How to make watermelon juice (jugo de sandia)

I don’t know about you, but when the watermelons begin to come into season I get giddy.

Especially when the first wave of semi-anemic looking melons have passed and the big, juicy watermelons we have waited for are ready to be brought home.  

I live in the Pacific NW so many of our watermelons come from the Yakima Valley and Hermiston, OR.  

We may not be growing any watermelons in our teeny garden this year, but I will share a few pictures of what we are growing.

Have you planted and grown fruits and vegetables with your kids? This is really our first year and they are loving it! They loved picking out the seeds, tilling up the soil, planting and even tending them (yes, the part that I thought would go to the wayside first) I think I am having more fun watching their excitement than if I were doing all the gardening myself!

garden 1

I used to think I could not grow anything, and if someone gifted me a plant I thought to myself  “I give this one three weeks.”

But with a bit of reading on what will grow in our short summers here in Washington State, and a few too many trips to buy things I was convinced I needed to garden (cute gloves, organic bug and mite spray, a coordinating kneeling pad, you know…the basics.) I hesitantly planted a few things, followed the directions I found for my growing zone, and I have turned to a believer, that even a brown thumb can turn green!

garden 3

And look at my little grand-peanut helping with some yard work, oh I could snuggle him all day, he is giggly and funny and runs non-stop 🙂

garden 2

You are probably wondering where the watermelon juice plays into this since I have been all garden so far.  More about that another day, we have a sweet, refreshing, healthy juice to make that you will I bet not be able to resist.  Just sayin’, no one at our house can stop until they have had two giant glasses, and then they are just waiting for more room for the next one!

how to make watermelon juice #twelveOeight #watermelon #recipes


It’s super easy to make, and you can use sugar substitute, granulated sugar, or agave, sweetening to taste and preference.  And might I add after this little gardeners are tucked in and night, we enjoy this same juice with something a bit more grown-up added to it (think of all of the delicious flavored vodkas etc.. out there!) 

Feet up, enjoying a summer evening and getting some vitamins with your bevi, not too shabby right?

Here is what I use to make my favorite watermelon juice:

  •  One half of a large seedless watermelon, chilled
  • Juice of one lime
  • Sweetener to taste, you can use Agave, Splenda, granulated sugar etc..
  • 2 cups of ice
  • Blender & large pitcher

Begin by blending the chunks of watermelon with ice and lime juice one blender-full at a time until you have pureed all of your watermelon and ice, pouring each batch into your pitcher.  Sweeten to taste and serve chilled with a lime garnish and a pretty straw for fun!


How to make watermelon juice #twelveOeight #watermelon #recipe


How about a tray of these on the patio on a warm summer evening?

Enjoy 🙂

Until next time, stay crafty love!

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  1. JaneEllen says

    Thanks for sharing recipe, have never tried any of those flavored vodkas, can imagine would be tasty with watermelon juice. Would like to but have to be careful about drinking since I take 40 mg. of Paxil. Hubs also has to be careful since he takes meds for high blood pressure, had stroke in Oct/2010. Not as much fun for us seniors these days, lol. We had our fun years ago in 40’s/early 50’s, now next generations’ turn, there’s a time for everything.
    Your kids look as tho having great time gardening, so good for them. Your little grand is adorable. Have wonderful, fun and safe holiday weekend

    • Thank you for stopping by Jane Ellen, they do love to garden and I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday as well!!


  2. Thank you ever so for you blog.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

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