Boho Painted Pumpkins + taking a break (I’m back!!!)

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It has been way, way too long.

I have missed this place and all of you incredibly, and I am SO happy to be writing again after a long, much needed season.

Exactly what I have been up to is probably a 12 part blog post and today is more of a huge hug and a little DIY too.

It has been a season of closure in some ways, as well as incredible blessings & a sudden loss too.  It has been hard, and some days exhausting.  But in midst of change & some tears God has revealed Himself to me and provided such Grace that I cannot wrap my brain around His mercy and great love for us.

So for months I have missed you terribly, like really bad.  And my paint brushes and glue gun got a little dusty, but in recent weeks the gates of ideas and pull to make again have been flung open.

And I have so many ideas & projects that I hope you don’t get sick of me.  But I will keep sharing until you tell me enough already, sound good? [Read more…]

Inspiration Monday Party | DIY’s you need in your life!

Welcome to Inspiration Monday, we’re so glad you are here!
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We have a feeling you are going to love these creative and all-around awesome DIY’s as much as we do!!

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Inspiration Monday Party | Fab Party Features!!! #inspriationmonday

We hope this past week has been everything you hoped it would be. We are excited to be hosting another Inspiration Monday party! Did you know that by linking up on one of our blogs means you are seen on all seven sites simultaneously?? How fun is that?

As we browse through the party every week, it seems like it’s harder and harder to choose features. This week, all of these beautiful (and delicious) ideas caught our attention. But the party was full of even more eye candy, too!
This week’s features were chosen by Meegan from What Meegan Makes.


Eat In Kitchen Makeover [Read more…]

Gluten Free Chicken Flautas + Mission Tortilla Giveaway #MissionInfluencer #MissionPtr

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Gluten Free Chicken Flautas #glutenfree #chicken #recipe #twelveOeight 

I bet you wondered if I was ever going to write again…it’s been a while and oh have I missed y’all!

I took a little break while adjusting to some new and exciting changes in life, but I still had time to make us some gluten free yumminess.

I was so excited to find out that

Fake it till you make it + starting over

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I have a story that I am unsure if I have ever shared with you.

I don’t think I have, and it’s one that has been on my heart a lot lately.

It’s a time in my life not too different than the season I find myself in right now, full of change, uncertainty
and a little bit of fear.

My daughter and I left our hometown 17 years ago and moved to a different part of the state, where we have lived since.  A friend was starting a business, and I needed a job.

I had an old station wagon (accurately dubbed the “hooptie”) which was packed to the gills with our clothes, books, a fuzzy orange bean bag and most of our Earthly possessions.

We had $200 and we were going to make it, somehow. [Read more…]

Inspiration Monday Party | DIY + Delish Features!!

Hello Friends!! We are SO excited to have you joining us for another awesome week of

baking, DIY’s, crafts, tips and all around creative goodness!

This week’s features were chosen by Tanya at twelveOeight

How to make liquid Castile Soap

Liquid Castile Soap Recipe #Castile #CastileSoapRecipe #GreenCleaning #SaveMoneyatHome #DrBronners #twelveOeightblog

I am far, far from being being completely green in our home yet.

Making some changes as far as how I purchase the things we need, and in what quantities to avoid
extra packaging has helped.  I implemented a better recycling routine recently and am seeing a huge
difference already in how much garbage we have once the recycling is all removed.

That is shocking actually!

I am phasing out many of the cleaners and detergents we have used for a long time.

We all have allergies and sensitive skin, and so much of what is in the giant jugs of detergent and
soap is mostly fragrance and water anyways.

One thing I fell in love with a few years ago was Dr. Bronners Pure Castile Soap, but found myself
going through it quickly, and those little bottles were pretty spendy. [Read more…]

Christmas Trees on Cars | Vintage Style

photography backdrops UK

Hello friends!

I am SO excited to be part of a wonderful hop this week with a bunch of creative bloggers!

Each of us has come up with our own version and style of Trees on Cars, make sure you scroll

down and visit each blog to see what they did.  I am LOVING these so much right now… [Read more…]

How to Roast a Turkey

 How To Roast a Turkey #turkey #howtocookaturkey #turkeyrecipe #howtobakeaturkey #turkeycookingtimes


Before we get to the actual cooking of the bird, I have to tell you about my great turkey fail of 1995.
I was in my early 20’s and had yet to try my hand at making the whole Thanksgiving dinner on my own.

But this year, I had read my latest issue of Martha Stewart that arrived weeks before in the mail,
and I felt confident.


I can cook a turkey, and it’s not that hard.
Well, here is the good news, the turkey was easy to cook.

It smelled amazing,
the drippings were waiting to be turned into a wonderful gravy.

I had done it! 

A HUGE success…


me and martha


And we forgot to push the big thermometer back in after the last a final basting.


The thermometer broke and the mercury went all over. [Read more…]

One Dresser with 3 Different Uses

How to style a dresser


When my eldest was younger, we seemed to move around a lot.

Always in the same city, but to a larger apartment or townhome, we were kind of like George and Weezie like that.

We never did make it to a penthouse in the sky, but we did come a long ways from our first little apartment right

off the freeway. Which of course I had decorated as closely to Monica’s apartment on Friend’s as I could.

Oh Monica.

With your open shelving and mismatched furniture, you savvy gal.

But I think the thing that really has always appealed to me has been flexibility.

Don’t you think so?

As you have moved and grown and shifted from one place to the next over the years, the pieces that stay with you

can be used in many ways. [Read more…]

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