Boho Painted Pumpkins + taking a break (I’m back!!!)

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It has been way, way too long.

I have missed this place and all of you incredibly, and I am SO happy to be writing again after a long, much needed season.

Exactly what I have been up to is probably a 12 part blog post and today is more of a huge hug and a little DIY too.

It has been a season of closure in some ways, as well as incredible blessings & a sudden loss too.  It has been hard, and some days exhausting.  But in midst of change & some tears God has revealed Himself to me and provided such Grace that I cannot wrap my brain around His mercy and great love for us.

So for months I have missed you terribly, like really bad.  And my paint brushes and glue gun got a little dusty, but in recent weeks the gates of ideas and pull to make again have been flung open.

And I have so many ideas & projects that I hope you don’t get sick of me.  But I will keep sharing until you tell me enough already, sound good?

I am in the middle of a home office makeover (yeah it’s like the 5th one in 4 years, and yes it could probably be classified and a full on obsession with makeovers at this point!)

I am working at home much more now that school has begun again and I have acquired a fab new desk that just needs a new coat of paint and glam hardware to kick butt.

The pieces I am pulling together are bright, light, pretty, and inspire me.  Shouldn’t our spaces do that? And of course I am doing it on an uber-budget which makes a good challenge.

In the meantime I wanted to make some pretty pumpkins for my office that make me happy when I see them.

They have the boho vibe that I love so much and incorporate the huge brushstroke trend too. 

And the best part, I GREW them!

Then I pulled them from their vines and painted them so I guess that wasn’t very nice but these little pumpkins made the ultimate sacrifice so we could have fun and paint right??

They were so easy. 

I began with a couple pumpkins and some bright aqua spray paint.  I painted a couple coats and let it dry before I gathered my acrylic paints and brushes.

Painted pumpkins #pumpkins #fall #twelveOeight #boho #bohemian #diy

Next I just chose some of my favorite colors and added some blobs and streaks of paint all around each pumpkin until I was happy with the colors. 

I let them dry and they were a little naked.

Brushstroke painted boho pumpkins #pumpkin #fall #brushstroke #diy #twelveOeight

And I like feathers, which if you stand still long enough in my house you may get a feather hot glued to you so keep moving around and you are safe.

A couple little feathers in Fall colors & voila!

Pretty Bohemian Painted Pumpkins, perfect for early Fall when the days aren’t blustery yet but we are still SO ready for pumpkin everything.

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Thank you for creating with me today friends, I love you SO!!

I cannot tell you how good it feels to hit the publish button and know that I am connecting with my tribe again, I have missed you so and cannot wait to share more of my home office redo this week!!

#pumpkin #boho #paintedpumpkin #twelveOeight #diy

Love you so-

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