DIY yarn + succulent wall hanging

Our summer has been short and a bit unpredictable here in the PNW this year. And while I long for summer to last forever, my summer annuals are showing signs of nearing their time and I made a fruit crisp already.The crisp was kind of my white flag of surrender, acknowledging the subtle changes happening around us.

I begin to think about things that will transition our vibe from summer to autumn, and admittedly, casseroles and crock pot recipes are high on the list! Tell me I’m not alone here…then there’s the pillows and candles but that’s a whole other blog post in and of itself.I have always loved fiber arts and yarn, but have not crossed over and learned how to crochet or knit yet.I gave myself permission to be ok with not liking every craft known to man. Enter the great quiting fail of 1996.We were snowed in and I decided it was time to try my hand at quilting.A queen size quilt.Yeah…So needless to say I have realized my attention span and amount of patience if not well suited to projects like that.

But something 30 minutes or less? Keep talking, I’m listening…These colors really spoke to me recently and I fell in love with the contrast between the orange and blue together.It was like a modern version of Three’s Company right there in my shopping basket.Flip flopping between doing something round or something straight across I opted for round.

Yarn for 50% off, clearance faux succulents, I’m in!I am loving these colors together, bright but still bringing a early-fall vibe that I’m kind of ready for.Long strings of yarn, looped around each ring, it doesn’t get much easier than that!

The rings secured all in one spot with yarn and a dab of hot glue to keep the tied ends in place.

And the fun part? You could hang it on the side if a chicken coop just for a change of pace.

Sometimes the light in this spot (the side if our chicken coop) is just right. It needs a makeover before we can have chickens, but for now the cat loves to nap in there.

While I have not dug out the “fall” boxes from the attic I have to say this whole late summer thing is quite wonderful.

There are more days to grill and swim, run and play in the sun. And maybe figure out what to do with this leftover yarn.

Thank you so much for reading friend, and supporting this little spot in the blogspere.



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  1. Thank you for sharing your cute yarn succulent wall hanging with us at the Talk Of The Town party Tanya. Love the colors!

  2. hi dear Tanya
    its so beautiful
    thanks for sharing this idea

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