Lace + leather floral bohemian dream catcher

Leather and Lace DIY Boho Dream Catcher #boho #diy #howtomake #dreamcatcher


I must have a thing with strings of lights, layers of texture and dream catchers.  Or a variation of one like the one we are making today.

When I was sifting through my craft supplies and found this embroidery hoop, and a yard of lace fabric I begin thinking about some of the open centered dream catchers that I have seen and loved.

Some have dyed ombre’ yarn, others have lots of greenery and flowers, this turned out having a bit of everything I have seen and loved.

Strips of lace, a little yarn and a few wooden beads, a piece of leather and some white pom poms for good measure.

This dream catcher came together pretty quickly and since our bedrooms all have at least one (yes I suppose you could say I love to make them!) this one may end up in my office refresh.

How to make a dream catcher #diy #dreamcatcher #modern #bohostyle


So let’s make a lacy bohemian dream catcher!

Here is what I used:

  • Embroidery hoop (I just used one part, this leaves another hoop for another project)
  • Lace trim in one yard strips or a yard of sheer lace torn in strips
  • A couple yards of chunky yarn
  • A couple yards of pom pom trim in the color of your choice
  • A few big wooden beads or bead of your choice (choose one with a large center so the yarn can fit through)
  • One strip of scrap leather about two feet long for the hanger
  • A couple pretty faux flowers
  • Scissors and hot glue
  • Good music to listen to while you get your craft on 🙂

I tore my lace fabric into strips and tied it to the hoop, covering about 1/3 of the hoop across the bottom.  I didn’t double my pom poms but just tucked the end behind the knots and used a bit of hot glue to secure it.  I added a couple strings of yarn, slid the beads onto the yarn and double knotted the yarn to hold them in place.   This yarn gets nice and fuzzy when you separate the strands so I undid them all the way up to the bead.  I tied my strip of leather on the top, and added a couple pretty faux flowers on the right.


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Yarn wall art #diy #twelveOeight #yarn


It’s cozy and pretty, still works for winter but with a nod to spring with the pretty pinks and soft white pom poms. 

And it’s that easy to make your own dream catcher with a modern spin, and perfect to bring a little bohemian flair into any type of décor.


Leather and Lace DIY Boho Dream Catcher #boho #diy #howtomake #dreamcatcher


Well, there are twinkle lights to hang and a desk top to paint (I can’t wait to show you my “new” office space!) so back to work.

Love you bunches,


xo, Tanya 

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  1. Oh how pretty! Love the mix of textures.

    • Hi Lisa! Thank you so much, it was so easy to make and I am really enjoying it. I really appreciate your sweet message 🙂


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