How to Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies

It’s that time again.  I am beginning to spruce up my roost, organize, purge, and start my

Spring is around the corner!

Spring Cleaning  Ritual.  I capitalize the ritual, because I enjoy it immensely.  Not so much the cleaning itself, but how I feel when I am done.  I should really write on that topic as well.  Just about every woman I know feels a huge sense of satisfaction after really getting in and cleaning/organizing like a possessed madwoman.  Notice I said after…I decided that I would stay up late and organize some of my thoughts over a giant cup of wine coffee.  Mommies seem to function much better with lots of coffee and some chocolate. 

Ok, here it is, this is what I like to use to make my home sparkle, smell fresh and clean, and cut down on my use of expensive, brand-name cleaners.  I am not on a mission to save every plastic bottle from going into a landfill, I will leave that to someone much more awake than I am most days.  I have however been disgusted by the amount of waste,  and introduction of chemicals to my home over the years by using everything that I thought I needed to clean my home.  Well, I should have been listening more closely to my Grandmother and her friends.  They knew how to clean, and do it and everything else on a shoestring.  Here is my arsenal:

  1. Rags.  Yep, pretty fancy huh? My favorite are old t-shirts because they do not leave lint behind, and I am able to re-wash them again and again.  Bucket, broom, all stuff we already have.  Cost: $0.00
  2. A few magic-erase sponges from the Dollar Store.  Be careful when using them on anything painted/stained/or polished like vinyl flooring.  They are powerful little sponges and will take the paint or sheen off sometimes. Cost: $1.00
  3. A bottle of my favorite stuff besides Pinot Grigio, Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap. I use a teaspoon or two in a cheap squirt-bottle mixed with warm water for EVERYTHING.  I use this fabulous concoction to clean my counters, floors, wipe down doors, walls.  Need I say more? The bottle I have will last about 3 years.  And, my home smells wonderful when I am done.  Total Cost: $5.00 for the Castile Soap and squirt bottle.
  4. Borax, which I have left over from my homemade laundry detergent (will post soon!) This stuff is also amazing.  Add it to laundry, clean the bathroom, boost your dish washing soap, and one box will last forever.  Starting to see a trend here of purchasing items once and not having continual costs just to clean and do laundry? Hey, I think we may save a landfill after all. Cost: $2.49
  5. Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda   this will keep all of your drains clean and reduce blocking, is great for cleaning in the kitchen, bathroom, and an amazing stain remover for fabrics.  Buy a box, your life will change forever, or at least while you are cleaning.  Cost $1.89
  6. Pick up a couple bars of Fels Naptha Soap while you are stocking up on supplies.  Then you will have everything you need to make some awesome homemade laundry soap for pennies.  And they are great for tough stains in clothes.  Cost $2.00.  Not that your kids ever stain their clothes, I assume they are extremely neat and tidy like mine.  Right….
  7. Vinegar.  No link on that one.  I use good old white vinegar to clean and disinfect sinks, toilets, clean windows.  You name it.  Burn your favorite candle and by the time you are done with the vinegar cleaning the smell will dissipate and smell pretty.  Cost $.89

So, we maybe have spent around $12.00 plus a few bucks for chocolate.  Mix yourself up a squirt-bottle with warm water and Pure-Castile Soap, a bucket full of water with a couple cups of vinegar in it, and keep your other items on hand for deep stains and laundry.  You are ready to wipe down all the surfaces in your home, sanitize, and save some money in the process.

Last important step, make sure that you also didn’t forget your coffee  Pinot Grigio at the store.  You have worked hard and will want to put your feet up in your fresh clean house with a nice glass of wine and enjoy your accomplishment.  By the way, I must report that since I began cleaning with more natural products I have found my vinyl and wood floors are repelling more dirt since there is less residue on them that is found in traditional cleaners.  Happy cleaning!!!

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