DIY Valentine Mason Jar Lanterns + getting some glitter in our lives

We have had a bit of snow but mostly rain (gasp) here in the Pacific NW.
I seem to forget each year how much it rains where we live, and while I don’t
particularly miss shoveling a foot of snow to get out of the driveway each morning,
there is something cozy about snow.  I know some of you would love some rain
instead of snow right now.  Stay warm, Spring will arrive before we know it and
we can thaw out.

Hearts, and snow, and cocoa, and warm cozy blankets were all on my mind when
I made these Valentine Mason Jar Lanterns this week.
I love color, but seem to gravitate toward natural materials, colors, and anything that looks
cozy and relaxing.  I must find rust, wood, and wire relaxing…I’m not alone right?
Here is what I used:

Three Mason jars (one 1/2 gallon and two quart jars)
the larger jar I found while thrifting actually two of them.
But I have not been able to find them again since.  NEED MORE!
Martha Stewart decoupage medium
Clear glitter (I use something called Diamond Dust and I am officially addicted.  This stuff
is crazy pretty)
Contact Paper & Scissors
Foam Brush
Medium gauge craft wire and wire snips or snip/needle nose pliers with wire snip at the base
I began by cleaning the jars well and cut out two heart shapes out of contact paper, applying
the frame of the heart around the cutout not the heart.  This created the heart shape template
on the two smaller jars.
Next, I cut out a larger heart and applied it at a slight angle for the remaining jar, and used the
heart this time instead of the frame of contact paper, applied to the glass as a sticky stencil.
Working quickly, one jar at a time, I gave each jar a good coat of decoupage medium, then
sprinkled my glitter over the area.  I allowed the jars to dry overnight before I added the
handles.  Plus it was really fun to pour my coffee and see the morning light shining thru each
glittery jar.  We need more glitter in life.
The last step to create the wire handle is super easy, following the picture above,
use a few feet of wire to first wrap around the bottom of the lower lip of each jar.
Make sure you have the same amount on each end and just twist to close the loop
snug against the glass.  Nest, loosely twist the wire to create a long enough handle,
trim down if needed and tuck the ends under the wire on the other side of the jar.
pull the wire ends up with your pliers and twist them around the handle like the
picture above, tucking any sharp ends in.

In case you missed our latest Valentine Wreath
here it is:

Click HERE for full tutorial
Thank you so much for crafting with me today!
What are some things you do to bring a little more
glitter and pretty things into your world and day?
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  1. so cute!!!! MUAHHH

  2. Love them! Thanks for sharing ~


  3. Your jars are so cool! I'm loving the sparkle idea. Haven't tried mod lodge yet. Pinning:) Early, Happy Valentine's Day

  4. Tanya,

    These are so cute! I'm in love! I hope you're okay if I share on my Mason Jar Crafts Love blog! Just one pic and clear link back.

    Thanks so much for the amazing inspiration! Pinning for sure!


  5. These are so pretty!

  6. These are super cute Tanya! Just pinned. 🙂

  7. These are wonderful Tanya, I love that they aren't the typical red or pink but really show Valentine's Day! So cute!

  8. XWRyjI I truly appreciate people like you! Take care!!


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