Stay the course when you feel like giving up

While January and a New Year holds so much hope and promise, sometimes we are just not feeling it.

Or see it, no matter how hard we look.

Maybe we are exhausted from battle, and an ongoing challenge rolled right into the New Year with no
regard to our wishes for it to be over.

Life isn’t easy, and sometimes we grow weary from it.

Sometimes we wonder why, why something bad has happened.

Why a relationship seems to have ended?

What is the purpose for the trial we are enduring?

When is a prayer going to be answered?

I have a battle going on right now, and I wish I could hit the publish button and give you the answers that I too am
searching for.  It’s a long one, and while I have a ton of hope, I also am plagued by fear and what-if’s.

So much of the twists and turns in our lives depend upon the choices and decisions brought on by those that we love.
It’s so hard to walk around in this world being vulnerable and knowing that our heart in hand will not always be cared
for in the way we had hoped.

We bump into other people’s pain, trials, and their own battles, and those hearts get bruised.
Closing down and letting the root of bitterness and defeat take hold is an option.

But when we see it in others, and see the pain they endure from carrying that around with them each day,
it doesn’t look like a promising path to follow.

It all just can make you feel like you are under such intense pressure or pain you may throw in the towel.

Even for the day.

Just toss up our hands, hide our hearts in a safe place where they can never be hurt again, and say forget it.

I have days like this, where I am so tired, and so ready to just hear that a season was a bad dream and it is over now.

But no one shakes my shoulder, the dream is real, and may be here for a while.
There is no end in sight, and the thought of hanging on and staying in the fight can wear you down.

In the midst of these times do you see the little glimmers of hope?

Keep looking, when we are tired and discouraged they are hard to see…
Those little blessings and things that happen that make you feel hopeful, even a little bit.

I don’t think they are happy accidents.
They are the reminders we see in the fog like a lighthouse, shining it’s light out to tired sailors.

A nudge that we could ignore, or overlook.
But we shouldn’t because they are the threads that connect together and weave a wind-tattered
but strong sail that will guide us.

Staying the course when life gets ugly seems less to be about seeing how it’s all going to work itself out,
and more about seeing the good.

I have no idea how it’s all going to work out, but I can see good.

winter pictures 2

And clinging to it for dear life, because we don’t have to see the end, the answer, in order to hang on.
But those little bits of hope and strength are powerful.

They don’t mean that a problem is gone, or everything is perfect now.

They are guidance from a God who adores us, and wants to hear our hurts and dreams.

Who knows the outcome, and will not abandon you when you ask for help.

We don’t have to go it alone, the help we need is around us or coming if we look for it.

We don’t have to know what’s going to happen, keep noticing the little glimmers of hope, and hang onto them tightly.

We don’t have to always be strong, it’s ok to have doubt, and be afraid. No one is without fear and doubt.
It doesn’t mean that it rules over us, and we can remind that fear of the Giver of the blessings is in charge.
You are not alone friend, look around and see others in the trenches with you.

Their fight may be very different than yours.  But they are there too, weaving together their sail to continue on
in faith, with battered hearts in hand.

At the end of the day I guess I would rather roll into the next season in my life a little battle scarred than to never
trust again. 

I can’t stop believing in the power of hope, and the Good. 

Winter pictures

And while others may be arriving at their lighthouse to regain strength and return on their journey, I think I can see
a little bit of light through the fog.

As I look behind me at the rough sea I turn and look again at the tiny bit of light.

It is still a ways off in the distance, but it’s a better option than going back to where I have sailed, or even staying put.

So I sail on, I look side to side and I see you, don’t give up.

Take courage and know that you are not alone.

Look around and see that everyone is fighting some sort of battle, none exempt from the tossing sea that shakes up our
lives and makes us feel as though things will never get better.

They do, they are, they will.

And in the midst of some of the most painful times, new friendships are born, faith can be renewed, and others struggling
can see that we have stayed the course and not given up.

They see you, and they see that little light.

And it makes us hopeful, that hope is powerful, and I am finding that the struggle hasn’t really been about me at all.
But the good that come come out of the painful times.

Don’t give up today friend, no matter how bleak things look.
Stay the course and look for your blessings.
You are not, and will never be alone fellow sailor.

Maybe we will arrive at the lighthouse at the same time, and set sail on our journey after resting and being reminded
that the lighthouse never moved while our ships did.

I believe in the good, and in you too.

Blessings to you during your struggles, no matter what they may be, or where you are on your journey.
Please don’t stop looking for the light, someone is behind you and following you there, because you have become
a more experienced sailor through your struggle.

And now they are in need, and you are the light to them.

And the purpose of the pain starts to take shape in a way we never imagined.

Hold your scarred heart out there in front of you, don’t be afraid, and remember to never give up.

I don’t say it because it’s easy, but because it’s worth it.


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  1. What a beautiful post. It came at the perfect moment when I am experiencing all those feelings. Just received news yesterday that cancer had spread to my brain. Needless to say that it was a rough day. And now your post gave me comfort and reminded me that God is in control and working on my behalf even when I don’t see it. I trust in God’s word over man’s report. Thank you for your encouraging words.

    • Omayra,

      You have an amazing perspective friend, praying for God’s comfort, healing hand and peace to be with you each step of the way. You have blessed me this morning reading your message, thank you for sharing your struggle, God bless you friend! xoxo

  2. Love this, needed this, thank you!

  3. Oh Tanya…..I hear the pain in your heart. I, too, have had to face sadness and trials recently. It’s not an easy road to trave. But I also can feel through yours words the hope that you are embracing. Where would we be without the comfort and faithfulness of God? I will be keeping you in my prayers, sweetie. Keep the faith and stay the course. He loves you so much!!

    xoxo laurie

    • Laurie,

      Oh warrior thank you for those prayers! I don’t think I ever want to find out where we would be without the guidance and love we need so badly in this world. Praying for healing and peace for you, I am sorry to hear you have had to deal with pain, it really stinks doesn’t in? But we are not alone, and I thank you SO much for your words of encouragement!! xoxo

  4. Tanya, I can so relate with your words. The compassion in you words just show how strong of a person you are. You have reminded me to pray which I have forgot to do for myself. What I have been doing is sailing in the boat and waiting for it to sink where I believe I should have ended up.

    • Lorna,

      I am so glad you decided to leave me a message, thank you 🙂 I too have gone long seasons without making praying over my own needs and heart a priority. You are loved, and worthy of every good thing from above! Praying you can keep on keeping on and not let that boat sink anywhere, there is so much good ahead friend. Blessings to you & I hope you visit again soon!! xoxo

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