New Hello Spring Printable!

hello spring printable #spring #springdecor #printable #freeprintable #watercolor #modern


We have had a few days of glorious sun here in the Pacific NW, and it has been SO wonderful.
You don’t realize how much you miss sunny days until you have a few of them after a stretch of
rain, and it’s like having a new lease on life!

Seeing the first daffodils, and spring buds form, with green shoots forcing their way through the soil,
it makes me want to be outside sprucing up my space and getting ready for warmer days.

That’s just what I have been doing while it’s nice outside, planting a few primroses, cleaning up the
flower beds, and giving the porch a nice scrub down.

And this weekend has been spent doing a deep clean on the inside too.

While I have a tendency to let papers pile up and could be way more organized, I do love the feeling
of waking up to a clean house.  Especially this time of year, a good deep clean feels wonderful.

And what better way to bring spring inside than to create (or print out some free) springy art for your
walls, desk, anywhere! Just click on the image and save for later or print now as an 8″ x 10.”

So today, we can say hello to spring even though she may be a little ways away still.


hello spring printable #spring #springdecor #printable #freeprintable #watercolor #modern

Happy Sunday friends! See you  back here later this morning for the Inspiration Monday Party-

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