How to make your own carpet cleaner

How to make carpet cleaner


I am probably a bit of a cleaning nerd but I like to clean.

Well, more the enjoyment over the end result perhaps than the process itself.

This last weekend I took full advantage of the 3 day weekend and did some serious deep cleaning in our home.

Lifting a layer of winter dirt and grime (and it never ceases to amaze me how bad it really is lol!) makes my house sparkle and my heart happy as I put my feet up and enjoy the end result.

This year I used a combination of store bought items and homemade cleaning supplies too.

I have to admit, I experienced some serious sticker shock looking up and down a long aisle of supplies and trying to decide what I needed.  I ended up with new good quality gloves, magic-erase sponges, a new bucket, some Febreeze and a little determination to make my own cleaning supplies this year.

I started with my carpets.  Nothing brightens your home faster than clean, fluffy carpets.

I wanted something that I could use to spot clean in areas that I didn’t need to run the big machine through, and then also do a super deep clean when needed with our carpet cleaner.

Using some things I already on hand plus a couple things I bought I came up with a carpet cleaning solution that worked so well I could not believe it.  My carpets smelled great and I will spare you from pictures of the sludge that came out of them.  And we thought we were clean people ha!

Here is what I did:


Homemade Carpet Cleaner Recipe (for carpet machines and spot cleaning!)

Half gallon container (I used a recycled coffee creamer container from Costco)

4 T. laundry soap of your choice

2 T. fabric softener 

2 T. powdered Oxyclean (Dollar Tree is a great place to pick this up!)

1/4 cup of Arm & Hammer Washing Soda 

Hot Water to fill your container (leave some space as the Oxy will bubble for a bit)


Carpet cleaner recipe


How to make your own cleaning supplies


Blend until the Oxy granules have dissolved and allow the mixtures to sit open for a bit before pouring into your container (this will avoid pressure build up from the Oxy in ACTION!)

I used this in my carpet cleaning machine and I was SO impressed by the results.

It’s that simple to make a good supply of carpet cleaner for pennies! 


How to make carpet cleaner


Happy Spring Cleaning!!

Stay crafty-

xo, Tanya 

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  1. I really need to try this! Thanks for sharing your own recipe!

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