How I got my laundry groove back #BizChallenge

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I never seem to be able to keep up with laundry completely.
I have tried an actual “laundry day” once a week, this did not work for us, too much all for one day.
I have tried to do a load every night, but it seems to sit the washer all day, and gets a little gross before I
remember it’s in there.  Then I have to wash it again.
We had an opportunity to try Biz recently, and I have not used a stain fighting liquid like this before.  We have
three young ones, ages 7, 4 and 3, and their clothing gets a workout each week.  Especially when we have been
outside a lot or doing any art projects here are some of the stains that I tackled just this week:
  • grass stains, not a little streak of green but ground in pulverized grass
  • blood, there is always one that seems to get a nosebleed and end up using their shirt in the excitement of it all
  • washable marker, this is a bit misleading because I have seen a lot of “marker” after washing, hmmmm
  • play-doh, the cans are always half full when they are done playing with their play-doh, it’s stuck to their clothing
  • accidents in the bathroom department (they will no doubt appreciate that I mentioned this as they get older)

If you have ever found a pair of pee-soaked jeans after they sat for a couple days, you know what I mean.

And, no matter how many times you wash those cute little jeans they carry a lovely lingering odor, unless you bleach
them, then they are no longer your 3-year-old’s favorite jeans.  Ugh.

Needless to say, I was up for the challenge to see if Biz would help in the stain/odor department.  I decided that we
would also try making a couple small changes to our system to see if it helped my laundry anxiety.  Each morning
after the kids change into their daytime clothes (and clean underwear, because I do count how many pairs are in the
wash and how many days have passed.  Thanks Grandma, that trick still keeps them on their toes.) They do what we
refer to as the laundry round up, I may or may not use a Southern twang when I announce it’s time to do this, it
makes it more fun.  They bring it all down to the laundry room, and we magically have created one full load since
the previous morning.  I tried applying Biz directly to the tough stains, then added part of a cap-full to each load.

The third thing I am doing differently? The kids are putting their own laundry away. I know, yes, most of it goes in the right drawers, and some of it is still folded.  But this is the only way they are
learning to take part in the process and take part in the running of our home.

A magical thing has happened…they don’t change their clothes 4 times a day since they have been invested in
this process.  And their clothes smell clean and fresh, not like perfume, but like clean clothes.  Even after they
have been put away.  And the third thing that has changed (my personally favorite part) no more laundry day.

One load, every morning, put away by lunch.

Laundry is always done.


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Have you tried Biz in your laundry routine? I would love to hear what’s working for you!

Thank you as always for reading, have a blessed day-


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