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Hi there!
I am so super excited you are here.  The kind of excited you get when you work really hard on making
a big dinner and invite someone over hoping, really hoping they like it.
That’s how y’all make me feel! Excited to be making pretty things, baking, working to create a space in
the world that my family comes home to and loves.

And the best part is, this is my dream job.  I know I’m kind of weird huh?
Why would a girl want to donate all of her suits and choose hot glue burns and paint in her hair over

Because I love DIY.  And I absolutely love teaching you how I made something.  Hopefully showing
you a few ways to cut a couple corners, not worry about anything being perfect (that’s so over anyways)
and have a freaking blast creating awesome stuff for our homes, people we love, and few things for us too.

About me? Well,   I have always loved to create with paper, sew, paint, refinish garage sale stuff,
and pretty much hack stuff I see that I know I can make for less.  I love to teach, eat, travel, read,
sleep, dip my toes in warm sand, and look for my next project in between.  

I am a working single mama, juggling my job, home, and loving being a mom to four amazing peopl ages 23, 9, 6 and 4.  And my eldest had her first sweet little monkey last year.  Yep, I am a gramma and I got a 4 year old.  I’m a little crazy like that.

I grew up in Central WA, and have also lived in MN for a couple years too.  God bless anyone who can
take the Midwest winters, you are tough! We call WA state our home now, and I love the Pacific NW.
Close to the ocean, mountains, Portland, OR (oh yeah, love me some Portland!!) I can’t imagine living
anywhere else.  Plus, I can tell you exactly how much rain is too much.  Because we get a ton of it for
the better part of the year.  But, it keeps the flowers pretty, so it’s ok.

I hope you can stay a bit and make sure to check out the follow buttons on my home page.  All the
different ways to find my projects & posts, and feel free to email me any time.  It might take me a day
or so to get back to you, but I answer every message I get.  I told you I think you are FABULOUS!!

Ok, it’s time to make stuff, fire up your glue gun and let’s do this thing 😉


Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

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