Upcycled apron from a skirt

Call me a lover of kitch & all things retro.  I love the idea of having a stash of
super sassy aprons hanging around just waiting to be thrown over my clothes
to ensure they are nice and clean once I am done whipping up dinner.
Most days I am working in jeans and a black t-shirt (something I
call my “uniform” and seems to be my go to clothing) barefoot and hair
up in a clip.  But there’s nothing wrong with donning a pretty homemade
apron, and turning up the music while I make dinner.  Even if I’m still
barefoot and singing along as my meal is in the making.
I can’t tell you what kind of fabric I used for the apron front because it’s
actually a skirt I found at Ross about 8 years ago (yes I keep things forever
and it sometimes pays off!)  Here is how I made my sassy new apron:

This is a SUPER easy project, and took me about an hour to complete.
Including letting the dogs out, then back in, then out again, and stopping
to get one more Diet Coke.
  • one new or new to you skirt (cotton or cotton blends work well)
  • coordinating fabric for the liner – 2 yards is usually enough
  • fabric for sash tie that wraps around twice and ties (one to two yards)
  • one package of contrasting ric rac
  • thread, scissors, sewing machine


Begin by removing the zipper (if there is one) by carefully cutting it out, and
cutting along the seam or a seam of the skirt so it’s in one flat piece.  Fold it
in half, and line up with the lining fabric, also folded in half, along the fold
and use skirt as the pattern to cut out the lining.  Right faces together, sew
the outer edges and top of skirt and lining together, leaving the hem open.
Turn right side out, and press.
Measure how long you will want your apron
sashes to be, I used double my waist size, plus enough extra to tie them.
Cut sash fabric in 7″ wide strips, connecting the ends and folding/pressing
the edges in along the long sides.  At the ends of the sash, press the ends
down first, then fold in like in the photo above.  Fold and press sash
lengthwise, so it’s smooth and ends are each in a nice point if desired.
Attach to the top of the apron, I offset my sash center to the side so it
would tie off to the left instead of the center of my tummy.  Not the
area I love to bring attention to typically!
The last step is to fold in, press and sew the bottom edges to create the hem,
and I added a strip of white ric rac 2″ from the bottom for a little extra pop.
Plus I just love ric rac, and seem to have about 400 packages of it, now I am
down to 399.  Need to get sewing!
And that’s it!
One hour or less, especially if your dogs don’t have to pee constantly like mine.
Easy, pretty and ready for you to whip up something amazing!!!
So what do you think, do you know someone (Mother’s Day hint hint) who
would love a handmade gift?



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  1. Cutest apron EVER! Gotta pin it and go look for a skirt that I don’t wear! Thx so much for linking up to Twirl & Take a Bow! ox

  2. I love anything like this, where old clothes or new to you clothes get a new lease of life. Lovely gift idea for all sorts of people/occasions, I can imagine this all packaged up beautifully with some other kitchen type bits for a house warming or wedding gift too. Lovely!

    • Oh I like the way you think Julie!! That is a great idea, I think I need to find some new skirts. Have a great week!

      xo, Tanya

  3. Crystal Nell says

    Super cute!! I love it!! Pinned 🙂

  4. This is such a cute apron! You just reminded me of an old summer dress I have that would be perfect as a new apron. Maybe it will make me want to cook? Haha. Thanks for sharing at The Makers!

    • Thank you Katie!! Unfortunately I don’t see an increase in my desire to cook, but I do love wearing it 🙂

  5. Your apron is so cute! I think you and I have the EXACT same “mom uniform” 😀 I’ve just recently pulled out my sewing machine and I’m trying to make friends with it. I think even a ‘sewing challenged’ person like me could do this project. Thanks for the great idea, Tanya!


    • I’m glad to know I am not the only who just finds it easier to stick with what works on a daily basis! I am sure anything you whip up on that machine will be AMAZING!!

      Have a wonderful week Jeanette 🙂
      xo, Tanya

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  7. SpZT4G Muchos Gracias for your article.Thanks Again.


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