DIY Scrap Wood Wall Hanging

Wood Scrap Wall Art Project #diy #wood #upcycle #recycle #wallart #moden



Hello there!! 

I hope this finds you have a fabulous week and enjoying your October, and while I should be thinking about costumes, and pumpkins and floating frozen ice hands for punch bowls, I find myself making other stuff so far this month.

Like this scrap wood flooring project that I am excited to share with you today!

Every DIY project is a bit of an adventure.

There are many you never see (and I never want to see again either!) as the idea was great but it flopped in the end.  

I am not sure any project ever really turns out exactly how you think it is going to.

I guess that has to be part of the creative process.

Sometimes you start out with a pile of stuff and it goes SUCH a different direction, do you have that happen too?


DIY Modern Wood Wall Hanging #DIY #wood #wallart #modern #recycle #twelveOeight



Let me preface this by saying I do not have this many different tones of hardwood in my home, I happen to have a very creative boyfriend who specializes in flooring and construction.

And he happens to keep anything he knows I will love.

Like a really cool vintage faucet that went into my daughter’s play kitchen that we recently made (coming soon).

Vintage Faucet #retro #twelveOeight #diy #1970


And all kids of odds and ends that made a crafty girl swoon (how could you not fall in love with a fellow DIY addict who sees the beauty in things passed over by others?) I am not sure, but I know we have a long list of projects to work on that continues to grow.

I recently spied a box of wood flooring scraps in his garage (ok yes, there is too much good stuff not to look around lol) and they quickly came home with me, along with some wood glue.


scrap wood diy projects #twelveOeight #scrapwood #wood #diy #recycle #upcycle


At first I had designs on cutting the edges so I could have more of a zig zag pattern, but as I played with the pieces of wood, moving them around, a funky square began to form.

So I used a piece of MDF (use anything underneath that can catch the glue and protect your work space) and created a design that I liked.

Next I started at one corner and began to glue the sides of each piece together and gently push the pieces back together to they were nice and snug for their final dry time.

The next day I ran my palm sander over the top and used an awl to pick out any extra pieces of dried glue, used a picture hanging kit for heavy mirrors etc… on the back, and voila!

A fabulous & totally free new piece of art that I am really digging.

DIY Wood Wall Hanging #DIY #Wood #Modern #HomeDecor #recycle #twelveOeight



Wood Scrap Wall Art Project #diy #wood #upcycle #recycle #wallart #moden


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Until next time, stay crafty love!

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