DIY Bohemian Style Woven Tapestry

Do you ever wish you had a super cool tapestry for a table or your wall?

And perhaps it looks like something you would find in an amazing shop full of Bohemian fabulousness.

But you made it, and it was easy, and thrifty as well.

Are you in?

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Inspired by so many gorgeous woven wall hangings and recycled fiber projects I keep seeing, I thought I might give
weaving a shot and see if I like it.

 Not only did I find myself staying up very late in the weaving zen zone, I loved it!

And if you use materials you already have, or for the most part, making a pretty Boho tapestry is not hard at all.
I followed the instructions I found at the Free People Blog (I can get lost there for hours, it’s ah-ma-zing)
and made my loom from a piece of foam core board from Dollar Tree[Read more…]

Last minute Patriotic Centerpiece | with Brooke from Blissful Roots

Wishing you a blessed, fun and joyful 4th of July friends, I am so excited about
today’s project from Brooke.  Her upcycled crafts and decorations amaze me,
this one does not disappoint!!

Happy 4th of July twelveOeight readers!  Don’t you just love this day?  So many fun reasons to celebrate!  Apparently too many reasons for me because here I am again with another patriotic craft.  I shared my patriotic matchbox printables last month, and thought I was done with the 4th of July theme, but with it being the actual 4th of July today, I had to share one more patriotic idea.

So, I have a fun, easy, and inexpensive centerpiece to share with you today.  Now, you may not be able to throw this together for your parties today, but you can save it and be all set for next year’s celebration, or change up the color scheme and use it for ANY occasion!

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How to paint patio furniture the easy way

how to paint patio furniture, diy home decor, summer decor, patio decor

I mentioned recently that I am doing a quick (well, hopefully quick) makeover on
our back patio for summer.  The challenge is to clean up and restore the existing
patio furniture that has taken quite a beating over the past 5 years.  And add some
accessories, lights & pillows that will make my space feel like a backyard retreat
perfect for a summer evening!

If you are repainting plastic, just make sure and use
a spray paint that adheres to plastic as well as metal, wicker etc… I ended up using
two cans of spray paint.  Better to buy more and have a bit leftover.  The more area
you have to cover the more paint you will need.

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DIY Moroccan print coasters + my patio before pictures

I probably have too many projects going at once right now (2 full space re-do’s and
like 723 DIY ideas) but with summer approaching, I can no longer ignore our



























It’s pretty lame.  Here is a sneak peak at the patio of shame.
It’s gross y’all.

Ok, you have been sufficiently warned:

Yep, that’s my paint covered table.  I used it apparently a few too many times without
proper covering.


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DIY Cake Stands

I am really loving color right now, especially against a clean, light background.  It’s so fresh and pretty,
there aren’t a whole lot of things more refreshing than the vibrant colors of springtime.
Do you remember the antique white stands  I shared last fall? They held my shabby fabric pumpkins and
I have used them non-stop since then.  I used different supplies to make them this time and love the way
they turned out.  And they were not only budget-friendly but super easy.
Here is what I used…

Upcycled Glam Vase

This past Christmas my sister Kim and her husband Adam drove up from the Bay area as they do every year.
The arrival of Aunt Kim and Uncle Adam is huge in our house.
And they have about a 12 hour trip to make it up to our place, so it’s quite a drive.
The kids like to stand in the window and keep watch for them when they know their beloved Aunt and Uncle
will be arriving soon.
Then there is a soft knock at the door, and three kids (plus one neurotic Jack Russell mix) are racing towards
door and spill out onto the porch to greet our weary loved ones.
We had an awesome time as usual, and time to hug and say goodbye always comes too soon.
This year they left a few bottled coffee drinks that they didn’t want to repack as they hit the road to see more
family (and being that they contained copious amounts of much needed caffeine) I took them.

Winter Dining Room Decor | with Amy from The Blissful Bee

Hello twelveOeight readers! It’s Amy here from The Blissful Bee and I’m so happy to be back again with some fun eye candy for you all today. With Christmas being over, we all tend to pack up our Christmas decorations and just go back to our “default” decor. This year I have tried to keep that Winter feeling going by decorating with some heavy textures, darker colors and (of course) deer


Over the past year or so I’ve somehow accumulated multiple sets of antlers. There are too many to just use around the house at random, so I’ve decided to clump them together in a fun little centerpiece for our dining table. I first placed the antlers in my bowl and then began placing my decorative balls.

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DIY Valentine Mason Jar Lanterns + getting some glitter in our lives

We have had a bit of snow but mostly rain (gasp) here in the Pacific NW.
I seem to forget each year how much it rains where we live, and while I don’t
particularly miss shoveling a foot of snow to get out of the driveway each morning,
there is something cozy about snow.  I know some of you would love some rain
instead of snow right now.  Stay warm, Spring will arrive before we know it and
we can thaw out.

Hearts, and snow, and cocoa, and warm cozy blankets were all on my mind when
I made these Valentine Mason Jar Lanterns this week.

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Moss + Twine Wrapped Topiary

I decided to do a topiary head count today, including the Christmas topiary pair
gracing the sofa table, I counted eight.
I’m not sure if that is too many.
But the count will be reduced to six once all of the Christmas decorations have
been put away.

That was until, I put some laundry away.
I set the basket down on the bed and began putting away each sock and t-shirt
in it’s proper drawer, silently wishing they would stay clean.  Forever.
Then I saw it.
A teeny little green topiary sitting innocently on our dresser.
Nestled in with all of my bedroom decor, and a few pull-ups for the
last and final child to be potty trained.
That friends is #9.

I kind of feel like that crossed over to excessive.

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Dollar Store Rustic Glam Plate Chargers | Amy from The Blissful Bee

Hello Twelve O Eight readers! It’s Amy here from The Blissful Bee and I’m happy to be back again with another little fun makeover. A few weeks ago I put together my rustic Christmas tablescape,
but wanted to keep it budget friendly.


I wanted to incorporate blue in my arrangement but didn’t have any blue decor on hand. After visiting the $1 store, I found a ton of these gold plastic chargers. As much as I loved them in all their gold glory, I knew I still wanted a light blue color instead. At $1 per charger, I bought 4 to complete my tablescape. I brought them home with me and gave them a nice coat of blue paint. While they were still wet, I sprinkled some fine gold glitter on top and let them dry. Once the plates were dry, enough of the glitter had stuck onto the paint. I love the subtle touch of glam! What do you think??

ChargerPlateMakeover1   ChargerPlateMakeover2   ChargerPlateMakeover3  

 To see more from my rustic Christmas tables cape, click [here] and [here] for my $1 store chalkboard plate makeover. You can also follow me along [here] if you like what you see!!

OH MY GOODNESS! These are amazing Amy!! I love this idea so much, thank you
for giving us such a pretty and thrifty idea for our tables.  You rocked these!!


Thank you so much for reading, and as always, may your heart and home be full of everything you love! xo, Tanya         linking up to: And these awesome parties: