5 thrifty to ways to breathe new life into your home right now


Since returning to work full time, I have found that more than ever my home is the warm nest I look forward to returning to each day after work.

And while I don’t have the time to accomplish large projects in the evenings and on weekends, I can little things on a regular basis that add up to something wonderful.

None of us have unlimited time or resources to have a perfect home. 

But a few little changes can make a huge difference, not in just what we see but how we feel.


Fall is such a wonderful time to do a little refresh and breathe new life into our homes.  Just before the busy jam-packed holiday season begins it can be a good time to take stock of what we love, get rid of things we don’t, and feather our nests as winter approaches.

Here are 5 ways that you can bring the cozy in and bring a smile to your face when you see your nest!

  1. The transforming power of tidying up.  I know, on Friday I wish that I walked into my house and I could see the floors literally sparkling and not a towel or sock was left to wash.  In reality it’s the weekend that many times we use to get so much done.  Focus on one room that will make you feel happy when you see it tidy and refreshed. For me this week it was my kitchen.  I sorted thru the big stack of papers the kids bring home each day from school, pulled everything off the counters and moved a few things around.  A good scrubbing, and I was so pleased with how clean and neat my kitchen looked, I kind of forgot about the laundry upstairs and unmade beds.  Brick by brick we create our home, next week I will deep clean my bedroom and then I will have two spaces that look good and I feel like I can really breathe in.  Worth the splurge a wonderful smelling cleaner can make a world of difference!best lace wigs 
  2. Buy some new or recover your existing throw pillows.  Don’t you just get sick of looking at the same pillows all the time? Even if they are pretty and we have enjoyed them, nothing beats walking by your couch or seating area and seeing a pretty pop of color, or soft cozy, clean pillows.  I have found by using my coupons for JoAnn’s I an get a screaming deal on home décor fabric and a square pillow is something this girl can definitely sew.  But you may just find that pillows at places like Home Goods, Ross, Marshall’s or Amazon are an even better deal, no sewing required!

Budget friendly pillow covers I am loving right now are:


3. Make one room in your home a clutter free zone.  For me this is my living room, we have two vintage dressers that hold Legos, toys, books etc…so when the kids are done using them, back in the drawers they go.  We have a big brown sectional, lots of comfy pillows, and throws, and keeping this a clutter free zone helps me curl up enjoy my space instead worrying about stuff that needs to be done.

4.  Invest in a few new towels.  I just noticed how faded our kitchen towels were looking and it had been a while since any of them could be considered pretty.  I still have the old ones in a drawer for cleaning and dirty jobs, but when I walked into my kitchen this morning the first thing I  saw was my pretty towels. They instantly made me happy.  And the coffee made me even more happy.

I am loving these beautiful handmade towels, how fun to mix with some bright colors for an instant refresh!

red carpet dresses

5. Buy some new candles or scented wax cubes in scents that you love.  In the spring and summer I like scents that are a bit more floral or have notes of fruit in them.  In the fall and winter I love crisp apple or chai scented candles to make our home smell cozy and like something may have just been baking in the oven  How our home smells is just as important as how it looks to us when creating a cozy space that we can relax in and enjoy.  And you don’t have to break the bank either! I usually find a 6 cube pack for less than $4 for my wax warmer, and big jar candles I can usually find for around $10 a piece.  Not too shabby!

My all time favorite go to candle? This fresh crisp apple scent by Yankee Candle for sure:


So these are my fast 5 things that help me feel comfy and connected with my home, and I hope that they inspire you too.  Instead of wishing for a perfectly clean or perfectly decorated home, a few quick changes can make worlds of difference while you plan out your next big project.

Did I mention that all of this is happening while the walls are half painted just like the hair color of my own human hair wigs from addcolo. and our project list is still a mile long? I have decided to enjoy this space just like it is, right now, even though it’s not how I see it someday.  It took some work for me to accept that these projects will take time, and my fast 5 thrifty things have helped me feel in control and peaceful in the midst of a bit of chaos.

It’s a process, and I can’t do it all at once, and once I am done with one space or “all done” something will need fixing or painting again or repair of some sort.  We may as well smell the roses (or candles) along the journey!

Thank you so much for reading friend, what do you do around your home to create a warm cozy environment that you enjoy?

Stay crafty,

xo, Tanya

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  1. Thank you, these are great ideas and won’t be expensive. Hugs,

  2. JaneEllen Jones says

    Have to agree with all you pointed out. Sounds like you’ve reached a conclusion it takes some of us lot more time to accomplish.
    My generation demanded everything, every room be just so even if I worked full time with 4 kids. lol, yeah right. Your generation is realizing what’s more important, actually,generation before yours. So glad to see that, my Mom held me to some pretty impossible standards and according to her better not be looking for any time for myself or I was considered selfish.
    Your plan to do one room at a time is good one and smart one. Enjoying your family in all that is so important.
    I’m 76, had my kids young, worked full time, my generation was called sandwich generation due to being stuck between very different ideas of how we should conduct our lives, eeekkk. Also how husbands figured in to the equation is so different now. I struggled with mine many times during years kids growing concerning what he felt he wanted to do/versus should do.
    I applaud yours and previous generation, stick with it ladies.
    Hope you’re having good Fall week

    • Thank you for your honestly JaneEllen, the juggling act is a challenge to say the least. But giving ourselves a break is important too, thank you for your kind words and reading this blog of mine 🙂

      xo, Tanya

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