Cozy Flannel Pumpkins | Perfect for Thanksgiving

how to make flannel pumpkins


Flannel, apple cider, pumpkin pie.

We still have some Fall to celebrate before it’s time to deck the halls right?

Well, just about every year I try to find a new way to decorate those lovely faux pumpkins from
the dollar store.  This time I wanted to try upcycling a cozy red flannel shirt that my Hubs just
wore for our Halloween party.  He wasn’t going to wear it again, and while it was a thrifty Goodwill
score, I wanted to find a way to use it again.


flannel crafts


So, this is what I came up with. [Read more...]

How to make No-Sew Curtains

 How to make no sew curtains

I have a sewing machine.

I have two sewing machines.  

One is my Grandma’s Bernina that needs a little work, and one is a super inexpensive little machine I picked up to basically make pillows etc…
But there are times that I just want to make something that doesn’t require getting the sewing machine out.

And a set of new no-sew curtains are exactly what my corner kitchen windows needed.

So, not only was this project super thrifty, it took me about 15 minutes.

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How to Make Spiderweb Cupcakes

spiderweb cupcakes 4


I made these this weekend for our grown-ups Halloween party and they were a hit!

The kids love to get all dressed up, and Halloween is usually all about trick or treating, sorting, trading candy
and seeing what everyone else is dressed up as.

I thought in addition to our usual festivities it would be fun this year to have a night just for the grown
ups.  To plan out a costume, get all ready (it kind of makes you feel that excitement you felt as a kid)
brave the wind and rain, and spend the Saturday before Halloween with your closest friends.

So much fun.

And I wanted something sweet, that was gluten free as well for us to enjoy.
You can use your favorite cupcake recipe, a mix, or store bought un-frosted cupcakes to save on time.
These are super easy, but they look like they took much longer than they really did (the best option.) [Read more...]

Inspiration Monday Party | Fall Recipe & Craft Features!!

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CraftFail: When Handmade Goes Horribly Wrong | Interview + Giveaway!!



 We’ve probably all seen the “Nailed It!” meme online with a gorgeous cupcake on the left,
and a sad, dismembered baked item, the “after” on the right.  

We all have them, like adult acne or spinach in our teeth, a failure in the creative world is bound to happen.
In her new book “CraftFail: When Handmade Goes Horribly Wrong”  Heather Mann gives us a peek into what
has kept her crafting, writing and making her way to a successful, enjoyable career.


“Throughout the years, I have posted craftfails of my own and those shared by other crafters, and I have
become a full-on failure enthusiast.  If finally learned what never got through to me as a failure-phobic kid:
We learn a heck of a lot more by failing than we ever will by succeeding on the first try.”

Heather’s words really ring true with me.  I started creating and making probably 35+ years ago (holy crap
that’s makes me sound old.) And as many successes as I have had, there have been a multitude of failures
and setbacks.  Frustrations, and discouragement are part of the process of learning.   [Read more...]

Gluten Free Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread Recipe

downeast maine pumpkin bread

Mixing up a batch of pumpkin bread seems to make the house smell wonderful, doesn’t seem
to last long once it’s out of the oven, and everyone loves to receive it as a gift.
It makes a great hostess gift, or something wonderful to bring a new mama, or friend just because.

This bread is from canned pumpkin, but we did grow pumpkins this year.
Not on purpose however.
They were kind of a happy accident in a big garden on the North side of our home that you can’t
grow anything in.
Not enough light, and I am fairly certain the largest population of ants in North America may live
in this garden as well.  So with the whole no light/plant eating insect combo we have had zero

Until this year.

The year of the wayward squash.   [Read more...]

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Redhead Can Decorate| | Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty MomtwelveOeight

| What Meegan Makes | Your Homebased Mom


This week at twelveOeight:

kaleb 1st birthday pic 1

Kaleb turned a year old!!

Halloween Decor 5

And I shared my simple & spooky Succulents & Black Pumpkins

diy black and white Halloween Projects

A group of gorgeous Black and White Halloween Projects and ideas

halloween treats 5

And mixed up a yummy Candy Corn & Popcorn treat to hand out to all those little goblins in your life :)

[Read more...]

Gingerbread Cookie Body Scrub Recipe + Printable Labels

gingerbread cookie body scrub recipe

Are you thinking about Christmas, and shopping, making or baking yet?

I know that Halloween is just under two weeks away, but I am already kicking my gift making into
high gear.  Otherwise, well, you know.  It will be a mad dash to finish everything at the last minute
and that’s no fun at all! I make as many of my DIY Christmas gifts ahead of time as possible, and
try to leave as much time as possible for concerts, cookie baking, and some shopping too for the
last few weeks before Christmas.  If you need an easy gift idea that is easy on the budget, gorgeous,
and people love to receive, body scrubs are on the top of this list.

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Candy Corn + Popcorn Treats To Share

Halloween treat 1


Can you believe Halloween is only 2 weeks away?
Neither can I! 

Sometimes I like to have a basket of special treats to give family and friends as they visit and trick or treat with us on
Halloween.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying popcorn and candy corn together, this treat you can hand out
is the perfect time to get your craft on, and eat something yummy.  But before we bust out the paint brushes and glue
guns, did you know that Mod Podge is available in a Glow In The Dark formula? 

I know, it’s changing how I will be carving pumpkins and prepping my porch this year for sure!


halloween treats 5

  [Read more...]

DIY Black + White Halloween Projects

diy black and white Halloween Projects

Mysterious, beautiful, dark and kind of spooky.  Elegant, glam, and rustic all
at the same time.

Black and white painted pumpkins and Halloween decor is chic, modern, and oh so everywhere.

Here are some of my favorite ideas that have me inspired right now, and a few of our own creations too!! [Read more...]