Homemade All-Purpose Gluten Free Flour

I have been experimenting with quite a few different blends of flours, the addition of xanthum gum, and after some trial and error I like the following blend the best so far.  It’s pretty much the same recipe as found on this awesome site, with a couple adjustments for texture and taste to that of a store-bought gluten free flour, and the savings when making your own gluten free mixes is substantial!

To make a good supply of Homemade All-Purpose Gluten Free Flour you will need:

6 cups of white rice flour ( I have found this to be the most affordable of the gluten-free flours that I am able to buy in bulk at a local grocery store)
6 cups of cornstarch
2 cups of Masa Mix (make sure it is the kind with only corn flour, no wheat flour-found in the ethnic cooking section of your local grocery store)
4 cups of sorghum flour (I prefer sorghum for it’s sweeter flavor and light texture for baking)

Blend together and store in an air-tight container, use in place of any of your baking that calls for regular flour.  I originally found this recipe here and am so glad I came across some ideas on making my own mixes.  It is an awesome source of information for gluten free living.  Happy Baking!

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  1. This is wonderful! My dad has celiac disease, so I'm sending my mom a link to this post (and your blog!)

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