May In The Pacific Northwest…

Being born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, and after a brief stint in the Mid-west I have settled here to make a life and raise a family.  I love it here, and while I do complain about the rain, and slug population, I am used to the climate and have an extensive collection of waterproof clothes.  So why mess with a perfectly good wardrobe and move?  Plus, this is the only place that cracking open a beer is a requirement when gardening.  Before you suggest I possibly cut back a bit, I will explain.  Beer and salt are two weapons of mass destruction we use here to control the slug population.  The slugs around here are so big I am waiting for one of them to rear up it’s slimy head and look at me saying “Come at me, you want some of this?” I’m not kidding.  You almost are a bit afraid of working in the flower beds alone at times, because you can quickly feel outnumbered.  Like a stranger in your own land.  I mulched that soil, bought those flowers, painstakingly selected just the right place to plant each one lovingly, and you, Mr. slimy slug, take out my begonia, pansy, and petunia in one night. 

Abbie helping me, tippee cup in hand.  This is the backyard, the kids can pretty much do anything out here.  The only rules are do not climb the fence, eat rocks, or hit eachother with the golf clubs…pretty basic.

Ethan wears his big brother’s baseball helmet everywhere.  I think the folks at the grocery store understand now, he’s 2 and it’s his style, you don’t question and 2 year old and their chosen style, you just go with it. 

Good Morning lovely hosta, still holding rain from last night on your lovely leaves.  Thank you for being hardy and not withering, ever.  Your rock.

My marigolds, I love them.  Sturdy and smelly, they keep the neighbor’s cats from using said garden bed as a kitty box.  As well as a few orange peels, kitty’s don’t like citrus, they will head across the way to find another kitty box.

I love summer, love it, and it’s on it’s way.  We have to wait until early July usually, but in the meantime, I just keep planting and pruning, good weather is coming soon.

Out of control pansy, also forgiving, I like to surround myself with very forgiving plants.

I have been distracted by sandpaper, Goodwill finds and some hungry kids, I have not tended my garden in a few days.  So, today I was able to snap a few pretty photos of my blooming garden, pour a new little dish of beer in the garden (slug trap, they are renowned lushes) and found a little robin’s egg too which has inspired my next project.

My boys were so excited to find this today

Thinking of you today and wondering how this May morning has found you, are you sweltering in Arizona, using your raincoat like me, or somewhere in between? We are so much more resourceful than we give ourselves credit for, able to adapt and find a way to not only survive but thrive, and blossom.  Wishing you a beautiful day, and sending thoughts of slug-free gardens, clean kids, and blessings your way.  Hugs, Tanya 🙂 

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  1. Lovely! I love marigolds, too. And they look good with the lobelia…
    I have an Ethan, too! Mine is 26 now. It happens so quickly. Thanks for following, and I'm following you back, Tanya. 🙂

  2. Tanya, Thanks so much for sharing your lovely garden! You may get your share of rain and slugs, but nothing can compare to the beautiful green lushness of the Pacific NW. Your children are also so darn adorable!! Here in TX we are already heating up…90s and even a few 100 days already…HOT! 🙂

  3. Hi Tanya! Thanks for visiting The Latest Find! Love your flower pictures. It's already been upper 80s in VA the last few days! While I usually like warmer weather, I probably won't like the AC bill! =) Hope you're having a great week!!

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