My story… what gratitude means for me

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It feels kind of crazy to share our stories, but it’s kind of crazy not to as well.

I don’t think that we go through the stuff that we do in life to keep it all in and not share it.

Someone is going through the same things we are.
Someone is hurting and wondering if it’s ever going to get better.  Oh maybe it’s getting better
and they, like me are finding their voice.  So, I am taking a risk, maybe one for both of us so
we can be brave with our lives together.

This is my story.  

I always loved to make things, sew, bake, collect beads and Pinterest would have been my
bestie had it have been around when I was a kid.  I was raised in my Grandparent’s home
(the house number 12o8 is where my blog name was born) and while my Mom and Dad were
divorced I had a pretty fun childhood.  It hurt knowing that he lived less than 30 minutes
away, and just somehow moved on.  But my Grandparents took care of me
while my Mom sorted fruit in our little rural community.  

My Grandma taught me to sew, and let me make a mess of her kitchen learning how to make
the perfect Toll House Cookie when I was 8.  

My Grandpa was a recovering Alcoholic, and had been sober since before I
could remember.  I am so thankful that he spent the last 20+ years of his life sober, and am so
proud of him.  But the legacy and dysfunction of addiction and co-dependency was now
deeply ingrained in our family, and how we operated as a unit and independently.

When I confronted my Mom about her drinking upon discovering her stash when I was
10 years old, she did what she knew how to do and that’s cover it up. [Read more…]

Gifts In A Mason Jar: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

 Cookie Mix Gift In A Jar #MasonJar #GiftInAJar #CookieMix #OatmealCookie #OatmealChocolateChip #MasonJarGifts #twelveOeightblog


Hi there!

Well, it’s almost Thanksgiving friends, and I know many of you will be cooking and stuffing, and very busy the next couple
days.  At our house the Christmas music will be playing, and Santa’s little workshop will be in high gear while Thursday’s
turkey is simmering in the slow cooker and will become our yearly Turkey Rice Soup.

With a bunch of leftovers to work on for days, I like to spend the weekend after Thanksgiving working on homemade gifts.
And drinking a lot of coffee.  And cocoa.
And hitting “play” again on my favorite Bing Crosby Christmas collection. [Read more…]

Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Cinnamon Roll Waffles #cinnamonrollwaffle #wafflerecipe #ChristmasBreakfast #GlutenFreeWaffles #HowToMakeWaffles #twelveOeightblog



About 6 years ago I dropped more than one or two “subtle” hints to my husband that I really needed a nice waffle iron.
I had never had a Belgian Waffle Iron and wanted to own my own so I could make these fluffy, amazing waffles myself.

Being a very good listener, and also probably sick of me talking about how wonderful it would be to make us said
waffles, he made sure there was a waffle iron for me under the tree.

Just imagine the shock and surprise on my face when I reached to the back of the tree and opened a heavy square box…
what was inside?  Did he listen, or have any idea how important this is to me?

I got it, and I have not used it apparently as many times as he thought I would.
So, needless to say when I fire it up he kind of saunters by, stops and acts very shocked that I am using the waffle iron
I was so obsessed with. [Read more…]

How to make a Chalkboard Globe {Holiday Edition}

How to make a Chalkboard Globe #chalkboardglobe #potterybarnknockoff #diyglobe #diychalkboard



Do you ever think about how very huge our world is, yet so small at the same time?
We are all part of something so much greater than ourselves, interlinked, equally loved and valued
by our Creator.  On a planet so strong yet so delicately balanced to sustain life.

It’s awesome, and wonderful to think about.

Some of us are very far away from loved ones, and it sure is hard to think about not being with
them when we think of carving turkeys or watching our favorite Holiday movies each year.

Looking at this globe each day, knowing we all stare up at the same moon and stars made me feel
that much closer to loved ones miles away.

I picked up this globe for just under $10 at Goodwill recently, and while that’s more than I usually try
to spend on an upcycle, I had this exact project in mind.

And I didn’t want to paint my grandfather’s globe either, so in the cart she went. [Read more…]

Inspiration Monday Party | and Party Features from last week!

Welcome back to Inspiration Monday, we’re so happy you are joining us here today!
When you party with us, your links are seen on seven different blogs- but only have to link up to one!
With all this freezing weather, I hope you’ve been staying warm and toasty by the fire. 
If there is one good thing to say about the great Arctic Blast of 2014, it has definitely 
put me in the mood for the Holidays!
What we’ve been up to this week:
DIY Blog Ideas & Recipes #diyblog #recipeblog #howto #turkeyrecipe #freeprintable #Christmasdecor
This week around twelveOeight:
Ok are you ready for some amazing features?

[Read more…]

Modern Christmas Gift Tags Free Printable

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags #Christmas #gifttags #freeprintable #printablegifttag #moderngifttag



So we may not be thinking about wrapping gifts quite yet.

But if you perhaps were the type of gift wrapper who say, chooses a theme some years.

Or maybe happened to fall in love with some gift wrap and bought like, oh, I don’t know…17 rolls.

Because you were worried about running out.

And not having a wrap fail again.

What if you got halfway through wrapping and there was only Spongebob gift wrap left, and Patrick
was decorated like a starfish tree, and the remaining bows were smushed.

And the only tags you had left were teeny pieces of gift wrap with a piece of mangled tape holding them in place.
And the Grandparents look lovingly at your kids and ask “Did you help Mama wrap gifts?”

Ummm….no. [Read more…]

Fall Family Photos 2014 + feeling thankful

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Do you make resolutions at the end of each year for the coming New Year?
Some years I do, others it passes and I realize I haven’t thought about it at all.
Each year however, the thing that I desire most is a feeling of balance.

So I set out to create systems and ways to feel more balanced, and organized.

But it didn’t really help change how I felt inside.

At the end of each day, week, I felt like I had not accomplished what I had set out to, which created
frustration and discontentment.  I began to see that what I was truly craving was peace.
Peace for me came in the form of my faith in God, accepting today as it is, and living one day at a time.


Sounds like I have got the unbalanced thing beat, I don’t.  Not at all.

But by keeping things in perspective, taking better care of myself, and relying upon a wonderful,
beautiful group of friends sisters I am not alone in this whole Mom-who-feels-tired-and-just-wants-to-sleep thing.
I don’t have to be perfect, and that is so freeing. [Read more…]

Red + White Buffalo Check Christmas Light Garland

 Red and White Buffalo Check Christmas Garland #garland #redandwhite #Christmasdecor #Christmaslights #diy #craft #rustic #twelveOeightblog

In the spirit of all things red and white this year (I cannot wait to show you the tree, but it’s not done yet so give me a few more days!)
I wanted to have a garland that I could hang anywhere that glowed in all of it’s red and white goodness and just
makes you happy each time you walk by it.

I have seen ping pong ball covered lights before for other types of garlands, but I wanted to try making a Christmas Garland
out of one.  

Inspiration struck on a recent trip to Michael’s, when I found strings of red and white mini lights.
My heart went pitter patter and I knew exactly what I would do with them.

Well, kind of. And that never happens so it was awesome! [Read more…]

Sweet Orange + Milk Chocolate Muffins

Chocolate Orange Muffin Recipe #muffin #orangemuffin #chocolateorange #Christmasbreads #Breakfastmuffin


Few things taste better together than milk chocolate with orange.
Ok, raspberry and chocolate are also good, and of course peanut butter with chocolate.
Basically anything plus chocolate, or chocolate plus more chocolate always hits the spot.

I usually make Cranberry and orange bread and muffins around the holidays, but I wanted to
try something a bit different.

I’m so glad I did.

They turned out really good, and my husband, who normally doesn’t eat muffins put a dent in
the batch while I was upstairs and they were cooling today. [Read more…]

Hot Cocoa Station Free Chalkboard Printable

 hot cocoa station free printable

The evenings are getting chilly here in Washington, and the kids keep asking me when we are going to make hot cocoa.
Not just the packet (which tastes really good too!) but the works.

Hot chocolate, whipping cream, caramel syrup, marshmallows, sprinkles, candy canes…oh the possibilities!

And the excitement.

I think that’s one of the reasons that I love this time of year so much.
It’s probably not the rain, and the muddy paws.
The sun we don’t see for a while, or the occasional ice storm.
Those all seem to just go along with winter in our neck of the woods.

But the part I love, cherish and encourage in my kids is the magic. [Read more…]