Red Country Table

This has been a crazy week, I cannot believe it’s already Friday!
I have spent the day painting, moving stuff around, and moving it around again.
A little Star Wars with the kids, and a bowl of kettle corn later, it rained most
of the afternoon (or tried to) so gardening will be saved for the weekend.
The crock pot is simmering, and I cannot think of a better way to spend
my day. 
I was SO excited to find this cute little table recently that I had to snap a picture
of it and send it to my DIY buddy while waiting in line.  

 You have to have

that person in your life who gets just as excited with you about your latest treasure.
Your cheerleader.
The person who will be honest with you when trying on jeans.
Tell you there is food in your teeth.
The one who confirms if it is or is not a good deal when you are wondering.
And they will text you back and show you what they found that day, and 
you swoon with your DIY buddy, hi-fiving each other.
Then she sat, and sat in my dining room for days.
Waiting for inspiration to strike.
Then I realized, I really liked her in red.
She just needed to have some homemade chalk paint treatment and
she would be good (better) than new.
I used my homemade chalk paint recipe I have been using lately.
How To Make Homemade Chalk Paint:
2 ounce bottle of red acrylic craft paint
3 rounded T. of powdered Plaster of Paris
About 1/3 c. cold water
I like to blend the powder and water together well before I add the paint, then blend again
once I have added it.  And apply to the entire surface, working quickly as it dries fast.
I used two coats on this project, allowing each to dry well in between and sanded quite
a bit to give her a great primitive finish.
I love how it turned out, the red color reminds me of the fences my Grandpa built
for our little farm when I was a kid.  I will have to ask my Mom, but I think part of 
the old red fencing is still there today.
And my little yellow snapdragons are taking off since we had a few warm days.
Are you planning a relaxing weekend or a get-1000-things-done-kind-of-weekend?
Have a blessed day friend, see you again Monday night for our next Pretty Things Party!

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  1. Tanya, she is a real beauty in red! A really fun piece. I agree that we all need a friend like that. Thanks for sharing with SYC. I'm sure it's not intentional, but I don't see a link back to the party.

  2. Hi there…just found you thru the link up. Yay!!! I love this little table and how you painted it. Darling little thing! Am your newest follower. Have a great day.

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