Turquoise Earring DIY

Getting back to my bead box was really fun this week.  I am so excited that one of my favorite colors (TURQUOISE!!) is not only a really hot color in decorating this year but it’s a super-hot trend for accessories as well.  Turquoise is extremely versatile since you can wear it with just about anything.  It looks beautiful against black, brown, denim, and this time of year, plays up the color we all begin to see popping up on our sun-kissed faces as we spend more time outside.

So, before I begin rambling further about how much I love turquoise, I will tell you these earrings are really easy to make.  If you don’t already have some beading supplies, visit a beading shop where you can usually purchase just the items you need and sometimes even use their tools when you make them there.  Plus it can be really fun to grab a girlfriend, some coffee and shop for beads together.  Also addictive, similar to thrifting so be careful 🙂 But have fun.  Ok, here we go:

 On the right you can see the finished earring, on the left, all the components you need to throw these babies together.  If you don’t like the colors, like gold better, get crazy with them.  They will be dangling from your lovely ears so make them unique to you.  You will need an earring hook, the beads shown above, a short earring pin with a flat ending, and another short earring pin with a loop. 

 A pair of needle-nosed pliers and a pair of wire snips, or just two needle-nosed pliers work great,  one will need to have the ability to snip wire at it’s base, which most do.

Start out with the earring pin that has the flat base, add the beads that will go below the main piece shown in the picture above. 

Snip off about 1/4 inch of wire depending on how large your beads are.  You want about 1/4 inch left above the top bead, you will curl this with your pliers into a loop.

You can hook on the middle conch piece right before you close the loop, and avoid having to use too many connecting jump rings.  This will give your earrings a more polished look.  Speaking of polish, I will just say that my nails look terrible, as I have been painting the inside of my house as well as refinishing furniture.  Don’t judge! 🙂

Wow, the nails look even more stunning in this picture.  This is my dedication to bringing you DIY projects to save you some cash and look like a hottie-potottie as well.  I sacrifice exposing my nails for the whole world to see, to make you look even more beautiful than you already are.  We should be friends, I think we are wonderful! 🙂 Anyways, now the center conch piece is connected (you are almost done!)
Now you are ready to add the top beads to the earring pin that has the loop on it.  Trim any excess wire off the top leaving yourself about 1/4 inch to bend into a loop and hook it thru the loop on the bottom of the earring hook.

Now that the hook is on, you just need to open the lower loop on the bottom of the piece you just attached, and connect it to the lower half of your earring.

Throw those earrings on and get out into your world and be fabulous today. Thank you so much for crafting with me, it’s fun making something pretty, you deserve it!

Ta-da! All done, happy crafting – Hugs, Tanya

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  1. Those are so pretty!

  2. Tanya, Gorgeous earrings! I just LOVE turquoise! So glad I found you through Debbiedoo's Newbie Party. I've been eating gluten-free for the past 30+ years, having been diagnosed with Celiac Disease as a child. I'm always looking for new recipes to try. Happy to be now following. 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful night!

  3. Beautiful earrings!

  4. Thank you Laurel 🙂 Enjoying checking out your blog!

  5. Love those earrings. Thanks for linking up!!! Have a great day!

  6. Love those. Very pretty.

  7. Very pretty!!!
    Following you back 🙂

  8. Janine, thank you for the comment and follow back, I really appreciate it 🙂 Tanya

    Rosemary, I appreciate you coming by and your comment today thank you so much 🙂 Tanya

    Isabelle, love your projects, inspired by so many creative ladies!

  9. Those earrings are too pretty! I think I have to become a follower!!

  10. Roxanne, thank you, they are super easy to make. I can hardly buy them now when I know how much I can make them for 🙂 Tanya

  11. Just popping in for a visit. I am loving these earrings. And the tutorial is great. I would love to invite you to share this at my Party Freedom Fridays. So hope to see your there (and don't forget the earrings)

  12. Oh what pretty earrings! The colors are perfect for summer!

  13. Evelyn, thank you for the invite to your link party! I am following you back and will see you then 🙂

    Sharon, thank you very much for visiting and leaving a comment too. They really mean so much, Hugs- Tanya

  14. Beautiful love those earrings very cool idea. Amee 🙂

  15. These earrings are stunning and what a neat idea to do them yourself. 🙂 Amee

  16. Super cute! My fave color, too!

  17. Hi, love the earrings. Where do you get the medallions?? Also, what type of stone are the green rondelles. Keep up the good work.

  18. u8M0Oa Pretty! This has been a really wonderful post. Many thanks for supplying this info.


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