Yellow Vintage Chair

This little yellow chair is going to find it’s new digs in our updated family room.
It’s technically a large bedroom upstairs in our home, but is perfect for a 
family and play room.  So with some rearranging (and the next project being 
a *new* bedroom for my boys once this space is finished) I was able to
get them to agree to be roomies so our flex space could be a reality.
I have painted, done some decorating, and only need to move the sofa in
and hang the curtains to call it complete.  Or as complete as complete as it can
get for like a week, until I move stuff around again.  And again…sound familiar? 

With a gorgeous, sunny day (this is unheard of in the Northwest, “summer” begins
here on July 5th usually…for real) and some homemade chalk paint, a sturdy
but dated chair got a little makeover.

A couple coats of paint, a little sanding, and a coat of matte poly spray.
She is ready to have three kids argue over who gets to sit in her. 
While they watch Full House reruns and drink juice boxes.  I haven’t
even explained to them that twins play one of the characters on the show.
That will be fun, they think I know so much right now.
It stays that way right?

A comfy chevron pillow, kids with sticky hands, and the Olsen twins.  We are
set for hours of train-building, lego-stacking, movie-watching good times.
I used the same recipe I have on my last couple projects for homemade chalk paint.
A two ounce bottle of acrylic craft paint (in a pale butter yellow this time) mixed in 
with about 1/3 cup of cold water and a rounded tablespoon Plaster of Paris.  I have
had quite a few questions about this and I find that making a small batch at a time 
works perfectly, and I love using the acrylic craft paints because of the low cost and
large selection of colors.  So there you have it.
My yellow vintage chair, all shabby, and cute with a new coat of paint and a pretty
pillow ready to be sat in, jumped off of, and enjoyed.
Thank you so much for your support and feedback every week, I am heading over to check out
the amazing projects shared at the Pretty Things Party going on right now. Every Monday thru
Friday at 5pm PST.  Hope to see you there!
hugs & blessings,

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