Christmas old + new

Sometimes sprinkling a few new treasures along with our favorites sure does refresh what we already have for the holidays.

The excitement of unpacking the boxes of ornaments, some Bing Crosby playing in the background, and the anticipation of the events unfolding in the weeks to come.

And could I just say that I hope it snows?  Can’t you see those beautiful trees topped with snow?



Yes, that means my little car will be sliding around and I will probably regret my request if we get too much!

But there is something so magical about waking up to a snow covered wonderland outside.

I love Christmas, and while I have tried in our new house to keep our decor a bit more minimal, I kind of went all out this year.

More on the full living room and entry soon, I can’t wait to show you how pretty this tree farm is!

And a few of my favorite things….



For this project, I collaborated with Uncommon Goods and received the two items I am sharing here with you today for my review. As always, all opinions are mine.

In my home office nook I created a cheery vignette that can change any time I want it to, cool huh?

This color changing cinema lightbox is amazing, and it comes with some fun symbols too (for those of us addicted to emojis I am sure!) and the option to have changing colors or white light is super fun.



My grandson decided to re-configure this right after I put it together so I will need to come up with something new.

But I don’t mind, how many quotes, verses and fun things can you imagine posting all year?



On top of my black vintage dresser in the living room I pulled together some old books, Christmas greenery and these unique glass vase/bookends.  They are handmade, and look so pretty.  They are just the right size and I love the idea of being able to bring in something pretty to a typically functional piece like a bookend!





We went on our annual tree farm trip again over the thanksgiving weekend, and we just love this little farm only minutes from our house.  They offer bundles of fresh holly for $3, piles of greenery trimmed from trees for the taking (hello fresh garland!) and gorgeous trees.  It’s hard to choose but I feel like we are getting pretty good at it!

The kids selected this tree this year and needless to say there are pine needles on the floor but the house smells fantastic and I had so much fun watching them decorate.

At 8, 9 and 12 they drug the boxes in themselves and decorated all afternoon turning the huge tree into a canvas of memories.

And I must admit, I was hesitant while I watched all the ornaments be clustered at eye level, but in the end they did such a great job.

Nothing needed to be perfect to be wonderful, and that same spirit is what I want to take with me each day in this life.  Nothing is perfect anyways so it seems a lot more relaxing to let the dust bunny go, and watch little eyes light up with the wonder of it all.



Disclaimer: this is a work in progress, letting go of “perfect” and embracing wonderful.  I hope to be a little better at it all the time.

Thank you for reading friend, and letting us share a few of our first Christmas projects and progress on our perfectly not perfect home.

What is your favorite part of the holiday season? Maybe it’s the baking, a slower pace, or time with friends and family that doesn’t happen often enough.

Wherever you are this holiday season I wish you everything warm, cozy, twinkling and amazing, today and every day!


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  1. The imperfections are what makes it perfect, so actually it’s perfect!
    Like you, I too love all things Christmas! It’s hard not to overboard on decorating when everything is so pretty!
    I also would absolutely love a white Christmas!
    Merry Christmas

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