Quick Beauty Tips and Combating Allergy Face with ZYRTEC®

This post brought to you by Zyrtec. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have always suffered from allergies, and until a few years ago, they were common seasonal
allergies. When my family and I relocated to a damp, rainy climate I began to experience allergies 
year-round from tree pollen and mold.  In addition to the other triggers I have always had like grass, 
and dust.  It has been really frustrating, miserable, and impacted the activities I would love to be 
part of with my family outdoors.  Nothing like sitting in the car to watch the kids play T-ball or
scouring the house for mold only to realize you are allergic to the planet you live on.
With itchy, swollen, watery eyes, scratchy throat and full on Allergy Face, I have found relief
from Zyrtec.  And without the side effects like falling asleep at a baseball game or yawning 
all afternoon while trying to stay awake for a BBQ.     

And it seems that I am not alone, I was surprised to find out that as much as 73% of women
have a must-have go-to cosmetic fix when experiencing Allergy Face.  Mine would have to be
lip gloss, and right after that a full coverage powder/foundation combo.
Statistics show that 96% of us suffer from some type of allergies (I know right?! that’s just 
about everyone, sheesh!) and many of us find ourselves miserable and not wanting to even
leave the house when they are bad.  But there is good news, relief from those allergies and
some awesome beauty and nutrition tips to help us look and feel better…

ZYRTEC® is the #1 recommended OTC oral antihistamine by allergists, and has helped me stay 
active & on the go even when the pollen count is up.
Check out what National Beauty Experts have to say about Allergy Face as they share a few
beauty tips to get us out the door faster and looking great:

So, while I cannot eliminate my allergies I have a great strategy to get them under control when they
flare up.  What do you do to deal with puffy eyes and red nose when you are dealing with allergies?

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