Day 7: How to Make Pretty Retro Pot Holders

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Hello crafty friends!

I hope this finds you enjoying your January and hopefully enjoying our 31 day challenge
to make, organize, decorate and cook our way thru the month with a No/Low Spend plan!

Of course, the winter bugs have arrived at casa twelveOeight, so it seems as though it has
taken me 12 days to get through 7 ideas and projects.
Oh well.  With any luck you are reading this and 7 things in 14 days is the most you can
do right now as well.  Then we are perfectly aligned and there is peace in the land.

I love to upcycle, like…anything.
One of the reasons why I cannot fit even a teeny car in my garage is my love of a good
upcycle. [Read more…]

Upcycled Embroidery Hoop Wreath + Merry Printable Banner

short bridesmaid dresses 

I would love to tell you that I have learned the art of embroidery.

I have not.

It’s on my stuff-I-really-want-to-learn-but-I-get-so-distracted list.

Upcycling a sweet thrift store find however is something we specialize in around my house.
And today I am sharing a sneak peek at my Christmas Home Tour coming soon.
This Embroidery Hoop Wreath is thrifty from top to bottom.  

The “sweater” was actually a Land’s End blanket I picked up at Goodwill last spring, and
drug all over with me all summer long.  When the frayed edges could not stand another wash,
my white sweater blanket became part of a winter quilt (still in the works.) [Read more…]

Red + White Buffalo Check Christmas Light Garland

 Red and White Buffalo Check Christmas Garland #garland #redandwhite #Christmasdecor #Christmaslights #diy #craft #rustic #twelveOeightblog

In the spirit of all things red and white this year (I cannot wait to show you the tree, but it’s not done yet so give me a few more days!)
I wanted to have a garland that I could hang anywhere that glowed in all of it’s red and white goodness and just
makes you happy each time you walk by it.

I have seen ping pong ball covered lights before for other types of garlands, but I wanted to try making a Christmas Garland
out of one.  

Inspiration struck on a recent trip to Michael’s, when I found strings of red and white mini lights.
My heart went pitter patter and I knew exactly what I would do with them.

Well, kind of. And that never happens so it was awesome! [Read more…]

How to make No-Sew Curtains

 How to make no sew curtains

I have a sewing machine.

I have two sewing machines.  

One is my Grandma’s Bernina that needs a little work, and one is a super inexpensive little machine I picked up to basically make pillows etc…
But there are times that I just want to make something that doesn’t require getting the sewing machine out.

And a set of new no-sew curtains are exactly what my corner kitchen windows needed.

So, not only was this project super thrifty, it took me about 15 minutes.

[Read more…]

How to Shibori | trending DIY

diy shibori 5

You needn’t have spent time at a summer music festival or at a Grateful Dead event to
appreciate the rapidly trending art of Shibori.  If you did, then you are probably still
recovering and a good DIY project is just what is needed.

There are many techniques of Shibori, the technique we are most accustomed to seeing is
similar to tie-dye.  But Shibori also takes into account the type of fabric being dyed, as well
as the desired pattern. 

Kind of a Feng Shui for textile dying.

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12 Fabulous IKEA Finds

ikea finds

Years ago a friend and I would make what we referred to as our yearly “IKEA Pilgrimage.”

It was a REALLY big deal people.

Our IKEA catalog’s were written in, folded, and ended up looking like origami by the time
we made it North to the Renton, WA location.  But a few years ago, those of us living in
the Portland, OR Metro area received a gift.  A gift so fantastic and amazing that I have to
pinch myself every time I drive by.

Yes, I have an IKEA like 15 minutes from my house.

I know right?
It’s a curse and a blessing, because those of us who love this place, it’s fabulous Scandi design,
and can’t leave without downing a few hot dogs in the cafe, and picking up some Lingonberry jam.

So I have come up with a system that involves shopping online, compiling an actual list, and an
extraordinary amount of self control.  To wait until it’s time to go again, and not just drop in and
wander.  It’s keep me out of trouble and actually helps me as I am creating new spaces and thinking
of things that will work in each.

Here is my latest IKEA drool list, I made a few notes on how and where I would use each item, and if
it needed a hack or I would use it as is.  Here is what I am LOVING right now…

  [Read more…]

Splashy Watercolor Tote

We’re taking a short road trip this weekend, and I wanted a new bag to use for my
snacks, notebook, magazines etc…
I don’t need a new bag.  I have probably a dozen to choose from, but who can
resist a pretty bag right?
I have had a few of these canvas bags on hand and have not been sure what I
wanted to do with them until I saw all of the gorgeous watercolors trending
right now.
Bright, splashy, and fun!
And the best part? This is a super thrifty DIY tote bag, and you just
can’t make a mistake.
Even for those of us who color outside the lines,
it all looks modern & chic when it comes to watercolor prints.
Here is what I used to make my “new” Watercolor Tote Bag…

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Upcycled apron from a skirt

Call me a lover of kitch & all things retro.  I love the idea of having a stash of
super sassy aprons hanging around just waiting to be thrown over my clothes
to ensure they are nice and clean once I am done whipping up dinner.
Most days I am working in jeans and a black t-shirt (something I
call my “uniform” and seems to be my go to clothing) barefoot and hair
up in a clip.  But there’s nothing wrong with donning a pretty homemade
apron, and turning up the music while I make dinner.  Even if I’m still
barefoot and singing along as my meal is in the making.
I can’t tell you what kind of fabric I used for the apron front because it’s
actually a skirt I found at Ross about 8 years ago (yes I keep things forever
and it sometimes pays off!)  Here is how I made my sassy new apron:

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