Keto Arugula + Pepperoni Salad

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Sometimes you hear salad and the last thing that comes to mind is a meal.

Or that it will be filling.

Well, when you put the right things in it, you can’t finish it!

I have been watching my carbs and following the Keto-plan for about 3 1/2 weeks now.  I am not hungry, and I am finding myself excited about meal planning and cooking again.

While I am staying away from processed foods, but eating more vegetables and fats, and moderate protein, I had to add pepperoni to this salad.

Blame it on the mozzarella, but those two just go together right? [Read more…]

Siracha + Sesame Zoodle Salad

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 I have to admit in all honesty that the sound and idea of making “noodles” with anything other than good old fashioned pasta (even gluten free pasta!) I was unsure about at first.

After receiving a vegetable slicer for Christmas, I knew that this would be my next low-carb, gluten free project.

And they are yummy.

I am a convert and I am not sure I will miss pasta now that I can sneak even more veggies into my own diet (yes, almost 45 years old and I have to trick myself to eat more of them.)

This is any easy recipe so I am not even going to use that fancy little recipe thing on the blog today (I am trying all kinds of new things!)

Here is what I used to make my Sesame + Siracha Zoodle Salad (this serves 2) [Read more…]

How to Roast a Turkey

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Before we get to the actual cooking of the bird, I have to tell you about my great turkey fail of 1995.
I was in my early 20’s and had yet to try my hand at making the whole Thanksgiving dinner on my own.

But this year, I had read my latest issue of Martha Stewart that arrived weeks before in the mail,
and I felt confident.


I can cook a turkey, and it’s not that hard.
Well, here is the good news, the turkey was easy to cook.

It smelled amazing,
the drippings were waiting to be turned into a wonderful gravy.

I had done it! 

A HUGE success…


me and martha


And we forgot to push the big thermometer back in after the last a final basting.


The thermometer broke and the mercury went all over. [Read more…]

Low carb slow cooker pizza

low carb slow cooker pizza (1)

So I was a bit curious if this could be done.

Achieve the taste and texture of a big slice of pizza, with all my fave toppings, and no crust.

Oh, and in my slow cooker too because by the time late afternoon rolls around I am racing to
pick the boys up from school, do homework, throw the 19th load of laundry in the dryer…
you know what I am talking about right?

Behold the glory of easy slow cooker recipes, aren’t they wonderful?

Well, if you love the taste of pizza but are watching your carb intake, maintaining a weight loss,
or following a low carb diet, this recipe is for you! [Read more…]

Slow cooker pulled pork recipe gluten free + low carb

Cooking pork has mystified me for years.
Every time I prepared it, even following a recipe it never seemed to turn out very tender.
Before I realized that wheat and I had to break up (it was a 39 year relationship so it wasn’t an easy one) I used to make
this and bring it camping, or serve all year long on big rolls with extra sauce.

Yum is right!

But, with wheat out of my life & realizing I needed to find some good celiac recipes, I altered many of my favorites to
fit my new diet.  And since I have been on a low carb diet (30 pounds lost so far!) we roll this yummy pulled pork goodness
up like a lettuce wrap.

It’s easy, economical, tastes wonderful, travels well & can be made ahead.
Need I say more?  I love it just in case I had not expressed it enough yet.
Ok, let’s git you some k?

Here is what I use to make my favorite pulled pork in the whole, big, entire world:

[Read more…]

Low Carb Lasagna

Lasagna is one of my all time favorite recipes.  Have you found yourself avoiding making lasagna because
it dirties too many pans or dishes, and seems to take too long?  Me too.  Then I had to take gluten out of
my life to feel better, but missed some of my favorite foods so much.
Using zucchini or other vegetables can replace the noodles in your recipe, reduce the carbohydrates, increase
the nutritional value and save time too.  And if there is a shortcut, I gotta find it because I like to cook, but I
LOVE to eat.
Ok, let’s make a Low Carb Lasagna, or two since there may not be any leftovers… [Read more…]

Low Carb Lemon Cheesecake Bars

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We made a huge batch of low carb lasagna this week (recipe coming soon!!)
I really wanted a light, fresh dessert to follow up after dinner, and came
up with this yummy (and low carb!) recipe for Lemon Cheesecake Bars.

Even if you don’t follow a low carb diet, you cannot tell.  Did I mention
they are gluten free too? I know, it’s hard to find gluten free recipes that
your whole family will like, everyone loved this one.  Those of us with
food allergies and wheat-addicts alike.

Are you ready to make a yummy dessert you can feel good about?
Let’s bake, oh wait, it’s no bake too, I know right?!

[Read more…]

Gluten free mini coconut cheesecakes + my weight loss update!

One of the hardest things to give up since I began my weight loss journey has been giving up sweets.
I am happy to share my latest update with you, as of this week I have lost 28 pounds in
the last 10 weeks, and I feel great!

Once I eliminated refined sugar and the majority of carbohydrates from my diet, I began
to feel more energetic, sleep better (and a little less) and experience less recovery time
after pushing my body etc…The goal remains to reverse my borderline Type II Diabetes,
and maintain a healthy weight and blood sugar for the long term.  I’m just tired of yo-yo’ing
every few years, losing the weight and watching it creep back on again.

I’m Swedish, and if you know a Swede, you know we love a little cookie or dessert often.
Desserts and entertaining seem to go hand in hand as well.  We love to entertain and invite
family & friends over to enjoy some time getting to know each other while the kids play
and we relax.

In my quest to find and create low carb recipes and gluten free recipes I have had a hard
time finding treats that I would enjoy, as well as others who don’t follow my eating plan.

I was very excited to come across this recipe recently, and with a few modifications,
I turned it into a creamy, rich dessert that no one knows is actually low carb and gluten free!!



These make a great make ahead dessert, and are perfect for any occasion.  I will admit, it has been a busy week and I had one for breakfast recently (4 net carbs so I was still ok!) and it hit the spot with a cup of coffee on the run. Here is how I made my new favorite dessert: [Read more…]

3 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse – low carb recipes

One of the easiest desserts to whip up is a mousse.  Have you tried making them before? They are really
wonderful, and such a simple way to round out a nice meal.

The ingredients can easily be kept on hand, and this requires only 3 (plus a pretty garnish) plus it helps
keep me on track as I am watching my intake of carbohydrates every day.

Here is what I use to make my favorite chocolate mousse:

[Read more…]

Big Mac in a bowl-low carb recipes

I have had great success in the past not only with weight loss but increasing my energy and stamina by following a
low carb, sugar-free diet.  I know, I love me my sugar, but it’s not loving me so much anymore.  So without boring you
with the details, I was about one batch of scones away from a Type II Diabetes diagnosis, with my 90 day blood sugar
average being way to high.  Since both of my parents are also Diabetic (Type I and II) I decided I would much rather
regain some control over my sugar habit and drop some unwelcome weight as well.

I am not a dietician, or fitness guru by any means.  But about 15 years ago I was able to lose 125 pounds in 18 months
without one diet, pill, or book.  I am going to share with you how I did it then, and how I am going to get back there
after letting my weight go the last few years.  I had three babies between the age of 35-39 , and I just stopped
keeping track of what I was eating.  More about that in the weeks to follow, it’s a long story.

[Read more…]

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