Polka-Dot Painted Curtains | with Corey from Tiny Sidekick

Hello Twelve O’ Eighters!  I’m Corey from Tiny Sidekick and I’m happy to be visiting today to share with all of you these painted curtain panels that helped me achieve the look my mom and I wanted
for way less green! 

My mom has always wanted a bedroom at her house that is special for when the grand kids come over and asked for my help to make it happen.  First, we came up with a gender neutral color pallet of navy and turquoise with a little bit of green.  The original plan was to buy some fabric that we had seen with large navy blue polka-dots on it.  When we realized that it was going to cost us over 100 bucks to make them, we had to come up with an alternative and I’m so glad we did.

  I am a sucker for a jumbo polka-dot and think that it is kid like, but more graphic than juvenile, so it will grow with the three (soon to be 4) grand kids that will nap, play, and have sleepovers in this room.

This is how I got the look.  You will need:
  •  curtain panels (I got mine from Ikea for 12 dollars for the pair on sale) 
  • craft paint that works on fabric or fabric paint
  • something round from around the house that is the diameter that you want your circles to be
  • a pencil
  • and a small paint brush.
The hardest part of this project is finding a space big enough to lay your curtain panel out flat.
It will need to stay there for about 24 hours so keep that in mind.
I’m not big on measuring, so I just started tracing my bowl in the top right corner and worked my way down the curtain in a straight line, spacing my circles about 10 inches apart.  When I got to the bottom, I went back up to the top and started my next vertical line 10 inches away from and half way between the top two in the line I just made.  You can see the pattern in the picture below.  There are a few mistakes, but when they hang it looks fine.

When you are ready to start painting it is best to fill in the middle part of the circle first and then carefully do the edges.  Be sure to get a pretty thick coat of paint (especially if you are using white like I did,) because when the sun comes through them you can see where there isn’t enough paint.  I had to do a few touch ups after I hung them up the first time.
 I ain’t gonna lie.  This is a little bit time consuming…but totally worth the money saved.
With this project done, we are well on our way to completing the Grand Kids room and should be ready to reveal it in the next few weeks!  You can check out the {moodboard } I created to see where we are headed.

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A big JUMBO thank you to Tanya for having me over
and a personal invite to all of you to come visit me!


Happy Monday y’all!
I hope you had a fantastic weekend, I am really love this
awesome DIY project that Corey from Tiny Sidekick is 
shared with us today.  If you are not already following Corey,
check our her fabulous projects and show her some follow love!

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  1. What adorable curtains, Corey! 🙂

  2. The curtains came out adorable. Could you have cut a painting sponge into a circle, and then dabbed the circles onto the curtain? Or did you not want a textured look? Just thought that it might save a wee bit of time. Great look! Thank you. 🙂

  3. These are sooo adorable Corey! Another fabulous project!!

  4. Great job Corey! They are adorable 🙂

  5. It seems like another version of the famous navy curtains. Although this one's more feminine and I'm drooling over it. ^.^ Great job in making the dots look like they're all identical perfect circles! Roxie@Window Treatments Philadelphia

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