DIY Boho Chic Firewood Holder


DIY Navajo Style Firewood Holder #twelveOeight #diy #Navajo #firewood #bohostyle



I recently cleaned out about 85% of my garage.

Y’all it was kind of scary.

And cathartic.

And I don’t need to go hunting for cool stuff to upcycle for a while since I had my own thrift store already and didn’t know it!

It has been a monkey on my back forever, and it’s SO much better.  Just a little more to do and it will be neat and I will know exactly where everything is.  A far cry from 30 days ago.  For real.  I could have been on an A & E show for people that cannot throw things away, or stop shopping 2nd hand.

Or both 🙂

But, I sure am glad I found a nice stack of stuff to work on, because when I came across this pleather storage cube without a lid, I could not imagine what I would do with no lid. 


DIY Navajo Firewood Basket #twelveOeight #Navajo #boho #DIY #Winter


That is until I thought about how much I love blankets, and this super soft Navajo style fabric I found at JoAnn’s recently.  Then I figured it might look kind of cool covering that old pleather surface of the bin.

What am I going to fill it with when I get done I wondered at this point….toys, books….nope.

WOOD, for my gas fireplace 🙂 I know, kind of dorky but I think I can pull it off.

Or at least enjoy a bin of wood that will probably be used outside in the fire pit, kept nice and dry inside next to the fireplace.


DIY Firewood Bin #twelveOeight #diy #firewood #winter #decor


I began by trimming the fabric down and folding it under, hot gluing the edges as I went.

Then where the fabric met in the back, pulling it kind of taut and tacking it down with more hot glue.

Hot glue, I literally wish I would have invented it for real.  Or Microsoft, either one.


Navajo DIY Firewood Holder #twelveOeight #Navajo #boho #diy


Sorry that’s an Iphone photo with terrible lighting at night, but you get the gist of the pull and glue thing happening in my terrible picture.


Navajo Style DIY Home Decor #twelveOeight #firewood #diy #bohostyle



A lid-less pleather storage cube becomes a cool boho chic, Navajo blanket inspired firewood bin.

For your wood burning or gas fireplace.

Or fire pit.

Or just because you like it, you know you will be able to pull that off.


DIY Navajo Style Firewood Holder #twelveOeight #diy #Navajo #firewood #bohostyle


So that is my latest project, while the office sits semi-done (do we get points for semi-done in any way? if so I am racking them up) the wheels are turning and I will eventually get back to the office.  

And the garage to finish that last 15%.


Until next time, stay crafty love!

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