How To Save Money On Paint-This Was a Crazy Good Deal!

I have been DIYing to paint my living room.  It is a nice, warm white, and easy to keep clean with lots of magic-erase sponges since I have four kids, three of which are 5 and under.  Decorating your home is an evolution of ideas, time, and usually some budget restraints as well.  Looking back, my favorite rooms over the years have been those that I needed to use a bit of what I already had, a few new pieces, and a lot of elbow-grease.  I share with you my secret on  how to buy paint an NEVER pay full price again. 
I prefer to buy brand-name paint when I am able to, and since I have kept my old rollers, tape, and drop-cloths a new painting project is usually just the cost of the paint.  I usually buy satin, sometimes flat depending on how much light is in the area.  Over the years and few homes later,  I have experimented with many different colors and types of paint.  What this means is I have already made colossal mistakes that you don’t have to.  I learned a few things that I will pass on to you:
  1. Spend the most you are able to on my best quality edging brush you can find.  Take good care of it and never loan it to anyone, ever.  They will fall in love with it too and not return it.  Buy them a new one if you have to.
  2. Stock up on Diet Coke and turn on your favorite music, you will be in this room staring at the walls for a long time.  You will want to be happy.  Diet Coke and good music make me happy.
  3. Do not be afraid of color.  I write this as I am gearing up for a day of painting a room a grey-beige.  I am creating a neutral canvas for some bright curtains and accessories and am currently obsessed with grey.  The grey-beige was a compromise.
  4. Never pay full price.  This rule pretty much applies to everything in my book.  A set of flatware for 12 for $3.00 is a good example.  Or six dining room chairs for $25.00.  But it can apply to paint as well if you are patient.

I discovered a rack of “mis-mixed” paints for sale a few years ago at Fred Meyer in the paint department.  They do not put them on a lovely display and direct your attention to them, so you have to look and ask.  At my last house, I used a beautiful chocolate brown that I have found the same way.  I have no idea why someone did not freak out and fall in love with this chocolate brown, run screaming to their SUV and race home to repaint their entry-way and hallway like I did.  But they didn’t.  And a lot of other people either do not like the color that the store mixed or never come back for it.  If you really do your research and know what colors you are looking for, you can find them if you are patient.
Earlier this week, I found two gallons of brand-name paint which usually sells for $25.99 per gallon.  In the grand scheme of things, this is still a small investment considering what a huge impact painting a room or accent wall makes.  However, being a frugal mama, and lover of a good deal, I checked my favorite rack of “mis-mixed” paints.  And what did I find? Two gallons of the color I have been looking for, brand name on sale for $10.00 each.  I also found a gallon of dark-grey which I think I may go back for today.  The powder room needs to be grey.  This is the exciting part, when I purchased them, the paint department had a sale going that actually applied to these as well, WHAT???? ANOTHER DISCOUNT? I am getting really happy now.  Now the two gallons are $7.99 each, AND the in-store coupon for anything for the home knocked them down another 10%.  My total savings were almost 75% and I will be able to repaint my living room for a song. 
Create a folder for all of your ideas, keep it with you and keep a few $20’s tucked away at all times to take advantage of a great deal.  They cross your path when you are not expecting it.  This really is the secret behind living a frugal and DIY life.  Click on the hyper-links and follow me on Pinterest! It’s a great way to gather inspiration and make great friends.
Hugs, Tanya

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  1. Hi Tanya,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm loving all the tips you give on yours, especially this one about paint. I'm always indecisive about paint colors, but maybe finding some good colors in this section might get my booty in gear. 🙂

  2. Chrissy, thank you very much, I really appreciate the comments 🙂 I will have a post this week about my bathroom reveal. Found that paint for $7. You have a wonderful blog, love your creativity 🙂 Hugs- Tanya

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