Potty Training 101 and our #CtnlCareRoutine

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Most of you know that my kids range in age from little guys to my eldest (who made me a Grandma almost four months ago)
which makes for an exciting journey as a Mom.  So let’s do a quick recap: I have a 22 year old daughter, my sons are 7 and 4, and my littlest potty trainer is 3 years old.  She’s the sassy redhead you see running around in my pictures.
My last success story was this fellow, who gave me a run for my money when it came to potty training.  He has very
sensitive skin and had this reaction to the idea of sitting on the potty initially:

And that was the reaction we had for a while until I came up with some ways for him to feel relaxed and in the mood to use the facilities.  But just as important, was feeling clean too.  So I was excited when I had the opportunity to visit Walmart (not that I need to be talked into it!) and try the the Cottonelle Clean Care Routine for the first time.  We shopped together and picked up some Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper and Cottonelle Cleansing Cloths, along with a fun new basket (ok that was for me) to see how the latest little trainer liked the new set up.

We added one of our favorite books on the subject, and talked about our routine that no longer involved having
baby wipes in the bathroom.  There is just something about having a cute container of baby wipes sitting in the bathroom that seems to turn “big kids” off when we are trying to encourage them to participate in the process.  So here are my tips for success:
  • Try not to get discouraged, there will be setbacks but they get shorter and less frequent
  • Let the kids shop with you like we tried, it really helped them feel like a big kid
  • Bring in some encouraging books and make sure they are comfortable, no one wants to sit on an ice cold potty
  • Encourage, clap, high-five every time you have success.  Having your approval is so motivating
  • As they get more used to the idea, I like to sit in the hall in a dining chair and check email, Pin, etc..I am still close by but not right there while they are in the bathroom
And an interesting thing happens, they listen.  And feel like big kids, and while we still have an accident here and there because they are kids, it’s getting easier.  I feel better about helping my daughter in the bathroom, then sending her back out to run, play and be a kid when I know she is clean.  Who doesn’t want to feel clean?

So, mama is able to keep all of our supplies in the bathroom handy and in a cute new basket, and the kids have their Cottonelle Clean Care Routine down.  Which really does make a difference when they are fully invested in the process.

When you purchase BOTH Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper and Cottonelle Cleansing Cloths in store in the month of February you will receive a $5 Vudu offer. Vudu is like RedBox and offers HD movies. It’s easy, you just need to:

  • Take a picture of the receipt showing that you purchased both items

  • text or email your picture to clean@drvsusa.com

  • You will receive a text or email back with a code valid for a $5 movie credit

  • you can get more information by going to www.DRVSusa.com/cottonellemovies

You can also visit Cottonells online here: https://www.cottonelle.com/coupons

So that’s what we are doing, and it’s working, and keeping everyone feeling clean, and helping mama too.
That’s always a good deal!
And you know what? We have a couple more years until baby Kaleb is old enough to be potty training, and by
then I think I will have this whole potty training thing down.  Do you have any tips or things that have helped you
along the way?

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