How to bring fragrance into your home

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Unstopables through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Unstopables, all opinions are my own.  I am so in love with the Unstopables quality that I am super excited to share how I am using them in my home!!

I love candles.  And scents for my home.

And warmth, layers of blankets & pillows ready to snuggle in and relax any time.

Sometimes you bring a new candle home or spray into you home only to find that the scent you loved so much disappears too quickly.  Or it smelled great in the store, but not so much at home.

unstop main

Not the case with the line of Unstopables for the home.  I tried the In-Wash Scent Booster in Glow, the beautiful candle in Lush (my home smells EXACTLY the way I wanted it to).  Soft, welcoming and a cozy layer of vanilla and with some cedar undertones.  And the Unstopables Air Freshener rocked those spots in the house that admittedly, can still smell a little bit like dinner the night before!

I really love that the focus is not on a giant logo either, the containers (if we are anything alike, the container is really important too) are chic and understated.  No giant logo and well, when something just smells this good it will not only be integrated into my home all the time, I don’t have to hide it behind a plant or vase.

Let’s start with the laundry first.  It’s not my favorite.

Like, I really am terrible at actually getting laundry done and put away.  But after all of that work, I want it to not only be clean, but smell good too.  I love pulling a sweater from my closet and it still smells good long after the laundry has been put away.  I could not believe the difference that Downy Unstopables In-Wash Scent Booster made! My laundry smells wonderful not only when I am folding it, but many days later too. Score!!

Oh, the candle.  I love the Unstopables candles so much.  My house smells amazing, clean, and pretty.

unstop pic 3


I want my home to be comfortable, and be a reflection of our family.  Pretty but not stuffy.  


unstop 2nd pic


So the house smells amazing.

The laundry is all fresh and put away.

I have my candles going.

And now it’s time to relax and enjoy my clean and pretty smelling home!


Life is good.


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