Salvaged Wood Footstool

I have had this fabric for a year.
In fabric-hoarder years that’s like….forever. 
It was purchased with a purpose of course,
first pillows, then a couple chair seat covers.
But nothing ever jelled. 
It was either the wrong this or that, or that other thing.
Then I started looking at the little footstool that 
my brother-in-law had made from salvaged wood.

I painted it here a few months ago.

It was pretty, and helped the kids reach
the sink.
But I found them another footstool (that tutorial coming)
so what to do with this wonky little stool but give it a new purpose?
Here is what I used:
One wooden box-like footstool that someone else made and needs legs
(you could also super easily buy some plywood and a 2 x 4 and make a footstool)
One yard of fabric 
A piece of 4″ thick foam that is about 1-2 inches larger than the top of your stool on each side
Four bun feet or short legs (I picked mine up from Home Depot)
Staple gun and staples
Wood glue
Spray paint and spray paint for legs

Attach legs/feet to assembled stool after painting.  I used heirloom white spray paint to
paint the pine legs, and distressed them around the edges with a little sandpaper.
Putting the foam on top of the stool, I draped the fabric on top and trimmed around the
edges to allow enough room to pull under the stool and staple in place.



Turning the stool over, I pulled the fabric so it was taut and stapled it down underneath
the stool into the wood on each side.

Next I worked on each corner, neatly folding the fabric under and trimming created a nice
fold on each corner and stapled into place.  All done, it’s that easy to recover a little
footstool or ottoman, crazy when you think about how much some of these can run to
purchase.  And when you grow tired of the fabric? You know how to recover stuff
so you are good to go.

Don’t you just love to realize that you can make things for your home and save a TON of money?
It makes me giddy, and happy, and helped me make a tiny dent in my fabric stash to boot.

I also learned how to rewire a lamp today and painted my family room (I’m pooped!)
I cannot wait to share those projects with you soon!

Don’t forget Monday nights are time to shake your groove thing and link up to the
Pretty Things link party!! I cannot wait to see what YOU have been working on
since our last soiree, until then, hugs & see you Monday night 


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