Painted Junky Pumpkins

It is so hard for me to throw anything out that I could use someday.  And I have created
quite a stockpile in my garage that I will be dealing with (and sharing so you can hopefully
avoid it) at a later date.

That is why this project is extra exciting.
I didn’t have any saved cans to make these. 
We actually had to use the contents in order for me to have the cans to recycle!
That is a real break through folks, for real.

Here is how I made my Junky Pumpkins:

Clean, dry cans of various sizes
Chalk paint or spray paint (if using spray paint try to find flat or satin)
Awl to make hole on top
Thick wire for curly vines
Scrapbook paper for leaves
Wire cutter and scissors
Hot glue
Fine grit sandpaper

I applied two coats of paint, and once it was dry, I used my sandpaper over the edges
of each can to lightly distress the paint.  Next I used the awl to create a hole in the top
center of each can, inserting the cut branch and curled wire to form the stem and vine.
I used a bit of hot glue around the base to secure them.  Next I cut out my leaves from
black and cream polka dot paper and glued them in place around the stem of each
pumpkin.  That’s it! You could get more junky with these, add burlap around them or
decorate them more, I ended up liking mine best just like they are.


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