DIY kraft paper farmhouse wreath



This post has been way too many days in the making.

I love how this easy wreath turned out that I made recently for my front door.

It was fun, thrifty and I was able to use supplies I already had!

Perfect for a rainy day when you want to stay in your comfies and not have to leave the house right?

I used a foam wreath form that I already had (it had flannel wrapped around it from a while ago) torn strips of kraft paper, and raffia covered florist wire to secure each section.


Image result for kraft paper

Torn into long strips a few inches wide, and twisted, it becomes….

So pretty and ready for a new life as a simple farmhouse style wreath!



I twisted each piece of torn paper, wrapped them around the wreath in rows, and tucked the ends in and under to stay in place as I went.

Yep, it was that easy.

I did find that hot glue and kraft paper are not the besties I hoped they would be so tucking the ends in was important to keep it all in place.



When I finished I wrapped the raffia covered wire in a criss-cross pattern around the wreath.

And that same wire made a built in hanger when I was done.

I clipped the ends and twisted them together, tucking them in so there were no sharp edges.



And that was the easiest wreath I think I have ever made.

It was a bit more time consuming due to the tearing and twisting of the kraft paper, but so worth it.

I love the simplicity of the natural paper against our grey door.

Just what I was hoping for.


Are you getting as excited about Spring as I am??

Seeing the trees budding and big bunches of daffodils everyone makes me so happy, can’t wait for those longer days and SUN GLORIOUS SUN!!

Thank you so much for reading friend, as always, may your heart and home be full of everything you love…


xo, Tanya

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  1. Tanya I have a whole bunch of paper that is left over from the packaging. And now I know just what to do with it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love the simplicity of it and less is more is my motto always! This is such a gorgeous proof of that!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I like the simple look.

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  5. Wow, Simple but looks awesomeeee!!!

  6. That looks so awesome. I absolutely love the rustic effect that the paper strips and raffia wire create. Really lovely Tanya

    • Thank you so much Michelle, I really appreciate it! Thank you for stopping by, have a fabulous day 🙂


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