Craft Supply 12 Step Program

It is official, the craft supplies, fabric, spray paint, paper, yarn, beads, glitter, items to recycle, upcycle, distress, tools, tapes, and seven different varieties of glue have taken over. 
I was at a wonderful friend Lena’s house last week for a jewelry party, when the text came in.  It was an SOS from my husband who while looking for some office supplies (in the office) became trapped behind a shelving unit and mountain of my stuff.  Every time the stuff is in the way, and I need to reach other stuff, I move some stuff out of the way that I will be using another day, in order to reach the stuff that I need to use today.  This makes perfect sense to me, and while it annoys me a little,  I am able to climb around in my stuff for months on end before declaring war on the mess.  After Thursday night however, it was no longer an option. 
 Instead of going to JoAnn’s today, or visiting two really sweet looking yard sales in my subdivision, I cleaned.  And sorted, and swore I will never, ever let it get like this again.  I resolved to become a professional organizer and instead of DIY’ing I decided I would only blog about all things organization like people who are really good at it, and have their homes in order.  They have a binder with everything important in it.  They know all of the important numbers, and are never late for anything.  They bring the kids in for dental visits on time, and plan their menu faithfully.  Organized people always remember birthdays and anniversaries, and have a greeting card for all of them a month in advance.  They are thoughtful, and have the inside of their refrigerator decorated. 
In the spirit of turning over a new leaf, I have composed five new things that will help me stick to my new, organized ways.  I thought you might find these helpful, so I share them here today.
1. I will not buy any more fabric until I have used all of the fabric I have.  I will allow myself to bend this rule IF the fabric I buy is intended for a specific project, not just general fabric hoarding.
2. I will resist the urge to stop at yard sales as frequently as I have in the past, conveniently it is October, so this should make it a bit easier as monsoon season in the Pacific NW is almost here.
3. I will clear off my work space every day and put my things away so it is neat and clean.  This shouldn’t be too hard now that I have the shelving unit in the corner of the room, not the center (with spouse trapped underneath)
4. I will not purchase any more furniture to refinish until I free up some space.  My eldest is getting her own apartment soon, and has agreed to gut the garage to decorate her new place.  This should free up about 1500 sq. feet for winter thrifting.  All for the blog of course.
5. I will limit the amount of time I spend on Pinterest.  Yes, it’s true, I think I can cut back here too.  There is a block of time that I am now surfing Twitter and Craftgawker right before lunch, so I will thus spend less time on Pinterest.
These new goals will undoubtedly help immensely, I am not sure why I didn’t put these into place before.  I was probably just not ready to use some good boundaries with my crafty-self.  Thank you for believing that I can do this, together I think we can become super organized this Fall and banish clutter to the cupboards, closets, basements, garage and anywhere else we don’t have to look at it. 
Thank you for reading, hugs and blessings to you 🙂
xoxo, Tanya

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  1. You have some good goals here. Enjoy the organizing as you will discover even more crafts to do as you organize and find new treasurers. There is something very rewarding about being organized, just don't go too far and become obsessed.

  2. Good luck to you! I need to set some rules for myself as well – pinterest is my downfall!

  3. Way to go, Tanya! I like your rules. I am going to try and avoid Joann's and Michaels for the next few weeks. I need to use what I already have for sure. 🙂 Megan (Notice I did not say Lowe's…lol)

  4. Hi Tanya

    Wishing you much success in your new goals. Here to cheer you on all the way. Have a productive week


  5. I'm so sorry, Tanya, but I laughed at numbers 1, then 2, then 3, then 4, then 5. I know probably a hundred women (like myself) who've been there and can laugh at the futility of trying to get rid of this habit. :-)) Good luck to you.♥

  6. I am the same way! I have a craft store at my house right now. I learn a craft and get everything I will EVER need for it.


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