Three really good reasons to paint your walls

This is a story of a girl who loved a challenge.
Move the furniture all around, paint a few walls, and throw a dinner party all in a day kind of challenge.
But with three young kids,  running around with foam swords, she had her hands kind of full most days.
So her DIY projects needed to be somewhat easy since she would need to stop to make corn dogs for
lunch, and find a pull-up for a certain child who she is trying to potty train.
She would tape off the area to be painted, pour the paint into the painting tray,
and proceed to trip on a dog and step on two lego’s.
But she made it over to that entry way, and she painted, and stood back.
And LOVED what she saw.
She saw something new, and fresh and lovely.
And it reminded her that she can make her home beautiful, one can of paint, and pull-up
at a time.
And she was hooked, forever in love with painting.
Because it wasn’t as hard as people said it was, and she realized she had fun doing it.
Reason #1 (out of my 3 good reasons to paint your home now) It’s not hard to paint your home.
And she turned into the girl who could paint, and stand back, and love the change she made.
Because change is good, and corn dogs only take two minutes to make anyways.


Yeah, the she is me.  My name is Tanya and I love to paint.
We have been in a rental home while we search and save for our dream casa.
The wonderful folks we lease from have given me the ok to paint, and while I
have not painted every square inch, I have begun to paint more and more.
And it makes me so happy every time I walk by my “new” wall or room.

That is reason #2 Painting your home breathes new life into your space, you see it in a whole new way



To fully appreciate the after, you have to see the before.
Forgive me for the photo quality, the before is with my cell phone.
But we don’t really care that much about the before anyways.
We are all about the awesome after!
I had the opportunity recently to use Glidden® paint for this project.
Glidden paint has a simplified palette, which makes it easier to find the right colors
for you to get home & get your paint on.
This one was all about bringing some much needed life into a sea of white
that stretches two stories high.
I have not been able to decide how to attack this area and make it pop.
Then Glidden paint came along with Obsidian Glass.
Well met and fell instantly, madly in love.
I adore this color.
Like, ADORE it!
I like to tape areas well that will have a large difference in color/contrast, it just makes the edging even
easier.  Edging the room out is my favorite part.  I use the roller, and rolling up and down, to cover the main
area of my space.  Then I apply my first coat of paint around the edges, feathering and blending it in with
my center area as I go.  Once it is all dry, I apply a second coat of paint to the main area with the roller, and
repeat the edging process.  I like to remove my tape shortly after this, before the paint dries, so I can touch
up any areas I missed with a small brush.
This brings me to my third reason that painting is always a good idea.
Reason #3 It is good to create and make, good for the spirit, and good for the mind.  
Creating and using/developing our creative talents is good for us, in every way.
So not only does my spirit and creative brain get a boost, but I have a gorgeous new entry way to
show for it.
Not too shabby!
And it also gives my photo-bombing professional wrestlers a chance to model for you as well.
This isn’t the most clear photo, but it was just too cute not to share.
They take their job as pro photo-bomb wrestler’s very seriously as you can see.
Well, there you have it.
I have way more than 3 reasons why you should drop everything and paint today.
But I think these are three really good ones that certainly have proved to be true for me.
What is the first space or wall you would make fabulous in your home with a fresh coat of paint?
I would love to hear your ideas & what colors you are crushing on right now!!
Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Glidden paint through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select.
While I was compensated to write a post about Glidden paint, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Your entry looks beautiful! I’m obsessed with charcoal grey everything. And I love the antlers too! 🙂

    • I am too Rachel, I hope charcoal is here to stay, it makes such a fabulous backdrop for any design. Thank you so much for your sweet message, you made my morning! xo, Tanya

  2. That is a gorgeous color, Tanya! I am glad I am not the only person who is totally enamored with paint 🙂 I am looking for a nice grey color for our dining room. I will have to keep this one in mind!

  3. What is the name of this color? I can’t find Obsidian Glass on Glidden’s website…

    • Hi Tasha,

      I ended up using a Glidden fan of paints that The Home Depot had in the paint department. I was looking for a clean, not blue or brown, charcoal and I ended up choosing this one. I have the deets I can send you if you like too. I love this paint, the best I have ever used!!

      xo, Tanya

  4. It looks awesome, Tanya!

  5. It looks amazing!! The color is so striking and unexpected. Beautiful work, Tanya!

  6. It turned out fantastic! Love the color choice.

    • Thank you Megan, I love it so much, I think I have officially caught the painting bug this summer!!

      xo, Tanya

  7. Love how it turned out. I need to do some painting!!

  8. That is quite the transformation! I especially like the “action shot!”

  9. What a beautiful gray color! It looks gorgeous!

  10. omg Tanya, your post made me chuckle….that was such a funny post. I love the contrast of color. Lately I’ve been loving the black and white accents, which makes me want to paint soooo bad. I have never painted walls before in the past. BUT I am planning my very first painting project next month. My husband will be out of town for 2 weeks and I am going to tackle our dining room with nobody around to tell me how to do it better!!!! LOL……I actually just blogged about my dining room plans. Would love for you to check it out and tell me what you think
    And if you get the over-whelming urge to paint again (since you are a painting pro now) you can come visit me in Olympia and show me how to do it like the Professionals????

    • Oooh girl, you know I can always help and neighbor paint! Plus we are always threatening to steal each others outdoor pretties 🙂
      Thank you friend- heading over to see your fabulousness 🙂

      xo, Tanya

  11. I love, love, love the color you chose! It brings so much life to the entryway! Plus I love that just painting a small portion of the entryway made such a big impact!

    • Thank you Carrie, I was kind of nervous about going with a darker color in a space with so much white, but it totally works. Thanks for your sweet message friend- xo


  12. That paint color is amazing! It really made the space look so much more special. I’d love if you’d link up to The DIY’ers!

    • Thank you Kayla! I am so glad you invited me to your party, I am linking up every week!!

      xo, Tanya

  13. Oh how I love this post! And that color is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it! 🙂

  14. Love the grey color—it’s perfect! What a lovely entry way. I especially love the little touches of pink. Thanks for linking up to The DIY’ers! Hope to see you back on Tuesday next week.

    • Hi Jennifer!

      Thank you so much, I think I need to do another wall with this color, I love it too. And I LOVE your party!!
      Thank you for your sweet message, xoxo


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