Day 5: How to Clean and Update Those Gross Vent Covers

How To Repaint and Clean Vent Covers #DIYProjects #DIYHomeImprovement #VentCover #SprayPaint #twelveOeightblog 

I have to admit, I had not really gotten down and looked at my floor vents until a couple years ago.
Yeah, it was a little gross! But when I did finally check them out their were really dirty and rusty.

And buying beautiful new vent covers (especially for a whole room or home) can get pricey!

But, I have good news for you, beautiful, clean, modern looking floor vents are within your reach
at pennies on the dollar.

By giving each vent a good scrub in warm soapy water, drying them well, and using two coats of
spray paint like this Hammered Metal finish by Rust-Oleum, you can have brand new vents in
no time at all!

how to clean and repaint vent covers #DIY #VentCover #HomeImprovement #DIYHomeIdeas #twelveOeightblog

One vent doesn’t cost that much, but replacing all of them for a large room or in every room can be
very expensive.  And structurally they were fine, they were just 10+ years old, and white.  

And a bit faded and rusty.

So they didn’t really do the floor any favors.
Here is the before…ewwwww….


how to clean and repaint vent covers #ventcover #kitchen #diy #diyhome #DIYprojects #twelveOeightblog

 And the after!

 How To Repaint and Clean Vent Covers #DIYProjects #DIYHomeImprovement #VentCover #SprayPaint #twelveOeightblog

The power of a good cleaning and paint when needed never ceases to amaze me.
All right friends, that was tip/DIY #5 in our 31 day No/Low Spend Challenge which is going to take more
than 31 days by the time we get done (thank you cold and flu bugs!)

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See you back here soon with another idea or DIY to help you save more money,
use what you have, and keep on creating in 2015!!


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