DIY Lamp Makeover Before + After!!

Lamp makeover before

I love a good before and after, don’t you?

It’s like watching someone who loves their denim jumpsuits with Birkenstock’s get a whole new look
and wow us all between commercials and in less than an hour!


Today I thought I would show you the before first.

I have a feeling my girlfriends and I may end up making the yard sale we had last year an annual event.

It was FUN! And, a few people had things they no longer wanted that didn’t happen to sell, so they were
kind enough to pass them along to yours truly.

This lamp was one of those.  I’m pretty sure the shade was fine before, but a few months in my garage was
enough to tear the shade apart.  So, I searched for a drum shade…ALSO from the garage, so far this is
one thrifty lamp!


DIY Lamp Makeover #lamp #floorlamp #DIY #modern #doityourself #thriftstore #makeover #twelveOeight

I just needed some copper spray paint and thick jute to make the design on the white drum shade.
Those combined were less than $5, my kind of DIY!


DIY lamp makeover with copper spray paint #DIY #lamp #spraypaint #twelveOeightblog

Krylon has a beautiful color called Sparkling Canyon (I want to live there now, if such a magical place
really exists!) and I love this color, like enough to marry it.


Lamp makeover #DIY #lamp #lampshade #beforeandafter #twelveOeight

It’s sparkly just like it sounds, so I ended up using three coats to cover the black lamp base.
Next a bit of hot glue to secure the X design I made by wrapping the jute around the shade and
criss-crossing it like you see in the picture.


Copper lamp makeover #lamp #spraypaint #DIY #twelveOeight

Ooooh, sparkly.  And modern!
Copper everything is super hot, and if we are going to live in Sparkling Canyon our stuff needs to
look cool right?

DIY Lamp Makeover #lamp #floorlamp #DIY #modern #doityourself #thriftstore #makeover #twelveOeight

I usually have a different chair here but it’s a big huge secret until that blog posts is live, so this little
yellow beat-to-heck tavern chair is what I used today.

What do you think? Can you bring back an old lamp that still works great and just needs a little makeover?
Thrift stores, craigslist and Facebook selling groups are all great places to find good quality home decor
that is maybe just a little outdated.  Buh-bye ok and hello copper-tastic!

No Birkenstock’s were harmed during this DIY, and the example I used earlier was a look I rocked for FAR
too long, so I felt safe to make fun of myself. 

Love you so-

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  1. I love it! I want to go live in this magically sparkly land you speak of!

  2. Great, thanks for sharing this blog.Really looking forward to read more.

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