Painted mantel in the darkest of greys + Christmas sneak peak!



The painting bug seems to strike at unexpected times. 

I would think of spring and fall first, as one you are purging and refreshing your space for warmer weather and the other getting cozy and bringing in warmth all around you.

But right before Thanksgiving, not something I thought we would tackle.

Until I removed everything from our fireplace wall and hung a Barn Wood Christmas sign that I made.  Then I realized to really make the sign pop, the wall needed to be darker.




I have secretly been wanting to paint this wall for a couple years but then I forget about it and am distracted my another project or task.  And she stays her pretty pale grey.

I chose Obsidian Glass by Behr and I absolutely love this color.  Dark charcoal without being black, it’s so pretty.  The weather was crazy last weekend when we painted so it was either as dark as my wall outside or blazing sun while I was trying to take pictures to do the wall justice.


lace wedding dress


I hung my white mirror back up, and the barn wood sign (we used left over wood flooring that my husband uses in his remodeling business, taken from barns that have been torn down but the wood has all been salvaged!) a little stencil action and a fun metal ampersand from JoAnn’s that I white-washed and glued into place.

A couple strings of simple white beads, and a string of small ornaments on jute twine, and she is all ready.




I am sure I will add more, but for now I am really enjoying the simplicity and warmth that the wood and painted combination achieved.

What time of year do you get the urge to paint? Let me know what you’re working on or thinking about!


xo, Tanya 

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  1. JaneEllen Jones says:

    I usually get in mood to paint in Spring when we can have windows doors open. But if opportunity presented itself, would get on it any old time. Am pretty spontaneous person, go with feelings, not a planner.
    Our living room walls are a very light gray which I love after awful ugly mfg. home vinyl wall paper or whatever it is. Luckily could paint over it. Our living room always seemed so dark, windows in l/r on west and east sides but getting light colored couch (at Habitat) and painting walls gray and other furniture white, makes such an incredible difference, love it. Actually felt like wanted to ditch house. Had dark couch which to me looked like big dark hole in room. That went to local thrift store.
    Your fireplace wall looks so much better with darker gray, always good to have feature wall, looks pretty with decorations on your mantel. Like simple.

    Wishing you and yours wonderful Thanksgiving.


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