A Time Of ReNEWal, Beauty For Ashes

New Year’s for me is exciting each year, but not because of a party (we are usually home in jammies)
Or because something magical takes place at midnight (I do love to snack and wait for the ball to drop in New York)
But because it reminds me of second chances, and what is to come.  New life, hope, the unknown, and a bit of wonder as I look back over the years behind me and think of the years ahead. 
None of us are immune to whole human experience.  We get it all. Good, bad and ugly.  Some of us are experiencing grief right now, and others incredible joy.  Some of us a mixture of both.

My New Year wish and hope for you, me and mankind is for us to be a little more tender.  To stop and decide if those words are going to bless someone or cause pain.  To see the impact we can have on our world and do something about it.  Sometimes it’s the little changes that have the greatest impact, don’t you think?
To look for the good.  There is always good.  And there is always someone who needs just a little encouragement from us.  A little note in the mail.  A warm pot of soup.  A phone call instead of a text (guilty, so guilty on this count!)
Our family has experienced struggles just like everyone else.  In one of our leaner times we resorted to utilizing area food banks in order to pay the bills and keep going while my husband was looking for work.  I was scared, embarrassed and afraid.  But the beautiful people who loved on my family and served us week after week blessed me with more than food.  They lifted my spirits and made me feel ok again.   I remember the kind words, smile, and care that the volunteers showed me.  That took the sting out of it, and my pride and shame were replaced with gratitude and hope.
My kids didn’t know where that food came from.  All they knew was mama went grocery shopping.  It didn’t last forever, and I did learn how to be a very frugal cook in the meantime.  We sat around our table in suburbia, bowed our heads and thanked God for loving us so much.  For providing for us in our darkest financial hour, and never letting us go. 
I was cleaning out my pantry a while ago and I came across a can of food and some dried beans, stragglers from this time in our lives.  Probably pushed to the back by the food we bought with that new job (praise God!) and in the excess and bounty we have there they sat to be found that day.  A wonderful reminder that I can help.  I can bless someone, as I have been blessed. 
I wish you and your wonderful family & friends every good thing, and every blessing from above. 
And when those lean and hard times do come upon you, you are not alone friend. 
You are never alone. 
Happy New Year to you, may it be a time of incredible blessing and abundance for you.  I adore you friends, and I am so blessed to stay home with my kiddos and author this little slice of blogland each week.
Thank you, hugs and blessings
xoxo, Tanya

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  1. Love your message here, Tanya. I am in one of "those times" right now, and I can attest to the fact that God shows himself through the care and generosity of those around us. It can be very humbling (and, yes scary) to reveal our need sometimes, but it definitely opens the door to blessings.
    I know your message will remind others that we all have a little something to give, even if

  2. Tanya, what a beautiful post. Thank you for your thoughtful words, and not being afraid to express them. Yes, God is good. Blessings to you and your family in the new year.

  3. Truly when someone doesn’t understand then its up to other viewers that they will help, so here it takes place.

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