Style Crush: Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie, a French term, signifying “Chinese-esque”, is one of my gigantic style crushes right now.  I have put together a fabulous group of spaces that reflect the use of Chinoiserie-inspired accents, art and furniture.  All images from Houzz, and each picture credits the designer, and their awesome style!
I love this symmetrical tablescape, a wood frame with our favorite bold-print fabric stretched over it would be a great base to recreate something like this in a dining room or entry, don’t you think?
I adore starbust/sunburst mirrors! I have already made two of them that you can find here and here.  And I am not convinced that will be enough, maybe just one more.  Like this one below.  And the green foo dog, oh Lawdy, I am in trouble.  I have been on the hunt for a set of these for some time.  If you know of a good source for a cheap gal like me to find them, please let me know! 
I just found a beautiful (and possibly a bit creepy depending on who you ask) wooden carving of a animal similar to the one below, except it is standing up.  I am not sure my family is in love with it yet, but he will grow on them.  Just like the bright yellow ceramic owl in our living room.  I named him Henry and I love him.  Check out the zebra print on the stools tucked under this table.  I love the extra seating that is lovely and can maximize space by tucking it away when not being used.  I also love how the designer hung the art low so part of it can show under the table.  Fabulous.
Here is another angle of the same room, with the pop of yellow and bold prints, you can totally get away with large amounts of white and not losing the room.  It is still well anchored with black.  Love it.
I like this space because the designer has used texture instead of bold patterns.  It is interesting but relaxing, great for a bedroom or living room.  The wainscoting below with what looks like textured wallpaper is so pretty.  And the lamp and mirror are great too.  Great style does not need to cost a lot, all of us could roll up our sleeves and create a look like this on a budget.  Especially when using unique upcycled thrift store finds for one-of-a-kind accents.
This office space is really pretty, modern, but still soft too.  There really is not one thing about this that I would change.  I am hoping that I wake up tomorrow and my home office will look like this.  Maybe it will happen, you never know.  Come on if there is a fairy for teeth there has to be someone for lamps and wallpaper too?
I love this little corner of a living room.  The blend of blue and red is really unexpected but pretty.  The blue hanging lantern is another bit of the same influence we have been seeing, without using too much of it in one space, it really changes the feel of the whole area.  I hope that is in my home office too after the Decorating Fairy visits tonight.  I don’t think I will be able to sleep!
Oooh I am so excited.  I just found an awesome knock-off of this mirror just like this for $14.99 the other night and I have been debating if I wanted to repaint it or not.  I think I am going to leave it gold after salivating over this picture. 
Chair lurve people, lurve!
I like the mix of styles in this space, the black end table looks suspiciously like an Ikea Lack table which I think are under ten dollars last time I checked.  I wouldn’t be able to place a stack of National Geographic’s in a spot like this in my house, but they look really cool just stacked with no container or basket, again, unexpected.
Ok, in my very best “Coffee Tawk” voice (Mike Myers, SNL…come on you know) “I CAN DIE NOW!”
Putting this post together is only making my lamp obsession worse…these are soooo pretty!
This is such a unique piece, the painted insets are really lovely, and the overall feel is kind of beachy/shabby.  The light colors against the super dark floor is great, want that flooring.
If the Decorating  Fairy is unable to pull off the look above for me during the night, I am totally ok with this one too.  I’m flexible like that.  Orange chinoiserie chair, love.

And last but not least, the patio space.  I am exhausted after touring all of those fabulous rooms.  I don’t know about you but I am grabbing a glass of wine and curling up to read for a bit under the canopy.  What’s a little restraining order to stop a girl from enjoying herself?  I was kidding about that last part, the order has expired, so I’m good.
Thank you so much for taking some time to share one of my favorite design influences, chinoiserie.  Happy decorating and creating!
xoxo, Tanya

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  1. I love that yellow wall art on third picture!

  2. 5QWN9U Many thanks for sharing this great article. Very interesting ideas! (as always, btw)


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