Modern master bath remodel on a budget

I cannot tell you how excited I am to share phase one of our master bathroom remodel!

It started with a little redo and well then we lost our minds a bit but are soooo happy with the results. You gotta see the before to know how far this oak-tastic cave has come in the past few weeks. I bring you, one massively outdated cave-like depressing space:

Yep this is the before, granted we had more cabinets than we knew what to do with. It was less than inspiring.

Inspiration began with a paint chip, left over subway tile from the kitchen, and some Habitat scored hardware.

The color is Little Black Dress, Behr paint from Home Depot, and its freaking gorgeous.

Just saying…

Troy suggested cutting the cabinets in half, and there was an immediate improvement.

We raised the platform that the new counter and sink would rest on, wanting to bring a way-too-low counter up a bit higher.

We used end cut fir flooring to create the butcher block on each side, and a pretty black and white tile for a little pop. The basin sink was a FREE score at Habitat, which allowed me to get the faucet I REALLY wanted, faucet from Lowe’s.

We have to find a new mirror for above our front living room fireplace as this just fit perfectly here.

This time we used white grout with the subway tile, it’s so bright and clean.

And a faux cactus, you gotta stick a faux cactus on your new bathroom counter.

The flooring is next when we redo the main bath, for now I’m one happy girl. Every day I’m so excited to walk by this space and smile with the amazing transformation. Just in case you missed the before…

And my pretty little black master vanity now…

One more…

Thank you friend for following along and sharing this journey with us, I appreciate you sharing this post and helping keep this blog space of mine going 🙂

Until next time!


Progress in the laundry room

We have a few more things to complete in our laundry room but I had to share how far we’ve come!

When we bought our home a year ago, this room that goes from the garage to the inside felt cramped and awkward.

Both doors opened inward which was the first change we made. We installed a sliding vintage interior door we found at Habitat and hung it from the same barn door hardware we used for our pantry barn door. We removed the outdated cabinets, and there was instantly more breathing room.

I guess I’m kind of impatient because I had to share this even before the glass door knob was installed. I decided to not repaint the sliding door but leave the areas bare where previous hardware had been.

The interior of our home is a soft pale grey. Besides the blue-green wall in the master bedroom and the birch tree faux wallpaper in the office, this is the color throughout our home.

On the wall opposite the washer and dryer we ran a chair rail mid way up the wall and painted the upper wall with chalkboard paint. The white decorative piece was a find in Troy’s old shed, which we added vintage knobs and fabric insets after a fresh coat of paint.

We wanted a laundry folding station and by adding a top of plywood and supports of painted 1″ by 2″s it was perfect. Well, almost. I realized we had more hardwood flooring front another project which we installed on top and I white washed. It’s so pretty and clean, I love this counter top.

We have a lot of laundry going all the time and there’s always something to hang dry. We wanted to keep the industrial vibe going so we used metal piping and exposed conduit boxes for a rod just below the ceiling.

On the wall above the folding station I used a sharpie and a cardboard triangle creating a geometric pattern along the wall. There is no natural light in this space so the succulents are faux.

Thank you for taking a little tour with me today, I’m off to go work in the yard as we finish our deck and fence. There’s much more to do, but I sure do love the satisfaction and joy of seeing the finished product 🙂

Thank you for stopping by, and for following along!

xo, Tanya

Industrial glam bar cart

I have wanted a bar cart for a while now.  Something that was my speed, a little shabby and a little glam.  A nod to the 70’s is always good too.

And I didn’t want to pay hardly anything for it, because well the thrill of the hunt is the hunt itself, the find and then the best part, the DEAL.

Do you love the deal too? Like swerve off the road when you see a yard sale sign, jump up and down in a thrift store kind of love? Oh good then we were separated at birth I am sure of it.

This find was $9.99 at our nearby Goodwill and I liked it immediately when I saw the herringbone inlay on each shelf.  It was too big and bulky to be a little bookcase but I felt like it would make a cool bar cart.

And if I ended up not liking it for that purpose, Abbie my eight year old already decided that Barbie’s would look excellent piled on top of it.  So to the checkout we headed.

We taped off the center on the top to leave the herringbone pattern on display, and painted the remainder of the cart with Chalked spray paint in Charcoal.  This is THE most beautiful dark grey on the planet, just saying…. I am pretty much in love with this paint.

Once the paint was dry, and the cart was a little distressed we added these acrylic casters.  I wanted to go with these as number one each one was less than five bucks each at Harbor Freight.  And two, they look like Lucite.  Don’t even get me started on Lucite, it makes me think of Wonder Woman’s invisible jet and everything cool and amazing about a clear piece of furniture.  I don’t have one, yet!

We found the sleek cabinet/drawer pulls at Home Depot, put them in place and voila! we were the proud owners of a “new” bar cart.  She is all styled pretty for these photos but you know she has also been the home for 30 Barbie’s this week and a cat who like to sneak inside and nap on the bottom shelf periodically.

I cannot wait to use it this summer for impromptu get-togethers, extra serving space outside, and stray doll or cat in it’s down time.

Thank you for taking a peek at our latest project, come back soon to see what I did with a ton of yarn, inspired by another thrifted find 🙂



DIY Cement Counter Tops

I have been so excited about sharing our new cement kitchen counter tops, and the day is finally here!

We bought our home a year ago and the kitchen was cramped and dark with oak cabinets for uppers and lowers.

I immediately knew that painting the cabinets a bright white on top and dark grey on the lower cabinets would modernize the kitchen quickly. But we were still stuck with the blue Corian counter tops, so we took our time deciding if we wanted butcher block counter tops or concrete.  After much discussion, concrete was the winner.

We decided to build a mock counter top and pour some concrete on it allowing it to try and keeping it in the kitchen for a couple days to make sure we liked it. 

Down came the upper cabinets as we decided that tiling the wall all the way to the ceiling would make the kitchen so much more open,

We removed the old countertops, used plywood to build the new base for the concrete counter tops, and built a frame with recycled wood we had on hand knowing it was just going to get thrown away.

We installed lath to strengthen the concrete, and the fun part was about to begin.  Troy mixed the concrete by the load, and poured it in while I leveled it with a concrete trowel.  We knew that if we did not somehow shake out the bubbles that we would end up with lots of little gaps in the concrete when it dried.

I used a palm sander with no sand paper on it around all the edges of each leveled area on the side of the wood frame.  The vibration shook so much of the air bubbles to the top we were able to achieve the smooth look we were hoping for.

When the concrete was wet and we waited for it to dry I knew this would either be something we would love or live with.  Without the use of our kitchen for a few days, toast and coffee were made on our big farmhouse kitchen table. I could not wait to pull the frame off and sand the rough edges of the new counter tops.

The total project cost us about $50 in extra-strength quick-setting concrete, $40 for the plywood and lath, and $35 in wet look food-grade concrete sealer.  We actually sealed it twice, the first time with a matte look sealer, then realizing we wanted them to have a glossy look, the gloss which we love!

Once the counters were dry and sealed we ran subway tile all the way up and used a dark grey grout.

All the work had paid off!

It was so fun to look for a few new pretty pops of color to bring into our “new” kitchen. 

We thought about installing floating shelves but all of our dishes fit nicely in our pantry so we are loving how open the kitchen feels now.

We are taking out the center section of the soffit in the kitchen next and installing recessed lighting.  That will give the kitchen an even more open feeling.

When you come in our back door you walk thru a small dining area that we use for a home office, and can see straight into our dining and front living room.  It is amazing what some paint and allowing the light to come thru can do in a space!

While not everything we try is a huge success it seems like if we play it safe too much of the time we never try anything new.  We are so glad we went for it and ripped out those cabinets and counters without looking back.  What part of your home would you love to change but aren’t sure where to start? I would love to hear what your next project is or what you would love to change!

Thank you as always for reading, wishing you a blessed, amazing day 🙂

xo, Tanya

Summer living-boho front porch vibes

The weather is warming up and I don’t know about you but the first thing I have to do is spruce up my front porch! I love to mix lots of plants, move a few plants back outside and make our entry a welcoming hello for the summer.

We bought our mid-century modern home exactly a year ago, and while you would think the amount of work renovating it would be great material for blogging, I sometimes struggle to balance it all and share what we have done.

The first huge project was painting the exterior a dark warm grey and lighter grey combination with white accents. It plays up the the angles of the entry way, and while I don’t have a huge porch I try to maximize the space with some fun things that make me happy.

This area rug is a thrifted find here in town, the pots and planters a mix of new and used that I have scored over time. The stand in the back is an industrial stool with a top that spins, so it makes a much better plant stand than a comfy seat

I love to mix natural wood and wicker in to bring warmth and depth to spaces indoors and outside too.

I would love to say that I have mastered Macrame but this was a find from Marshall’s that I could not pass up. I thought it would be kind of fun to use it as a door hanging instead of a wreath this summer.

We still have a fence to build and two bathrooms to totally redo, but we are getting there project by project. I will share the newly finished concrete kitchen countertops soon too, they are so cool and I was worried I would not like them. Not only were we really sore and tired when we finished them, but we ended up loving them sooooo much!

Please scroll down and check out some more beautiful summer spaces from a few of my great blogging friends!!  I hope this finds you enjoying the sun, family, friends and time to relax a little as we move into another summer. As always thank you for reading friend, love you so!!

xo, Tanya

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Sliding Barn Door + a New Pantry

We bought our 1978 mid-century modern home this past summer after instantly falling in love with the unique style and 1/3 of an acre lot, unheard of in town.

Spending all summer working on the deck and covered patio, painting the exterior of our home, and a few small changes inside have kept us busy.

Here is a video I made before the demo of the closet and how we flipped the entrance to the closet to the other side of the wall creating a pantry just next to the refrigerator now.  Yes, I am freaking out on how much space I have, I can SEE what I have and what I need and I just love this door so much.

The before walk to the “pantry”:

The weeks turned into months and the lack of storage in our kitchen that seemed inconvenient at the time was now becoming frustrating as we were using gorilla racks in an entry-way closet for our pantry.

We like to use as many quality recycled items as possible in our home improvement projects, and this time we ended up re-purposing pre-finished wood left over from another project.

I have to admit that due to the size of the barn door, the hardest part was getting it onto the track and adjusting the track to make it nice and even!

After we ran electricity into the pantry for a light and a plug in for the floor sweeper, we put in long dark grey tile on the floor and the painted white wood shelving was installed.

We wrapped the frame in the same stained wood that we used for the frame and accents on the door itself, and put the finishing touches on the door.

The barn door came together easily, we lined up the wood pieces running vertical, and connected them to two pieces of woo running vertical on their back to keep them straight.

Being mindful of not wanting the door to be heavier than it needed to be, we ran a stained wood frame and accent pieces on the front, then it was time for hardware.

We have priced the sliding barn door hardware (track, brackets, handles) locally and have found Amazon has the best prices hands down.

It took two of us to get the door on and level, adjusting the brackets so the door slides smoothly back and forth.

And then it was time to get all of our pantry items off the gorilla racks (which had a temporary home in our front living room lol) and finally have it all out of sight and behind a beautiful wood barn door.

I am loving it, and it coordinates perfectly with our farmhouse kitchen table, white chairs and long white church pew in the dining room. The pew is inside for the winter and might stay as we love the extra seating!

The next remodel will be a teeny laundry space that also needs a sliding barn door so the door does not swing in, but stay along the outer wall. We found that door at the Habitat for Humanity store recently for $10 and it’s a beautiful white painted vintage door. The hardware just arrived so I am pretty sure I know what we are doing this weekend!

Thank you as always for reading friend, I appreciate you so much!

xo, Tanya

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Christmas old + new

Sometimes sprinkling a few new treasures along with our favorites sure does refresh what we already have for the holidays.

The excitement of unpacking the boxes of ornaments, some Bing Crosby playing in the background, and the anticipation of the events unfolding in the weeks to come.

And could I just say that I hope it snows?  Can’t you see those beautiful trees topped with snow?



Yes, that means my little car will be sliding around and I will probably regret my request if we get too much!

But there is something so magical about waking up to a snow covered wonderland outside.

I love Christmas, and while I have tried in our new house to keep our decor a bit more minimal, I kind of went all out this year.

More on the full living room and entry soon, I can’t wait to show you how pretty this tree farm is!

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Cozy spots for Christmas: Merry + bright Christmas home office


Well before Thanksgiving I had visions of creating a spot in our home to read, relax, and enjoy the season away from it all.

Enter my home office which is STILL going thru what seems to be a three year makeover, but we put that on hold to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

On the other side of this home office in the front of our house is my very messy desk, the computer I use for blogging, and an array of fabric swatches and crafting supplies.

But the other side of the office, right by the window, is where I created a cozy spot to enjoy one of our Christmas Trees, and some of my favorite things.

Oh the weather outside is frightful,

but the fire is so delightful. [Read more…]

My favorite zucchini muffins


Our garden began as a next year project.

Then the kids brought home some parsley seeds.

Knowing how busy work would be this summer, and still sticking to my we-don’t-have-time-to-garden-this-year plan, I agreed to the planting of the parsley.

As you can imagine (and the reason I am writing about leftover zucchini and what in the heck to do with them) we lost our minds and planted a full garden.

Just like that, then we were committed and watched our tiny baby plants grow all Spring.

Into what I now refer to as the Little Shop of Horrors because it has gotten completely freaking out of control.

But I suppose when I learn to prune and cut back that will be another post, maybe next year.

How to Have a Big Girl Garden we could call it.  Or perhaps How to Garden Without Going Insane. [Read more…]

How to make the best Spanish Rice ever

How to make spanish rice #rice #spanishrice #twelveOeight #glutenfree

Rice seems like an easy enough thing to make.

For whatever reason, mastering how to cook rice has eluded me.

I love it, it’s gluten free (yay, makes grumpy tummies happy) and easy on the budget.

Enter my desire to make Spanish Rice.

I thought it was the recipe, so I tried every single recipe out there.  And I have had zero success in achieving the fluffy, non-sticky rice at our favorite Mexican restaurants. [Read more…]

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