes, books, a fuzzy orange bean bag and most of our Earthly possessions.

We had $200 and we were going to make it, somehow. [Read more…]

Inspiration Monday Party | DIY + Delish Features!!

Hello Friends!! We are SO excited to have you joining us for another awesome week of

baking, DIY’s, crafts, tips and all around creative goodness!

This week’s features were chosen by Tanya at twelveOeight

The Best Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe #glutenfree #chocolatechipcookie #cookierecipe #glutenfreerecipe #dessert #cookie #twelveOeightblog

Hi friends!

Happy middle of the week to you, I hope you are staying toasty warm and not too snowbound in some
parts of the US.  On the West coast it’s crazy to imagine as much snow as folks in New England
and surrounding areas have received! 

We’ve actually had a few sunny, dry days here and I have seen the first daffodils spring up here
and there.  That always gets me through the final tail end of the rainy season.
Which sometimes lasts until the beginning of JULY.

Because of all of the craziness of unpredictable February weather, I decided (I didn’t
think you would mind) that we could make cookies today.

My criteria for making cookies is as follows: It has to be one of the following days of the week, Sunday
through Saturday, they have to be easy, and they have to taste like more.

If the recipe meets all three strict criteria, this girl is making cookies. [Read more…]

Warm Coconut Sugar Scrub Recipe

Coconut Sugar Scrub Recipe #sugarscrub #howtomakebodyscrub #diysugarscrub #scrubrecipe #twelveOeightblog

It’s the middle of February and many of us are ready for some sun and a break from
bitter cold temperatures.  Y’all back East are covered in many feet of snow, and we have
had enough rain for a century in the Pacific Northwest.

One thing for sure is, our hands and feet get especially dry this time of year.

I spend so much of my time painting, sanding or hammering stuff that my cuticles and
hands tend to look pretty sad at the end of the day.

Coconut oil is one of my favorite oils to cook with and has tons of awesome health benefits
as well.  So I figured I could make a body scrub out of it too.

I am glad I did, after just a day of using it a couple times at the kitchen sink, my palms are
soft and cuticles don’t look like the Sahara! [Read more…]

Inspiration Monday Party + an AWESOME giveaway too!!

It’s a special Inspiration Monday with a fabulous giveaway.
We have all kinds of awesomeness going on with features, your links, and beautiful BEDDING!


Have you seen Beddy’s?!? They’re the fantastic one-piece bedding unit that makes it a BREEZE to make the bed. Kids roll out of their bed and zip it up for the day. They are also lined with a soft minky fabric that makes nighttimes nice and snuggly. They’re also a great way to keep the covers from coming off of little ones during the night.

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How to make liquid Castile Soap

Liquid Castile Soap Recipe #Castile #CastileSoapRecipe #GreenCleaning #SaveMoneyatHome #DrBronners #twelveOeightblog

I am far, far from being being completely green in our home yet.

Making some changes as far as how I purchase the things we need, and in what quantities to avoid
extra packaging has helped.  I implemented a better recycling routine recently and am seeing a huge
difference already in how much garbage we have once the recycling is all removed.

That is shocking actually!

I am phasing out many of the cleaners and detergents we have used for a long time.

We all have allergies and sensitive skin, and so much of what is in the giant jugs of detergent and
soap is mostly fragrance and water anyways.

One thing I fell in love with a few years ago was Dr. Bronners Pure Castile Soap, but found myself
going through it quickly, and those little bottles were pretty spendy. [Read more…]

For the love of Kilim



 I find myself fairly obsessed with Kilim rugs right now.

Ok, you got me, it’s been a while now.  If you follow me on Pinterest you know already.
They are beautiful, and their lightweight blanket-like nature makes them so perfect for
layering on top of another material like a sisal rug. [Read more…]

Inspiration Monday Party | This Week’s Party Features!!

Welcome to Inspiration Monday!

We’re so glad you’re here!

It’s time to party and be inspired!
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