Make A Sassy Summer Wreath


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I like wreaths, a lot.

I can admit it, and tell the whole world.
I dream about the next wreath right after I finish one.  I know, it is a problem.


I try to use one for as long as possible but in all reality, there seems to be a wreath
commitment issue happening.  And the only thing I can think about is how excited
I am to say “look what I made!” and share with you.  
It’s like pulling up to a fabulous yard sale and sending you a text saying 
“get over here asap, this is the BEST yard sale EVER!”
Or putting the finishing coat of wax on that dresser you have dreamed of painting,
and now, behold, the clouds have parted and you cannot wait to call someone
and tell them about your accomplishment.



It is probably a good thing that we have each other, I am unsure if our families and
friends can completely understand:
  • Organizing your craft supply and fabric purchases in an unhealthy fashion (impacting other areas of your life etc…) therefore missing appointments, a wedding and so forth.
  • Silently judging others at Home Depot with questions you know the answers to.
  • Mapping out your yard sale route for maximum efficiency.
  • Having no patience for people who do not map out their yard sale route, or drive too slowly between sales.
  • Approaching strangers on the street regarding the status of items being placed curbside.
  • Being unsure of how to spend your time when your internet or WIFI is down.
  • Parking your car in your driveway because your garage is full.
  • Parking in the driveway in reverse to put stuff in your garage from the thrift store that you just bought, but are not sure what to do with yet.
  • Using the “this old thing?” response when questioned about your purchases.
  • Finding out your family has contacted the A&E network regarding your “collections”


I won’t tell anyone if you answered yes to any of the above, here is how I made
my latest little Sassy Summer Wreath:


One wreath base or pool noodle (in stock again at Dollar Tree!)
Tape if using pool noodle to connect ends
3/4 to One yard fabric of your choice to cover the wreath base
Fabric scraps or quilter’s fabric quarters for flowers (I found mine at Hancock Fabrics!)
Hot glue
Pinking shears (optional)


Begin by cutting (or tearing) fabric in 4″ wide strips, wrapping the strips around the wreath,
gluing each end down as you wrap and overlap each strip of fabric to cover base.
Next set aside a small strip of fabric to glue on the wreath back to create a hanger by 
gluing ends down on the back.
To make the flowers, I used three packages of yellow quilter’s quarters, cutting them into
2″ strips, rolling each around in a circle (see pictures) and using dots of hot glue to hold in place.
For the blue flowers, I used quilter’s quarters as well, and cut 4″ round circles with my 
pinking shears.  To make each blue flower, I folded each circle in half, pinched and glued the
fabric to create a petal shape, then glued 4-5 of them together in a circle.
I used contrasting (base) fabric for the center of each flower, making a smaller rolled flower
like the yellow roses.
Arranging the flowers on both sides of the wreath, I used dots of hot glue to secure each to the 
wreath base.
A new Sassy Summer Wreath!!




I am finishing up my family room/play room redo and deciding what I will do to freshen
up my front porch.  I think this may be a great place to start.
A pop of color always makes us happy.


What projects are you working on right now around your home for summer?
Are you knee-deep in organizing, landscaping or painting?
Or Pinning like crazy getting ideas and now just need to find a little extra time?
I find myself somewhere in the middle most days 🙂
Hugs to you friend,

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  1. I love this wreath Tanya…what happened to all your comments? I could swear I commented LOL..perhaps not, I am losing it. Glad you shared this with the dollar tree party.

  2. Hey girl! Sharing on my FB page. tweeted and pinned. Dang! It's darling 🙂

  3. Hi, I'm hopping over from your facebook page and I'm glad I did, I am just so loving your wreath!! 🙂

  4. rrbQcb liked every little bit of it and i also have you book marked to see new information on your web site.

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