Vintage Tablecloths and Linens

My heart skips a beat when I see a stack
of lovely vintage linens for sale.
I have been collecting them for years, and cannot
pass up even the most faded, 
torn or stained old tablecloth or runner. 


How many women have shared their hopes
and dreams around a table covered
in these lovely heirlooms…

How many hope chests have these 

 been tucked into while the wedding was planned
and the groom was the only thing needed…

Many times these vintage linens
are in great condition and just need to 
be enjoyed and cared for.

Some bright sun, and a little lemon juice can
take out many stains.  A few stitches can
extend the life of linens that have a small tear.

But, for those that are beyond use there
is hope.  Kitchen towels. These wonderful
cotton treasures make fabulous, absorbent 
towels for your kitchen. 

So now, when I see them at a yard sale 
I buy all of them if the price is right, 
knowing I can use all of them one way
or another.

And I don’t know about you, but they just
make me happy when I look at them.

So, if I have one beyond repair, I 
make a few large kitchen towels (and
sometimes even a valance) and add some
coordinating cotton fabric at the edges.
They would also make pretty pillow covers
don’t you think?

By folding under and pinching 
the trim fabric, an easy pleated edge can 
be formed.  I usually just double the width of 
the contrast/trim fabric, press in half with the
right side out, and fold under the top to create
a long casing, which I fold, pin and stitch
into place.

And if I am able to hang them outside to
dry, then they are put away smelling
amazing, crisp, and ready to be used
another day.

I don’t have a clothesline so I just hang them
along my fence.  I am kind of tempted
to leave a few outside since they look so pretty!
A couple big baskets of petunias and some
iced tea, and we are in business.

Throw some lemon bread in and we can 
spend the afternoon with out feet up
enjoying our tea. 
After we hit the thrift store of course.

Hugs to you friends, I hope
you have a wonderful, blessed 
Easter, He is risen!!

xo, Tanya


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  1. I have a couple nice pieces i saved from my mom's house when she left this earth for a better place. You've made me think of how nice it would be to turn them into something i can display or use. A window valance would be perfect. I just need to find someone who can help me with the sewing part now. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this post and have a wonderful Easter Tanya!

  2. I love vintage linens too! I often turn mine into pillow covers so I can enjoy them all the time. However there are a few that I just can't bring myself to cut up!

  3. too cute! …you do need a clothesline 🙂 Happy Easter to you

  4. Great tips, Tanya : ) happy Easter!

  5. Hi Tanya

    Love love your projects!! I finally have a chance to catch up with my favorite gals!

    Happy Easter to you


  6. So beautiful, Tanya!

  7. 43veAY where do you buy grey goose jackets from

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