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Wake pray slay printable

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The balancing act of life/work/family/kids/money/and-everything-else has admittedly felt overwhelming to me many times.

More than I would like to admit.

But this is a keep it real zone and to pretend that I get up every day and feel like a rock star could not be further from reality.

I know I can’t do it all, at least on my own.  And to be honest the weight of thinking that I have to do everything effortlessly and flawlessly is just too much.


Grace to be imperfect, and very human.  

Grace is sufficient, and will help me see my humanity, and have grace with others as we bump into each other having a human experience.  

And we get to encourage each other.  I didn’t think writing a crafty DIY blog with my recipes and thrifty ideas would allow other people to be themselves and feel ok about having one clean room in their home.  Or one hot meal on the table that week.

There was a season I became very quiet on this space, where I didn’t have the energy to write, and my heart was heavy with fear. [Read more…]

A new year + making peace with my size 16 body



I know I am not the only one who has struggled with their weight.

That it’s not just about what size we are, but what we see when we look in the mirror.  Who looks back at us and do we approve or make a list of everything that needs to change.

Living in a society where youth and the media’s opinion of beauty are prized, sometimes it’s really hard to feel like you can even throw your hat in the ring at a size 16.

But this is where I have landed.  I have gained and lost hundreds of pounds.  Been so thin my doctor and friends were concerned, and been carrying enough weight that a flight of stairs kicked my ass.

Finding out I was dancing with Type 2 Diabetes a few years ago, and having suddenly lost my Mom to Diabetic complications three years ago has weighed heavy on my heart. 

Myself and my body have found a happy place with a balanced diet, no weight gain, and the energy that I need to keep up with the demands of working full time, my family and home and trying to find a little creative time too.

I am a size 16, I wear a 1x sometimes a 2x depending on the brand and I am happy.  I have waited so long to even say it out loud.  I was afraid I was giving up or back on the road to another rapid weight gain, but after spending a couple years healing from an abusive relationship and learning how to love myself again, something new was born. [Read more…]

The power of forgiveness

I asked my Grandmother years ago what she thought the secret to good relationships might be.
She paused for a moment, and simply said “Be kind with one another.”

I wish you could have met her. 

If anyone was having a problem,  was struggling in life, or needed healthy input,
Grandma was a wellspring of wisdom and thoughtful observation.

She had to be the least judgmental person I have ever met.

In her life she forgave things that seemed unforgivable,  she was strong & had a quiet confidence
that was partnered with humility and grace.

She had discovered the secret second blessing of forgiveness. [Read more…]

Why I am getting rid of my to-do list + learning who we really are

What Really Matters Free Printable twelveOeightblog.com #printable #quotes #freeprintable #spring #floral #twelveOeightOh friend, I hope you can forgive me for trying something that wasn’t me at all.

Remember the no/low spend challenge I began at the beginning of January?

Year, the one that I made it about a week and a half into?

I learned something valuable this month, more important than getting stuff done.
I realized I do well with large deadlines and big projects, not so much with something that is mandatory
on a daily basis when it comes to blogging.

I really thought I could pull it off, and I am SO glad I tried.  Because who knows, maybe I would have found
a whole new venue of creativity by becoming organized and not having cupboards that are full of expired
vitamins and pens that don’t work.

But that’s just not me. [Read more…]

Stay the course when you feel like giving up

While January and a New Year holds so much hope and promise, sometimes we are just not feeling it.

Or see it, no matter how hard we look.

Maybe we are exhausted from battle, and an ongoing challenge rolled right into the New Year with no
regard to our wishes for it to be over.

Life isn’t easy, and sometimes we grow weary from it.

Sometimes we wonder why, why something bad has happened.

Why a relationship seems to have ended?

What is the purpose for the trial we are enduring?

When is a prayer going to be answered?

I have a battle going on right now, and I wish I could hit the publish button and give you the answers that I too am
searching for.  It’s a long one, and while I have a ton of hope, I also am plagued by fear and what-if’s.

So much of the twists and turns in our lives depend upon the choices and decisions brought on by those that we love.
It’s so hard to walk around in this world being vulnerable and knowing that our heart in hand will not always be cared
for in the way we had hoped.

We bump into other people’s pain, trials, and their own battles, and those hearts get bruised.
Closing down and letting the root of bitterness and defeat take hold is an option.

But when we see it in others, and see the pain they endure from carrying that around with them each day,
it doesn’t look like a promising path to follow.

It all just can make you feel like you are under such intense pressure or pain you may throw in the towel.

Even for the day.

Just toss up our hands, hide our hearts in a safe place where they can never be hurt again, and say forget it.

I have days like this, where I am so tired, and so ready to just hear that a season was a bad dream and it is over now.

But no one shakes my shoulder, the dream is real, and may be here for a while.
There is no end in sight, and the thought of hanging on and staying in the fight can wear you down.

In the midst of these times do you see the little glimmers of hope?

Keep looking, when we are tired and discouraged they are hard to see… [Read more…]

Top DIY Projects + Reader Favorites for 2014!!

 Top DIY Projects 2014 twelveOeightblog.com #DIY #TopDIYIdeas #CraftTrend #DecorTrend #DIYBloggers #twelveOeightblog

Happy last day of 2014 friends!!

I don’t know about you, but to me that just looks and sounds crazy! 

But we are here again, saying farewell to another year, and welcoming in a wonderful new year full of hope, promise, and
some projects we can work on together!!

I want to thank you for your continued reading, encouragement, and ideas.
This has been an interesting year, with a mix of loss, joy, excitement, and truth telling.
Mixed in there was a whole bunch of laughter, hot glue sticks, and learning that made it a wonderful blogging year here
at twelveOeight.  And I have you to thank for that.  If you didn’t keep on coming back and reading, pinning and sharing
there would be no twelveOeight.

So thank you, thank you for making my dream grow, and turn into something unique and different, and far more wonderful
than I could have dreamed on my own.

Here are some of the DIY Projects that you loved this year, ready? [Read more…]

Merry Christmas + some Chewy Molasses Gluten Free Cookies!

We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! 

Chewy Gluten Free Molasses Cookies twelveOeightblog.com #glutenfree #cookie #molasses #twelveOeightblog


 Good tidings of the gluten free sort are what I am sharing with you today.

This is my all-time hands-down favorite cookie on the entire planet.
It’s chewy, sweet, tastes like the best molasses cookie you ever set tastebuds on, and yep, it’s gluten free too!!

No matter where this finds you today, I want to wish you the merriest of Christmases and a wonderful New Year.

There would be no twelveOeight if it weren’t for you, and I couldn’t be more excited about the coming new year.
Full of DIY goodness, recipes, our January No Spend Challenge, and so much more.
From my heart to yours, thank you for reading, for your support, encouragement and ideas, you have blessed me
so abundantly in 2014.

I will have a few more things to share before the new year, and we will kick off the January No Spend Challenge
on December 31st so be watching for our first project (it’s pantry-licious!) [Read more…]

Hustle Printable + never giving up

The Dream Is Free the Hustle is Sold Separately Free Printable twelveOeightblog.com #hustle #hustlequote #motivation #dreams #everyday #twelveOeightblog

When I was a little girl, I was convinced that I was Dianna Ross.

With my hairbrush in hand, I would sing my guts out, standing on my bed,
waving and blowing kisses to all of my adoring fans.

They were so supportive, those invisible fans.  They never told me that I couldn’t do something.

A few years later, I was introduced to my first pair of legwarmers, and Flashdance came out.
I had a new passion, it was dance.  And I was going to be a professional dancer.
And live in a converted warehouse, and have a cool dog.  And a cute boyfriend.

Fashion design & marketing came along, and well, I hoped to have my own runway show
at some point.  In the meantime I could rock the largest shoulder pads to be found.
And some sweet hot pink lipstick. [Read more…]

No Spend January 2015 Challenge! Who is with me?

No Spend Month Challenge twelveOeightblog.com #nospend #savemoney #howtomakeabudget #howtosavemoney #cutbackspending #thriftyliving #twelveOeightblog



Ok, I know it’s technically not the new year yet, but I had to tell you about something I have been working on.

As I have prepared for Christmas, wrapped gifts, made lists, and baked the days away, I realized how much stuff I have.
Not only how blessed I am, but how self-sufficient I could probably be if I was to just put a hold on spending and
use what I have for a month.  

Regular recurring obligations, as well as food, gas etc… are still in the budget.

What am I taking out? For a few weeks, stops for chai, trips to the craft store (I know), and anything I don’t need.

While shopping and thrifting are a huge source of fun for me (I am probably not super alone in this) I love to save money
and get a great deal.  So, I am going to do a fun giveaway at the end of the month to share the love!

More on that soon.

For now, here is what you need: a desire to spend less, save more, and have more peace and order in your home & life.

So, yeah.

That’s pretty much everybody.

I have seen challenges before and liked the idea, but some of the tasks were too hard (I feel SO lame admitting that!) [Read more…]

He washed it white as snow…

Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe

Sin had left a crimson stain…

He washed it white as snow.


Winter Photography, blue red white christmas holiday decor nature berries branch berry branches print photograph, "I Wonder as I Wander"



It’s odd when memories come to us, for so long I assumed it’s because we were reminded of something
or someone who touched our life.  But I am beginning to wonder if memories seep through when we are
at our most quiet and peaceful.

In the simple things.

The everyday.

I sit here this evening cooking up a big batch of waffles since I didn’t make it to the store today, and I
know I will have a group of hungry kids expecting something good in the morning.

The little red light on the side of my waffle iron blinks red when it’s ready for me to pour in my batter
and close the lid.

The iron is gets very hot before that light flickers on, and it makes me think of how I tend to wait until
my light is flickering before I am ready for God to pour out His love and grace abundantly on my heart. [Read more…]