Our new home office + how to faux wallpaper your walls

Hello gorgeous, I have missed you!

We have spent every waking moment (when not at work) working around our new place painting and getting fix-its done before the rainy weather arrives.

I’m saving a few things for winter that are inside that desperately need a redo, like our kitchen that is getting a much-needed pantry.

Our circa 1978 main bathroom Farrah Fawcett may have feathered and sprayed her hair in.

And navy blue Corian kitchen counters that will either become butcher block or brushed concrete.

These are huge decisions and some of them are taking me a while to decide on.

So I keep pinning and sketching, and probably over-thinking (tell me I am not alone in this) and I have come to the point that I wonder if just going with my gut on each will be the winner.

I’m not usually one to err on the safe side when it comes to my home, I like to be a bit adventurous and try something new.

But since a bathroom remodel and kitchen counters are pretty big commitments I am ok with giving myself the time to figure out what I really want.

One decision that was SUPER easy to make was to try a beautiful new wall stencil for a quick spruce-up in our home office just off the kitchen.

I was provided some stencils to try out and share my experience with by Stencil Revolution and I couldn’t be happier with the results.


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We are seeing wallpaper everywhere right now, and while I love the idea of creating an accent wall with wallpaper, the cost and difficulty of removal has always turned me off.

We had this desk at our last house, added a “new” $5 goodwill wood chair, and lots of plants with a few things we already had.  

I used the Birch Tree Stencil over my home office nook wall that was already painted a pale grey.  I used a mid-tone grey and just had a small sample size container (29 ounce or smaller is good depending on the space you are stenciling) in a satin finish.  

Beginning in the top left corner of my wall I worked my way up and down the wall and to the right, securing the stencil each time I moved it with a bit of masking tape.


#howtopaint #bloggerstyle #twelveOeight #birchwall


I allowed my paint to dry a bit before I hung the stencil in the neighboring section so the paint wouldn’t stick to the tape.

When I was done I used a small art brush and painted on some small swooshes (I think that sounds better than a smudge or a glob and I did it lightly so I am calling it a swoosh) here and there with some rose-gold acrylic craft paint.

After everything was try I hung my mirror back up and brought some of my favorite things into this “new” space in our house.  


#fauxwallpaper #diy #twelveOeight #stencilrevolution #accentwall #bohomodern


What would have been a too-small breakfast nook between the kitchen and back door is now the perfect spot for a pretty home office.


#diy #twelveOeight #birchwall #accentwall #homeoffice #bohomodern #boho


And I have to tell you, I LOVE this wall.

The gold made the difference, and when you walk by it,you have to do a double-take as it really looks like gorgeous wall paper.


#fauxwallpaper #howtostencil #stencilrevolution #diy #twelveOeight #birchwall #boho


A special thank you to Stencil Revolution for sending me some of your amazing stencils.  I cannot wait to work on another space in our home with these, they are great!

As always thank you for reading friend, and just so you know, in about five minutes the kids will pile up back packs here and the dog will be in the chair peering into the kitchen to see what I am cooking.

But it’s nice to have things just so for at least a few minutes right?


Hugs and blessing to you today, 

Thank you so much!!!!

xo, Tanya

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  1. Your wall looks fantastic,great choice for that wall,nice desk also. Love those trees. The gray color on wall is perfect for serenity, enjoy.

  2. This looks great. And in my mind so much easier to do than wallpaper.

  3. This turned out so cute! I like how you added the gold accents which make it so unique 🙂 I haven’t committed to wallpaper yet either, maybe I need to look into stencils…

  4. This wall is stunning and I have chosen it as my feature at Totally Terrific Tuesday which will go live tonight. Thank you so much for linking your fabulous project with us.

  5. Our new home office + how to faux wallpaper your walls

  6. We had this desk at our last house, added a “new” $5 goodwill wood chair, and lots of plants with a few things we already had.

  7. Great job! I am about to use this simple for a fun decor accent and I really appreciate the good tips Tanya.

  8. it looks so professional and I hope you are doing more productive work because of the so relaxing environment. Just looking at it made me say woaaahhhh 😀 Thank you for sharing!

  9. This looks great! love those trees and the grey color on the wall.
    will apply this in my kid’s room as well. Thank you for sharing the great idea.


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