Dentists, coupons and letting stuff go…

Do you ever just get to the point where you let a few things slip and really don’t care?
I feel so flaky for even typing those words.  But it’s true.
And if we are friends, then you need to know who you are friends with right?


 I am a recovering perfectionist.

I spent so many hours every week planning, perfecting, cleaning, shopping
all to make sure everything was perfect.
Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping, that’s not changing.  I’m not crazy, just tired.

Seriously, tired of juggling so much I just have had to let a few things go.
It’s not that I don’t care, I do.
But really, how much of my time, my life do I want to spend obsessing over stuff.  
Worrying about it, trying to fix it, fight it, change it.
Some of it I have control over, and some I don’t.
Maybe it’s because I have four kids, and I wear a size 18 AGAIN!
I just seriously do not have the internal fortitude to get on a treadmill
every morning.   I know I will lose the I-had-my-last-baby-at-39-weight
I am disorganized.
I keep a few areas of my home fairly neat and clean, but the 
bedrooms and bathroom are seriously leaving something to be desired.
Master bedroom closet? I hope the kids never try to play hide and seek 
in there, we may lose one of them.  I would rather paint a table, make 
milkshakes with my kids, or nap than clean a shower.  
I don’t have time to try to be perfect anymore, it’s boring
and the only person who cares is us.
I am terrified of the dentist.  Over 20 years ago I had a bad 
experience while visiting a new dentist.  He drilled on the wrong tooth,
broke it, it abscessed over the weekend and I needed emergency treatment
after three days of agony.  That is a lot of TMI, sorry.
In the grand scheme of things my dental drama is not a big deal,
but it was a helpless feeling.  He isn’t practicing anymore, which helps.
But I am thinking about being fully under next time I need 
to get any work done.  I don’t want to just lay there freaking out
and freak out for weeks before the appointment,
and freak out while I am tilted back in the dental chair with rubber
stuff hanging out of my mouth.
It is very hard to have a panic attack like this.
You end up looking like a rabid squirrel, and the dentist is always cute.
I don’t clip coupons.  And I don’t organize unless I have to.
I am a fairly thrifty shopper and cook, and shop two grocery stores
but we have to eat gluten free.  So many of the coupons are for
processed food we can’t eat.  Give me a stack of coupons for
Hershey bars, I will use every single one of them.  But come on,
brand name cereal that even after the coupon is still more 
expensive that the store brand? And I cannot find a store in my
town to double a coupon, so I am leaving this talent to someone
else way better at it than me.
I tend to run a bit late, like usually.
I was punctual in my younger years.
Then I turned 35, had three kids in five years, and it all went out
the window.  I feel like a rock star if I have been able to accomplish
even a couple things around the house on an average day, and pat
myself on the back if I am only a few minutes late for an appointment.
There should be an automatic grace program for anyone who has 
spent their morning  chasing one or more kids around, getting them 
fed, dressed, checking pants for poop, loaded in the car, broke up
two fights over toys while driving, didn’t get in a car accident, and still
made it to an appointment only a few minutes late.  
Give the lady a medal.
She just herded a wild bunch of children across town in her
car and has cute jeans and lip gloss on.
She’s doing the best she can.
Finding out that people don’t like you.
It hurts, and no one wants to talk about it, but someone needs to teach
us this harsh reality when we are young.  Not everyone is compatible.
People will not like us, what we do, how we look, talk, live, you name it.
As long as we are respectful and kind, we don’t have to adore everyone
and they don’t have to all adore us.  It’s just not going to happen,
and will make the whole “being perfect” thing way easier to
kick to the curb.  
It might be in our neighborhood, extended circle of friends, and their friends,
church, family, the list goes on.
Be you, bravely.  It looks way prettier than perfect any day.
Add some lip gloss are you are SET!
Take a deep breath, feels good doesn’t it?
All you have to do is be the very best you that 
God created, that’s it.
I give myself permission to mess up.
I am not flaky, just being real.
I don’t have to stress about little or big things today, I can just
enjoy what I have now, with those I love and cherish.
There you have it, a few things that I have found I do not have time for.  
What are you not finding time for right now, yet totally ok with?
Hugs to you friend,

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