6 pretty home trends you will love for 2017


The Portland area has a wonderful mini blanket of snow this weekend topped by some dangerous ice that is keeping my inside enjoying my coffee and fireplace today.

So I have to admit, while I like to keep up on trends, my home is an eclectic mix of what I love.  A mish mash of farmhouse/boho/and lots of painted furniture.

I have forecasted trends that you may remember, most not brag-worthy but still worth mention:

  1. The Bomber jacket.  Long before Top Gun this girl rocked a leather bomber jacket.  It was not because I was cool or saw into the future, we lived in Minneapolis and my Step-dad had a sweet leather jacket from being overseas.  And it was really cold, the jacket kept me warm, more function than style.
  2. Skinny jeans. Any of you “peg” your jeans when you were younger perhaps? Then you nailed that trend long before it was mainstream.  We were soooooo cool.
  3. Ok last one, spray paint.  I spray painted all of my furniture and accessories forever before spray paint was cool.   I was a single mom trying to make her house look amazing on a zero budget so again, not about style as much as revamping what I had to last a little longer.  Funny thing some things stick as I am sure I have 75+ different colors and kinds of spray paint.  That is another day.

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DIY Scrap Wood Wall Hanging

Wood Scrap Wall Art Project #diy #wood #upcycle #recycle #wallart #moden



Hello there!! 

I hope this finds you have a fabulous week and enjoying your October, and while I should be thinking about costumes, and pumpkins and floating frozen ice hands for punch bowls, I find myself making other stuff so far this month.

Like this scrap wood flooring project that I am excited to share with you today!

Every DIY project is a bit of an adventure.

There are many you never see (and I never want to see again either!) as the idea was great but it flopped in the end.  

I am not sure any project ever really turns out exactly how you think it is going to.

I guess that has to be part of the creative process.

Sometimes you start out with a pile of stuff and it goes SUCH a different direction, do you have that happen too? [Read more…]

My Modern Bohemian Style

Sauder Nico chair 3

Our homes are an extension of our being and heart.

We laugh there, snuggle there, make new friends, and connect with old friends there.

We cook, make, move things around, and formulate so many of our hopes and dreams in theses spaces we can home. That’s why it’s important for us look for things that inspire us continually, and then put our own brand on it. My worst decorating fear is that my home will look “decorated” , I hope this never happens!

It’s so fun to see multiple people be given the same project or materials, and see how very unique and different the outcome of each can be.

I was recently invited to work with Sauder on their Style Lab feature within their amazingly inspiring site. Within these pages you find tons of beautiful photos, ideas, and how each of us as bloggers has taken our favorite Sauder pieces and created a space in our home that reflects our taste and the things we love. [Read more…]

DIY Painted Canvas Pouf-Storage cube-Footstool

I know that’s kind of a complicated name but this little number can be used multiple ways so the only accurate name I could come up with was “Canvas Pouf-Storage Cube-Footstool.” 

And if you are the kind of person to stand on your furniture (yeah me too) instead of finding a ladder in the garage well then we can add step stool to the list too!

How to recover an old storage cube twelveOeightblog #recover #diy #painted #ottoman #footstool

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For the love of Kilim



 I find myself fairly obsessed with Kilim rugs right now.

Ok, you got me, it’s been a while now.  If you follow me on Pinterest you know already.
They are beautiful, and their lightweight blanket-like nature makes them so perfect for
layering on top of another material like a sisal rug. [Read more…]

Faux Succulent Wreath

Faux Succulent Wreath twelveOeightblog.com #succulent #wreath #DIY #modernwreath #succulentwreath #twelveOeight

Happy Saturday beautiful people!

Guess what? It’s raining in the Northwest (shocking I know) so I cleaned up my studio
area (which is half playroom/Lego Mecca and half my space) and I am going to try and
create my little heart out this weekend.

Since I have been blogging I have written I think one post on how to keep plants alive.

So what this means is, if you are going to go on a vacation, you might want to find another
home for them if you expect them to be watered.
It’s not intentional, it’s just one more thing to remember, and well a dog barks when it’s
hungry, plants need to up their game and come up with something besides a slow wilt. [Read more…]

DIY Knotted Leather Hanging Planter

DIY Leather Planter twelveOeightblog.com #leatherplanter #modernplanter #DIYplanter #twelveOeightblog

Do you love to pop into your favorite thrift stores and just see stuff you cannot live without?

(daily, weekly, yearly, if it’s frequent that’s a relief & hopefully will justify how often I go!)

Oh good.

I know, and I feel the same way.

The thrill of the hunt is hard to beat, and while it’s not big game hunting in some remote location,
it’s even better.

No one gets hurt (usually) and we score some sweet stuff and awesome prices.
I have wanted to make something like this for a while.
I have tried to decide if I want to create a macrame plant hanger, or some sort of container out
of leather, and how I could incorporate leather and wood.

Well, those leather scraps I have used to make a couple projects with came in handy, and inspiration
struck when I found a box of wooden bowls at the thrift store for $1.50 recently.
I know right?!

DIY Leather and Wood Planter twelveOeightblog.com #diy #leathercraft #wood #upcycle #modernhome #boho #bohemian #twelveOeightblog

I bought them all, and with a couple of new elements from the sale bin at Jo-Ann’s I was able to
create a couple of new planters that I love, love, love!! [Read more…]

DIY Bohemian Style Woven Tapestry

Do you ever wish you had a super cool tapestry for a table or your wall?

And perhaps it looks like something you would find in an amazing shop full of Bohemian fabulousness.

But you made it, and it was easy, and thrifty as well.

Are you in?

DIY woven boho tapestry twelveOeightblog.com #boho #diy #tapestry #twelveOeightblog

Inspired by so many gorgeous woven wall hangings and recycled fiber projects I keep seeing, I thought I might give
weaving a shot and see if I like it.

 Not only did I find myself staying up very late in the weaving zen zone, I loved it!

And if you use materials you already have, or for the most part, making a pretty Boho tapestry is not hard at all.
I followed the instructions I found at the Free People Blog (I can get lost there for hours, it’s ah-ma-zing)
and made my loom from a piece of foam core board from Dollar Tree[Read more…]

Day #8: DIY Anthro Inspired Rope Basket

 Anthropologie inspired rope basket twelveOeightblog.com #anthro #anthroknockoff #knockoff #anthropologie #ropebasket #howtomakeabasket #twelveOeightblog

Making a basket out of rope couldn’t be easier when the base happens to be a $1 mesh garbage can from
the dollar store.  I found mine at Dollar Tree.


How to make a basket out of rope twelveOeightblog.com #ropebasket #dollarstore #diy #upcycle #howtomakearopebasket #twelveOeightblog

Using up a few different types and widths of rope I had on hand, some paint and a few other items from
the craft hoard, I came up with this fun, bright footed basket.

Now the hard part is trying to figure out where I am going to use it.  So far it looks cool by my fireplace,
at the foot of the stairs, with a plant in it, and full of toys.

Oy, the options! Like most things it will probably be moved around and used in many roles over time.

But for today, I will show you how fast this rope basket came together, lets craft! [Read more…]

DIY Leather Dream Catcher

How To Make A Dream Catcher #diy #dreamcatcher #diywallart #modern #twelveOeightblog


Hello friends!

The last few days have gone by so fast I can’t believe it.
I hope you have enjoyed time with family and friends, and are having a wonderful holiday season.
Ours began with a ton of excitement and a long list of projects to complete.

When I picked the kids up from school on their last day before Christmas break, the two weeks in front of us seemed
like they would last forever and everything would get done.
Well not really, while there are still quite a few things on my stuff-I-want-to-do-list, we did accomplish quite a bit.

I am almost done with my boys shared bedroom makeover, and I cannot wait to share it with you!
I just have to install the shelving, then it’s reveal time.  Coming soon…

And, I claimed some found space in our playroom that is above our garage.  By moving the furniture around,
bringing in my work table and doing a little painting, I was able to create a large studio area that is well lit and
all of my supplies are right there.

Not in the laundry room, or the garage.

But right there.  I am loving it, and this project was the first one that I created in my new space the very first night
it was ready.  I will be sharing this space soon, I have some curtains to hang and a few accessories to finish.
Eek, I love it so!!

That brings us to today’s DIY.  I love to mix different textures and patterns to bring a sense of depth and feel to
each space in my home.  A couch needs the right pillows that make me happy, a table needs a pretty lamp and
some cool books.  And leather crafts can be just the right thing to bring this kind of softness and warmth into
our spaces, and they don’t have to be hard to make either! [Read more…]