Progress in the laundry room

We have a few more things to complete in our laundry room but I had to share how far we’ve come!

When we bought our home a year ago, this room that goes from the garage to the inside felt cramped and awkward.

Both doors opened inward which was the first change we made. We installed a sliding vintage interior door we found at Habitat and hung it from the same barn door hardware we used for our pantry barn door. We removed the outdated cabinets, and there was instantly more breathing room.

I guess I’m kind of impatient because I had to share this even before the glass door knob was installed. I decided to not repaint the sliding door but leave the areas bare where previous hardware had been.

The interior of our home is a soft pale grey. Besides the blue-green wall in the master bedroom and the birch tree faux wallpaper in the office, this is the color throughout our home.

On the wall opposite the washer and dryer we ran a chair rail mid way up the wall and painted the upper wall with chalkboard paint. The white decorative piece was a find in Troy’s old shed, which we added vintage knobs and fabric insets after a fresh coat of paint.

We wanted a laundry folding station and by adding a top of plywood and supports of painted 1″ by 2″s it was perfect. Well, almost. I realized we had more hardwood flooring front another project which we installed on top and I white washed. It’s so pretty and clean, I love this counter top.

We have a lot of laundry going all the time and there’s always something to hang dry. We wanted to keep the industrial vibe going so we used metal piping and exposed conduit boxes for a rod just below the ceiling.

On the wall above the folding station I used a sharpie and a cardboard triangle creating a geometric pattern along the wall. There is no natural light in this space so the succulents are faux.

Thank you for taking a little tour with me today, I’m off to go work in the yard as we finish our deck and fence. There’s much more to do, but I sure do love the satisfaction and joy of seeing the finished product 🙂

Thank you for stopping by, and for following along!

xo, Tanya

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  1. It looks wonderful!! Hugs,

  2. Cindy J. says

    Such a clever update!

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