DIY Sunburst Mirror

My “new” Sunburst Mirror that will be a focal point in my Living Room Makeover!

I am so excited to share my how to on one of my latest projects! I have seen a few of these floating around but decided that I wanted to upcyle something fairly hideous into something I love for my living room makeover.  While I was out thrifting recently I came across a purple plastic mirror.  This is how it looked before:

I think this is very similar to the mirror I applied frosty eye shadow in back in the day…

After bringing this little lovely home, it sat in my garage for a few days while I figured out what I was going to use to make it wonderful.  I decided on paint stir sticks and bought a box of 100 from my local paint shop for a few bucks.  I then chose a color.  I decided to go with Krylon Paint in Caramel Latte it has just enough sparkle without being too much for this project.  I then fired up my handy little glue gun (I use hi-temp, while I am probably missing important parts of my fingerprints it works wonderfully.  It’s a trade off and worth it) and begin to glue my sticks into place.  I did one shorter layer first that would be in the front, and followed it up with a second, longer layer behind it.  As you can see here:

I carefully turned the mirror over a few times to make sure I liked the placement of the stir sticks, and added a few more in some of the bare spots.  I could have measured and glued the sticks very carefully, but I didn’t want the mirror to look perfect, I wanted the pieces to be uneven here and there so it didn’t look like it came out of a mold.  I am sure you are also far more patient than I am, as I am totally down with instant gratification and would certainly go mad late at night in my garage with too much measuring.  I cut a piece of picture hanging wire from an old frame (future project) and glued it into place.  I let it cool and made sure everything was stable before I turned the piece over to prep and paint.

I used some paper and tape to cover the mirror well, and spray painted my sweet new mirror twice, letting it dry for a bit between coats.  At this point I was pretty pumped as I have wanted one of these for a while but was not willing to fork over big bucks for something I knew I could DIY.

Here is the paint I used, I love this color and will probably do a couple sconces or some frames in the room to pull it all together.

What is this mug with a broken handle and half-eaten candy bar in the tutorial for? Because I am giving you a sneak peak at my late night crafting fuel.  Yep, Diet Coke, diet because I am watching my calories, and a big ol’ chocolate bar.  Not diet because that would be weird right? Ok, I’m amped out now and ready to hang this baby up!

And voila! I took an up close pic because I do not have my mantel installed yet, or the walls painted.  I’m a little impatient sometimes…
So, that’s it.  And, I noticed a tiny bit of purple plastic right on the very edge of the mirror so I hot glued in a bit of jute twine to cover it up.  I like the natural look with the mirror and wood.  Looks like I intentionally did it that way.  I try to never trash a project that just needs little adjustment, and I usually end up liking it better than the original design.
Happy DIY’ing
Hugs, Tanya 🙂

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  1. I love this! I will put this on my to do list for sure!

  2. tiLNM1 pretty valuable stuff, overall I feel this is worth a bookmark, thanks


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