Dollar Store Craft: DIY Sweater Pumpkins

While it’s not Fall quite yet, I couldn’t help but share one of my all time
favorite fall crafts with you!

Aren’t you just loving all of the super cute fall craft ideas out there this year? One of the cutest and hottest trends in crafting is upcycling old sweaters into pumpkins.  They are so cute, and cozy too.  I had a couple sweaters that didn’t work out for one reason or another, and a green t-shirt in the recycle box so I decided it was time to make some punkins!
I started out at the Dollar Tree (Boosh-that’s right baby, another affordable project!) and picked up three of these pumpkins.  They were mid-sized pumpkins so they were perfect for what I wanted to make.  And at $1 a piece, well that made them more perfect.
For the yellow and green pumpkins, I used the back of the shirt (they were both like child’s size 6x) so the back was perfect.  Using hot-glue I gathered up the fabric around the stem all the way around until the pumpkin was covered.  Then I used a long piece of jute twine around the excess fabric on the top to make a stem.  After that I broke out the yarn and fall leaves I already had on hand (we are still only into this for $1 a piece since I already had everything else) and decorated my cutie-pa-tootie little pumpkins.
Next I made the striped pumpkin.  Using the sleeve of an adults sweater, I tied one end to make the top stem of the pumpkin, slid the pumpkin in, and glued the excess fabric down around the bottom.  Next I wound some pretty orange yarn around it, and glued a few little fall leaves around the base of the stem.  And that’s it! They were really fun to make, and this is another toddler-tested project.  My three year old likes the striped pumpkin, and it took a good beating before I was able to wrestle it from his hands and put them up a bit higher than he can reach.  So with enough hot-glue your pumpkins should be safe too 🙂
Thank you for reading, and coming along for the crafty mayhem, hugs & blessings to you today…

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  1. Who thinks of these things?? So cute!

  2. super cute!!! what a fun project!!

  3. Love it and so perfect to have the kiddles help as well! Great tutorial!


  4. What a cute idea. My kids always love to help me out with projects, and this one is so unique!

    By the way, guess who's being featured at Reclaimed Bliss today?? 🙂

  5. Super duper cute. I love the striped sweater one especially.

  6. Your pumpkins are adorable. They are just so festive and you can't beat the preice.

  7. Very nice project.

  8. Oh, these are so cute and creative!! I love them. I am so happy to have you share at A Bouquet of Talent. 🙂 HUGS

  9. So, so cute! I've added your blog to my Google reader. 🙂
    –Gena at

  10. Cute! thanks for sharing. I love inexpensive and easy crafts!

    (Here via Pinterest.)

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